Saturday, March 18, 2017

H-space MGB Story: Polypomp

PFC Stewart Peter Bate walked around the side of the hill, slowly angling upwards.  He carried a long red and white banded pole on his shoulder.  Their assignment was to escort a team of surveyors while they made some preliminary maps of the terrain around the entry point.

Covenant, their surveyor, had stumbled and twisted his ankle.  Stephens was watching over him while Bate walked the short distance to the top of the hill.  Bate didn't like splitting the squad, but this area had already been cleared by Special Forces.  All he had to do anyway was plant the pole on the top of the hill while the other teams took readings from their vantage points.

Right by the entry point were the ruins of a building, little more than a skeleton in the loose brown dirt.  Looking back Bate was struck by how similar the ruins looked to their base back home.  That was a mystery for the scientists.  There were plenty of those.

Bate just had to hold up a pole on the top of a hill.

The side of the hill was covered in something similar to grass, except it was deep red in colour rather than green.  The blades swayed in the breeze.  Sometimes they seemed to sway in the opposite direction.  Bate decided it must be his eyes playing tricks on him.

Dotted on the ground at regular intervals were large green oval shapes.  They came in all sizes, ranging from some only as big as a pumpkin right up to some that were several feet across.  Bate wasn't sure if they were alive or just rocks.  He wasn't about to prod them to check either.

So far, other than the occasional black speck in the sky too fast for his binoculars, Bate hadn't come across anything resembling an animal.  Which was why, when he first saw the girl, it took a few moments to register.

Bate thought he must be hallucinating to start with.  What was a girl—a completely naked girl at that—doing lying on a bed out here?

No, it wasn't a girl, he realised, not a human one anyway.  There were slight differences in the build of her body and her ears were long and pointed.  Her eyes were larger than a human's and slanted a little like a cat's.  Her irises were a bright, iridescent green.  She looked like an elf from mythology, Bate thought.

She wasn't lying on a bed either.  One of the green pods had opened up to reveal a nearly flat surface of soft, pinkish-white tissue.  The girl was lying on the cushioned surface as if it was a large round bed.

Fuck, so what happened now?

Instinctively Bate dropped the pole and put both hands on his M16.

The girl gasped in fear, her big eyes wide, and backed away from him.

What the fuck are you doing, Bate thought?  It's just a girl.  Aside from slight anatomical differences, she looked just like the college co-eds back home.  Not that he got many opportunities to see them naked.

This was First Contact.  This wasn't just how the rest of the world saw him as a representative of the United States; this was how a completely alien species saw him as a representative of the human race.  That prospect terrified him as much as he was sure his appearance terrified the girl.

Bate looked at his gun, looked at the terrified girl.  This was an alien, possibly intelligent, race.  Did he really want her first impression of the human race to be of gun-carrying bringers of violence?

Slowly Bate lowered his gun to the floor and stood up with his hands outstretched.

"It's okay miss.  I mean you no harm," Bate said.

"I'm Utricula," the girl said.  Now that he'd put the gun down she'd lost her fear and instead watched him with bright curiosity.

As he looked at her Bate was slightly embarrassed to realise her naked form aroused him.  She had a similarly proportioned body to the cheerleaders Bate was always too shy to approach back in college.  Her breasts were large in comparison to the slim lines of her athletic body.  She didn't seem to feel the same embarrassment over her nakedness a human would.  Between her legs Bate could clearly see the narrow slit of her vagina.  Utricula didn't seem bothered in the slightest.

"The polypomp pods only open once a year for their breeding season," Utricula said, laying her hand flat on the soft tissue next to her.  "They're really comfortable to lie on, like the softest bed.  I like to come up here to lie back and watch the sky.  It's so peaceful."

It did look comfortable, Bate thought.

"Why don't you join me?" she asked, her iridescent eyes shining brightly.

A breeze brushed through Bate's hair, bringing with it a sweet aroma that tickled his nostrils.  It brought to mind the lazy spring days he used to spend as a child in the woods around his home.  Those were carefree days, before the complications of the real world had inserted themselves into his life.

His hill was smaller than the others.  It would still be a while before the other teams reached their peaks.  And this was First Contact for fuck's sake.  Giving the right impression here was way more important than sticking some stupid pole in the ground.

