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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Let's Play Monmusu Quest: Paradox! part 36

Desert (Thirsty Cactus Girls and Hungry Djinns)

Welcome to part 36 of my Monmusu Quest: Paradox playthrough (for part one, follow this link).  It's time to put on our Lawrence of Arabia gear, we're heading into the desert!

The desert has four new encounters.  One is a repeat from the previous series:

Scorpion girls hate centipede girls for some reason.  Scorpion girls also have priors in mythology.  Human-scorpion centaurs showed up in Akkadian myth and were known as girtablilu (which is also the name Kenkou Cross uses for them in his Monster Girl Encyclopedia).

So why haven't you written about a scorpion girl yet, Hydra?

Dunno.  They're kind of hard and spiky, things not normally associated as being erotic.  I guess I'm just waiting for the right spark from my…


Curse you, dank imagination!

Two of the encounters are brand new monster girls.  One, cactus girl, was shown on the trailer video.

Her Bad End looks more soft boobie pillows and softer nether regions then prickly spines.

Unfortunately she's also rather thirsty, so I suspect her attentions will leave Luka resembling a crumpled up drink carton at the end of it.

The other new monster girl is a type of harpy.  I think she's supposed to be some kind of ostrich girl.  The one we recruit and another we see later in Sabasa run around like crazy things.  Even Gob is impressed by her when they talk in the castle.

The last is a new slant on a monster girl that previously appeared in the first chapter of Monster Girl Quest.  The djinn was an optional (and hard!) encounter if Luka was stupid enough to pick up a lamp lying on the sand.  For Paradox she gets some new artwork for her battle screen appearance.

She reverts to human form for her temptation move.  Which is very tempting given she's a self-proclaimed master of the sexual arts.

Go on then, show us what you've got.  Ooh, that feels good.  And clouds of mysterious perfumed smoke.  How exotic and erotic.

And it feels so good as well.  Like it's not just my cock, but my whole lower body wrapped in warm, moist…  uh oh.

And… gulp.

MGQ is that annoying prankster who tells you you're going to get something awesome before tipping a bucket of ice cold water over your head.  "Ha ha.  Vore game.  Gotcha!"

It's a shame the new battle artwork (which is cool) tips the player off, but I guess anyone familiar with the original will know what's coming anyway.  I haven't managed to recruit a djinn yet, so I don't know if she has an all amazing sex skills and no stomach acid request option.

On the way to Sabasa there's another camping stop, this time at a convenient oasis.  Again the only party characters that show up are the main character ones.  This time it's just a recap of all the various things that have happened – angels, three succubus sisters, three wannabe monster lords.  Alice is looking for her mother, Luka his father.  In keeping with the previous campfire scenes, Alice teaches Luka a new sword skill – Death Sword Chaos Star.

Hmm, maybe I should actually equip him with a sword at some point.

That'll do for today.  Tomorrow we enter Sabasa.