Friday, February 09, 2018

Update on Valentine's Day story

As you may have already noticed, I did not make the deadline of the 6th.


Still some productivity and deadline issues at my end.  Things I'm trying to work through.

Unlike last year (where this happened for both Literotica's Nude Day and Halloween contests), I'm going to carry on working on this story until it's done.  Ironically, the moment I realised I wasn't going to make the deadline was the moment I unlocked to get back to work on it again.  Ideally I'll have it finished by Valentine's Day, but given my current complete lack of reliability I'm not making any promises.

Patreon is obviously off the table for the moment.  I'm not going to ask for people's money until I'm confident I've resolved my current issues.

The plan is still to write myself back into form with short stories on Literotica.  That was what worked for Succubus Summoning 101 and 201.

Apologies and thanks for your patience and understanding.


  1. The muses give you what they give you. Here's hoping you have a breakthrough relatively soon.