Thursday, April 30, 2015

Let's Play Monmusu Quest: Paradox! part 37

Sabasa (Whatever Happened to Sweet Little Princess Sara?)

Up to part 37 now.  This is my playthrough of smutty monster girl game Monmusu Quest: Paradox.  If you've just tuned in, the first part is back here.

After braving the desert sands, juice-sucking cactus girls and whole-body-haumphing djinns we've finally arrived at Sabasa.

The sentries at the gate try and extort some bribes out of us.  It's possible to pay, but it's more fun to start a fight and watch them go cartwheeling off screen (they're not very strong).

Sonya remarks on how easy that was as she'd heard Sabasa was supposed to have a tough military.  A passing youth lets us know everything has gone to shit since Queen Sara took the throne.  She's only interested in playing and has replaced most of the guard with useless hoodlums.

Wait, did you say Queen Sara?

That's certainly different than the original series.

The usual run around the town NPCs reveals various rumours and tidbits of information.  Sara used to be nice as a princess, but then her father, the king, went missing investigating the Tartarus pit to the north.  As queen she's been terrible, so much so that there are whispers of assassination plots in the air.

There's also some information on the surrounding area.  Nearby is a pyramid full of treasure, but it's full of demons so only experienced adventurers should enter (this sounds like Sphinx's pyramid from the first series).  There's also a theatre in Grand Dole to the north that's been taken over by a succubus.  And also a witch-burning (?) village over to the west.

Sabasa's battle-fucker is down the alley between the weapon store and inn and looks like a fortune teller.

Beating her earns a wizard scroll.  She's also the 15th battle fucker I've beaten, which unlocks the battle-fucker class.

Deeper into Sabasa and up some stairs is a locked building.  Alice is able to open it with magic.  Over in the far corner are some documents with more notes on Queen Sara.  The rumours on her get more disturbing the deeper we go into Sabasa.  Some think she might be a succubus in disguise.

Blimmin' heck.  Did they need to make Sabasa so massive!

After much more walking we finally reach the castle.  Rather than doing their job and throwing us out, the various guard NPCs give out more gossip.  In fact, the only guards that seem remotely interested in actual guarding are the ones at the base of the steps to the throne room.  They'll only let Luka past.

Ah, there's Sara.

We remember you from the previous series where you were the cute and spunky little princess who had a crush on Granberia and sought the mark of the dragon from the Sphinx so you could ask her for her hand in marriage.

"Pull your trousers down so I can see your willy."

Uh?  I guess this world's Sara is a little different.

You're going to give us a blowjob?  Right here?

And a lot more forward.

Ah.  It's a battle-fuck.  That makes sense.  We lose the first time because I forgot to heal Luka up after the previous battle-fuck.  That corrected, we go with full HP.  That's more like it.  And our reward for winning is…

…Sara jumping on top and energy draining us to a withered husk with her succubus pussy.


Things are definitely not right in Sabasa.

Maybe this rebel group of assassins has the right idea after all.  Rumours are the leader can be found in an oasis to the north.

Sure enough, there's a suspicious character hanging around beneath a palm tree.

Sara is part of a bloodline that stretches back to the 1,000-year-old sphinx.  Her demon blood has activated to turn her into a succubus.  Not only that, the assassin thinks someone else is pulling strings behind the scene.  Yep, plenty of suspects there.

The plan is to go speak to the sphinx in the nearby pyramid to work out how to get Sara back to her senses.  While we go and do that, the assassin will try and track down the wire-puller.

Oh, there's a new monster girl.  A sweet little… uh… crocodile girl.

Run!  We already had enough vore yesterday, thanks.

And there'll likely be more vore tomorrow as we go and have a little chat (and hopefully just a chat) with Sphinx in her pyramid.


  1. "Grand Dole"
    "witch-burning (?) village"
    Those are Grandol and Witch-Hunt Village from the last MGQ.

    About the assassins: I got the impression that they used to be working for the Sabasa Royal Family. They didn't just show up overnight. So, "Rebel Assassins" does not mean "some of the rebels have become assassins", but "some of the assassins have turned traitor".
    This is also somewhat relevant because, well, you later get to the (very much *not* hidden) village they come from (it's the last town before the final dungeon). They don't live in seclusion, but just mingle with the regular villagers. As one of them, in full ninja outfit, puts it: "these clothes kind of lose their impact if you wear them for day-to-day stuff. By the way, I'm just the mailman."

    That being said, my main frustration with Sara (later on, when you recruit her):
    She's just human. She should have some monster race, but no, just regular ol' human. Bah.
    (I cheated her Imp and Yoma race)

  2. Desert Eagle30/04/2015, 17:53

    [グランドール] is a bit of a tricky word to read. It could be "Grand Dole" or "Grandole" or "Grandol". The reading I chose is Grandoll.

    We have a nation called Grangold, which would be [グランゴルド]. It has the same "Gran" as "Grandoll" has. Also, [ドール] is also the word for "Doll". Grandoll is near the ruins where Gnome is, and we know Gnome likes to play with dolls. I think the context fits enough to justify "Grandoll".

    1. I'm blindly guessing, but I am guessing it's also the same Gran as in Granberia?

  3. how to get Alice to open the locked building ?
    do i have to do something before that ?

  4. how to get Alice to open the locked building ?
    do i have to do something before that ?

    1. Hmm. I don't know. She just opened it for me. Might have been a trigger from talking to someone earlier beforehand that I didn't realise.

    2. You need to speak at the bar with the guard who stays at a table with a man with a red bandana.