Bate shrugged off his kit bag and belt and walked towards her.  He put a hand on the soft surface of the pod and was about to jump up to join her when she suddenly reared up with her arms outstretched to block him, a concerned expression on her face.

"No," she said.  "You need to remove your clothes first.  They'll irritate the polypomp otherwise."

Close up to the polypomp Bate became aware of a sickly sweet smell, like perfume, but so strong as to be nearly overpowering.  He wondered if it was having an effect on him as inhaling it sent a warm glow through his body that settled in his groin.

Or it could be Utricula.  If you ignored the elfin ears and cat-like eyes her body was really hot.
The things you do for Uncle Sam, Bate thought.  He stripped off his shirt and pants and moved onto his underwear.  He told himself he was doing it to further better relations with an alien species.  It was freaking First Contact after all.

Bate was slim compared to most of the other soldiers, but kept his body in very good shape, enough for the muscles of his chest and abdomen to be clearly delineated.  Utricula liked what she saw.  Her iridescent eyes looked up and down his body—paying special attention to his cock—with what looked a little like hunger.

Bate climbed onto the polypomp's surface.  It was soft, but not soft enough for him to sink all the way in.  A beanbag made out of soft flesh was the closest comparison Bate could think of.  Utricula had settled in a natural hollow at the polypomp's center, the soft tissue billowing out on either side of her like a solidified cloud.  She moved over to make room for him, but not enough that he couldn't lie down without lying partly on her as well.  She didn't seem to mind.

The sickly scented perfume was much stronger here.  Bate lay back on the luxurious softness with Utricula's arms around him and stared up into the sky.  The roiling mass of browns and reds boiling in the atmosphere was a complete contrast to the tranquillity he felt lying down here in Utricula's arms.

"This is my favorite season," Utricula said.  "It marks the beginning of new life.  Look."

She gently lifted Bate's head and pointed out one of the green oval pods sitting further up the hill.  Normally they were so still as to be like rocks.  This one was trembling and shaking like a boulder in a mild earthquake.  The motion was localised to only that pod.  The others around it were as still and motionless as before.  Bate watched as it rocked and vibrated on the spot.  Then it stopped and suddenly expanded as if taking a breath.  It contracted and Bate watched in awe as a fountain of brilliant green motes shot up into the air like a geyser.  The spores swooped and swirled in a dazzling fireworks display of glittering green sparks before being carried away on the breeze.

"Everything's going to change isn't it?" Utricula said.  There was sadness in her bright green eyes as she looked at him.

"It won't all be bad," Bate said.  He wasn't so convinced.  The words rang hollow to him and he could see Utricula saw it in his face.

"Then we should enjoy every precious moment now," she whispered in his ear, before leaning over to kiss him fully on the lips.  Her lips carried the taste of freshly picked berries, sweet but with a subtle tang.

From first contact to first base and then to…?

Utricula slid further under his body until he lay cradled in her lap.  The back of his head rested against the soft pillows of her breasts.  Her hands gently kneaded his shoulders before sliding down his chest to caress his nipples.  Her thighs came up around him and gently rubbed the outside of his legs.

Could he?  Were they compatible?

Bate lay with Utricula's arms and legs wrapped around him.  He let his hands sink into the soft flesh of the polypomp on either side of their hollow.  It really was the softest, most comfortable bed he'd ever experienced.  He felt like he could lie here with Utricula forever.

She folded her legs over his, letting her toes play with his erection before running her feet gently down the inside of his legs.

"Don't be frightened," she murmured in his ear.

Frightened, Bate thought with a smile.  What was there to be frightened—

A large, fleshy organ rose up between Bate's legs.  At the back it looked like a large, almost translucent, balloon.  At the front were two fleshy lips arranged vertically like a grotesque parody of a vagina.  The puffed up lips slowly gaped open and a second, smaller set of swollen lips emerged, bobbing at the end of a worm-like appendage.

"You'll find the milking process to be very pleasant," Utricula whispered.

Bate didn't intend being around to find out.  He didn't like how the worm-like appendage was swaying to match the motions of his cock.  He tried to get up, but Utricula had both legs hooked over his thighs and her arms wrapped around his chest.  He was trapped in her embrace.

The soft lips sprang forward and wrapped around the head of his cock.  The elastic flesh gripped the end of his manhood and swallowed it down with a rhythmic peristaltic motion.  The appendage retracted until the larger outer lips engulfed his cock totally.  The balloon-like organ started to slowly expand and contract.

