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Friday, November 17, 2017

Let's Play Monmusu Quest: Paradox [part 2] - 18: Resolving the Plant-Insect Civil War

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The negotiations continue.  Currently we’re in the middle of a civil war between plant girls and insect girls.  Previously in MQ:P this would require picking a side and then that determined what new girls we’d get to add to the ‘harem’.  This time the game gives us a third option, which is finding out that neither the plants or insects are particularly interested in warring with each other, and brokering a peace between them.

After talking to Queen Bee, return to the Alraune Priestess in Plansect Village.  Again, there is the option to side with either plants or insects.  Select the third option instead.

Priestess hears out what we have to say on behalf of Queen Bee and it is acceptable to her.  They also want an end to the war.

So, that’s the end of it.  Quest done, right?

Not exactly.  The only reason this war flared back up again was thanks to the manipulations of Black Alice and her catspaws.  And now along comes the literal cat to express her disapproval at these peace negotiations.

The cat came back...

Priestess sends the three Canaan sisters after her and Tezzie boffs them into the lake without breaking a sweat.

Looks like it’s down to us then, Luka.  Boss fight!

Unfortunately for Tezzie, I was training up two characters in the Maid job at the time (to unlock the useful +50% Job XP ability), one of which was also a succubus.  Tezzie, despite being some kind of undead doll version of an ancient god, is still of the beast race and the beast race is rather weak to pleasure attacks.  An early use of the Ecstasy Massage skill puts her in a trance and after that she’s pretty much helpless as Eva sexes all her energy away.

However, should we want to see what Tezzie is capable of, if allowed to have her wicked way with Luka, there is always an option to replay the boss battle in Hades.

That’s for later though (like bottom of the blog post later).  Right now there are more pressing concerns.  After Tezzie slinks off after her defeat, Priestess hears that the other fake god, Quetzalcoatl, is attacking the insect girls on Insect Mountain.  She temporarily joins the party and we’re teleported right to the top of the mountain where Queen Bee is under attack.  Time for another boss battle.

Quetzie is based off the legendary Quetzalcoatl, the feathered serpent.  In fighting she’s more feathers than serpent.  She fights like a giant harpy with lots of gale attacks and dance moves.  I’m also not exaggerating the giant part.  Quetzie is big.  Her temptation move is to squash Luka between her big titties.

This is usually done with the other head...

Her Bad End has her force us to fuck her and then spoil us like a baby.  It’s an excuse for more femdom baby-play fetish.  Or more big bouncing boobies, if you like that kind of thing.

Quetzie don't care about no size differences

(I’m sorry.  I failed to resist temptation.  Big boobies are my weakness.)

Oh well, that’s what the save and reload buttons are for.

No sooner have we defeated Quetzie than Tezzie puts in a repeat appearance.

Uh oh.  Looks like we might have to fight the two of them at once.

Or not.  As Tezzie launches right into Quetzie, for... reasons?

The Secret Alliance of Evil has a few bugs in need of ironing out

Um, Black Alice, I think your cat god doll might be a bit of an idiot.

Anyway, the two fake gods are too busy fighting each other to bother either the plants or insects of Plansect, so that would appear to bring this quest strand to a satisfactory conclusion.  All that remains is to pick up the swag – i.e. new recruits to the roster.

Both Priestess and Queen Bee return to their respective spots.  They are both easy to recruit.  Just go up and talk to them (I’m guessing that picking a side would have resulted in locking out one or the other).  Priestess has been a bit stressed out by all the war stuff, and thinks a bit of travelling and adventuring away from the pressures of ruling will allow her a chance to unwind.

A suspect her unwinding will involve a lot of this.

Alraunes need their relaxation breaks

The Canaan sisters can also be recruited, but they’re mercenaries, so you’ll need to pay them 10,000 gold.  Their presence in this game seems a little tacked on, as if Toro Toro Resistance felt obligated to include them, but couldn’t really find a good way to slot them in.  They also feel like a pre-built racial party trio with them specializing as healer, ranger and heavy respectively.  Maybe this is a nod to the Tribal Mode of the coliseum.  I do like the idea of training up race-specific squads.  I might play around with the Canaan sisters later to see what their synergies are.

In the platonic sense of playing!

Given how carnivorous they are, I doubt it’s safe to leave Luka in the same room as them without a full hazmat suit.

That’s it for Plansect apart from a couple of minor things.  It’s time to update Vanilla’s shop.  In fact, I’d forgotten about Vanilla’s side quests, so it might be a good time to do a catch up.

She wants to stock gold needles.  They can be supplied by the scorpion girl that lurks by the entrance to the pyramid close to Sabasa.

The next thing is grimoire pages.  Cornelia (Page 65537) has those.  Talk to her in the pocket castle library, assuming you’ve already recruited her.

After that it’s the bigger nature magic stones.  The supplier for these is the mermaid merchant in Plansect.

That should now bring Vanilla’s shop improvements up to date.

Next... are we finally going to Esta (and Tartarus)?

Oh, but before then I said I’d throw in Tez’s H-stuff.  As with all bosses, you can fight her again in the Hades room on the second floor of Ilias’s Temple.

Her temptation move is to use her cat tongue to give us a good lick (no prizes for guessing where).

Nya nya SUCK!

Her Bad End isn’t that icky considering her beast-centaur form.  It’s still horse cat pussy, but arranged in a way that doesn’t look like someone’s trying to sneak a bit of bestiality in under the radar.  She wraps her forepaws around Luka’s back and still has her extra set of arms to push his face into her tits.  Her pussy apparently feels like it’s full of tongues and she uses them to lick us to repeated ejaculation.

It's Kittens Ever After for Luka

This scene is translated, but I suspect it might have been by one of the enthusiastic volunteers rather than Dargoth or Rogue.  Whoever did it might have gone a little overboard on the nyas.  I know, cat girl and all that, but there is a thing as too much nya-nya.

Despite being one of Black Alice’s fake gods, Tez’s Bad End is surprisingly light on the Bad.  Luka’s ‘punishment’ for losing is that he’s forced to marry her and travel the world surrounded by their playful kittens.

Does not seem... Bad.

Quetzie just wanted to pamper Luka forever as well.  Maybe we should just let Black Alice’s fake gods take over.  They seem a lot friendlier than everyone else.

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