Friday, April 17, 2015

Let's Play Monmusu Quest: Paradox! part 24

Voyage to Sentora

After 23 episodes of the Monmusu Quest: Paradox playthrough (which began here) we're finally about to leave the first continent.

As an aside, a quick thank you to people like Yuuto Amakawa and others that have chimed in on the comments when I've got things wrong.  I'm working off a mixture of shonky machine translation, hunches and guesswork.  There are going to be things I get wrong and I don't mind people pointing out when I do.

Before we head off to Sentora there are a few other side quests to catch up on.

First off, Vanilla's item shop.

The next items she needs (after harpy wings) are fire/ice/thunder stones.  They used to be mined in the ruined village (Rosutorumu – Lost Town?).  She can't get them here because the village is abandoned.  However, in the parallel universe…

Look for this storekeeper here:

Vanilla will make a business deal with him.  Try not to think about how many laws of temporal causality said deal violates.

Next item on her list is echo grass (cures silence) and restorative (cures sleep).  A source for them can be found in Enrika.  It's the same dark elf in the item store that gave us the medicine for Iliasport.

After that Vanilla wants throwing stars.  Luka suggests the item store in Iliasport.  That doesn't work out.  We need a contact from the far-eastern land.  Luka suggests the NPC Samurai back in the Ilias temple.  That's this guy:

He makes them for fun.  I guess samurai have to have a hobby for the times they're not slicing people in half.

That's Vanilla caught up.

Then we have Papi.  She's the dragon girl loli bandit and runs the weapon store in the pocket castle.  To start with she only sells iron items, but you can upgrade that to gold by talking to the blacksmith in Midas and giving him a Stone of Chaos (can be stolen from or is dropped by most monsters in Tartarus).

Rami the Imp can get a +10% Def ability bonus if you take her to the top of the slime mountain outside Iliasville (where the first boss fight vs Bunni is fought).  It doesn't help her fly, but she survives the landing because her ginormous boobies make good airbags (yes, seriously).

Also some job unlocks.

Winning a battle-fuck versus Naughty Nurse Nightingale unlocks the Nurse job.  Winning the battle-fuck versus Professor Fizu on the floor above unlocks the Scholar job.  At this point I think I'm missing only one of the Basic jobs.

By the way, you don't have to worry about getting everything done before heading off to Sentora.  The game does allow you to travel back and forth between Ilias and Sentora continents without any problems.

Now for the voyage.  On the ship, Alice teaches Luka the Heaven Skull Crusher skill the same as she did in the previous series (it's a spear skill now).

In the original series this was the moment Alma Elma showed up.  And…

Wait, you're not Alma Elma.

This is Morrigan (or Harpoon Cancer as Mr Machine Translator likes to call her).  I wonder if she knows the events of the previous series as well.  She sets a similar handicap challenge to Luka as Alma Elma did.

She can also be quite tempting.

Her Bad End is mostly playing around with electric fields/aura and hypnotism.

She envelops Luka's cock in some kind of magic field and electro-jaculates him until it starts to hurt.  Then she keeps going because that's the kind of succubus she is.  Take your electric burns to Ilias for the post-Bad End evaluation, son.

Her boss fight isn't too hard aside from an annoying whirlwind attack that does a lot of damage to the whole party.  She's beatable because she's holding back.  Unfortunately, unlike Alma Elma, she has no intention of being honourable in defeat.  She intensifies the storm in an attempt to sink the boat.

Then it's more huh? as an angel appears in the sky.

I think it might be one of the named archangels from the preview material.  This isn't a rescue.  The angel is more interested in chasing down Morrigan and the boat gets set on fire as collateral damage.  The artwork switches to dramatic poses as the angel and Morrigan face off.

This is fine, but meanwhile we're on a burning boat.  Alice gets Luka (and presumably everyone else) to jump into the sea even though it's in the middle of a storm.  Rather than drown we get rescued by mermaids and taken back to their house.

And that is how we got to Natalia Port.  Tomorrow we have a brand new continent to explore.


  1. Î've been mentioned by name in an actual post! WHEEEE!

    Back to topic:
    "Vanilla will make a business deal with him. Try not to think about how many laws of temporal causality said deal violates."Eh. It's not the actual past, but a past from a parallel world. It's fine.
    (Or not. There are hints later on that interactions between worlds might cause some critical existance failure for said worlds, but that's only if history gets changed - some minor trade won't be a problem. Maybe.)

    If you're with Ilias, she has a freakout over the Angel, Zion. Why?
    Because, like Sonya, Zion shouldn't exist. Ilias never made an angel like that.

    As a side note, when Ilias mentions to Luka that Sonya is weird because she shouldn't exist, she pulls him aside (she does that both in her "Talk in camp, because compansion" and her "meet in the tunnel, because Alice is companion" scene), so Sonya doesn't know about that yet and doesn't really comment on it.

  2. Oh, that reminds me, since you're now on the continent...

    "This is Morrigan (or Harpoon Cancer as Mr Machine Translator likes to call her)."
    In... San Ilias, I think, though I might be mistaken about the town, the blacksmith will send you to find Miss Lil.
    It took me forever to figure out that no, it's not Miss Lil. It's Mithril.

  3. Before taking her to the top of the slime mountain be sure Rami has talked to the harpy in the Inn at the harpy village. It's there that it's suggested for her to jump from a high place. The key sparkle spot at the slime mountain won't be there otherwise.

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  5. For some reason, Vanillia will not ask me to get throwing stars, despite having the ice thunder and fire stones in stock,.. is that a bug or..?