Then the suction started.

Oh fuck, it was like receiving the world's best blow job, Bate though.  Thick, soft flesh clenched around his cock and undulated back and forth up the shaft.  It was softer and tighter than any pussy Bate had ever experienced and in seconds his body was trembling from the pleasure of the sensation.

"I won't hurt you," Utricula said, gently caressing his nipples as she lay beneath him.  "I only want your seed."

The semi-transparent bladder rose up and down like the throat of a chorusing frog.  The fleshy organ vibrated as hundreds of muscles sucked on his cock in perfect, exquisite harmony.  Bate felt a gentle probing presence around the rim of his anus.

He tried to thrash free, but he couldn't find any purchase for his limbs to push against.  Utricula was serenely calm as she held him in place.

"Why?" he asked, his eyes wide.

"Like all living organisms, I must reproduce," she replied.

The bladder inflated and deflated with greater urgency.  As it expanded Bate felt a strong suction gripping his cock, hard enough to be felt all the way down in his balls.  His body trembled like a wire.  His hands sank into the fleshy tissue on either side of his body and it gave beneath his grip like warm play-doh.  His legs vibrated, unable to move too far as Utricula held him in place.

The bladder expanded and Bate grunted as a powerful orgasm crashed through his muscles.  He ejaculated a great bolt of semen into the orifice and saw his creamy seed splash up against the inside of the translucent bladder.

Bate relaxed.  Her pseudopod gently pushed against and then entered his anus.  It wasn't painful.  If anything its gentle vibrations sent pleasurable stimulation through his ass.  The pseudopod pushed further up until it located the little bump of his prostate gland.  It pressed against it and began to vibrate in a motion that sent waves of ecstasy flowing through Bate's body.

Bate opened his mouth in a soundless croak.  The polypomp—or Utricula, he wasn't sure they were separate organisms—had him completely.  Her orifice sucking on his cock and her pseudopod gently vibrating in his ass became his entire world.  The sensations crowded out all other thought within his brain.  Bate lay back in open-mouthed bliss and stared at the sky.

"I will take your seed and make new life," Utricula said.

Bate's hips jerked up and down in involuntary motion as more of his creamy semen splashed the inside of her bladder.  She milked him, her sucking orifice and vibrating probe eliciting ejaculation after ejaculation from his willing body.

She gently rubbed a hand through his hair.

"I will take your body and give you new life," she said.

The soft walls slowly folded up around them as the polypomp enveloped them in a warm womb.  It closed up until it was once more a featureless green oval on the side of a hill.


  1. Something strangely familiar about this one... ;)

  2. This guy must be like Luka, he keeps coming back.

  3. Oh dear. This would mean the world is ending in the background.

    Though I wonder what she would do with her mate if she didn't have any need for a hepped-up murdermachine at the moment.

  4. She seems much less... killy than the others after all.

  5. Hasn't this already been posted somewhere? It seems familiar.

  6. This feels like more and more evidence for the "downloaded memories," theory. Wonder if our friend Bates is going to be living through (and 'dying' in,) some other encounters we readers have seen before?

  7. Seems like this is earlier on in the history of exploring H-Space. They're surveying the land, less cautious, more concerned with making a good impression than immediately trying to run from, capture, or kill any monster girl they come across...

  8. Or there is more than one army, multiple earths and all that, like the description that says one set of ruins looks like another set. Like ruins form a parallel earth that was integrated to hell when it fell? What is to say there isn't multiple earth Hspace military forces?

  9. Wondering do all endings finish with the removal of the soul,some seem more so than others?

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    I literally can't wait.

  11. Was expecting a puff of green spores to come out after the polypomp closed. This particular H-space type reminds me so much of the boob puff succubus type in SS 301. Perhaps a cousin? Which also makes me wonder is this an earth about to be consumed by hell as was show to Phil by Cerculea? Umm sorry spelling....

  12. EDIT: previous comment was supposed to say SS 201. My bad. Incidentally looking for Succubus Summoning mod for Skyrim SE specifically Rosa or Verde. But would take any :)

  13. Do we not get a profile for this creature?

  14. Thought I recognised the inspiration from this one. Read it back in I want to say 2008. Had a different protagonist but the same concept and she didn't steal his soul in that one, she altered him.