Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Monmusu Quest: Paradox [Part 2] is out!

I was out at the weekend so I wasn't able to blog about this going live on Friday.

Goddammit.  The new Crimson Court DLC for Darkest Dungeon came out last week as well.  How am I ever going to get any writing done?

Monmusu Quest: Paradox is the follow-up to Toro Toro Resistance's Monster Girl Quest series.  Personally I thought the switch to a typical grindy JRPG over the VN-with-puzzle-battles of the original did lose some of the hentai sexiness, although MQ:P is a much stronger game.  Don't let the porn aspects fool you, the first Monmusu Quest: Paradox was every bit as complex as a Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest.

Last time I did a fairly epic series of blogging my misadventures (and repeatedly getting lost) playing through the first game.  Unfortunately I won't be able to do it this time.  I don't know if it's an upgrade to Windows 10 or a change in the base RPGMaker programs developers use to make these games, but I've been unable to make text hooking and machine translation work for Japanese games over the past year or so.  Monmusu Quest: Paradox is unfortunately no exception - the program implodes the moment I try to start it with AGTH hooked. :(

This means I'll be waiting along with everybody else on Dargoth and team for an English translation.  A partial one for MQ:P part 1 already exists and you can keep up-to-date with where the part 2 translation is at here.

In the meantime I did the naughty impatient thing of checking through the game's Graphics folders to see what lovely new monster girl Bad End scenes we have to look forward to.  Yes, a lot of them are recycled from the previous MGQ series, but even with that there are a lot of new sexy (ish, YMMV) monster girls to look forward to.

It looks like Toro Toro Resistance has done a similar thing to part 1 - taken the various themed areas/factions and added new Arachnes/Vampires/Fairies/Mermaids/Slimes/etc to fight alongside the monster girls from the original series.

Artwork is again a little inconsistent.  I've always liked Setouchi's work, but some of the newer artists are a bit meh.  (Xelvy is obviously still Xelvy, and we wouldn't want them to change at all! :) )

There are a few by this artist and hmm, not my thing.  It's effective for creepy little bug girls and there are a few, and that might tickle the right spot for some peeps.

I loved seeing this, mainly for how comically ripped Luka is.  I suspect most people couldn't give a rat's ass about how Luka is depicted as they're playing Monmusu Quest: Paradox to imagine themselves in his place having all the smexy done to them by gorgeous monster girls, but it's nice to see him painted as the Bad Ass hero he would have to be to survive all the nonsense thrown at him.

And as for Purple, she can wrap those thighs around my head all day long.  Yum yum.

And it wouldn't be a Monster Girl Quest game if we didn't have a few WTF! designs.

Random sea creature merged with naked big-boob chick.  Check.

Tentacles.  Check.  (I think this one might be pushing the vampire=leech metaphor a little too hard...)

Delphinus angel abominations.  shudder.  Check.

Of course, the great thing about Monster Girl Quest is there are so many monster girls, there's usually something for everyone.  I found this lovely group artwork of some very cute succubi.

(probably in the process of squeezing poor Luka dry - it is MGQ after all!)

Would love to get in and start playing, but it looks like I'm going to have to wait patiently (very, like a year or more!) for the English translation like everyone else.


  1. Do you think that when you do have the translation available (or somehow find a way to use machine translation, perhaps 4Chan people could help with that) you'll do an LP then? Even if it's kinda late by that point, I'd still be interested in seeing what you think of the plot and such.

  2. I don't think one year is a good estimate. If you wait for it to be "playable", it will be faster (i'd suppose a few days until first machine-translated version is out).
    If you want a full tranlsation... well, completing SS301 might be a nice pastime for you.

  3. I recommend trying out Visual Novel Reader. It is able to translate the game for me. It has a ton of customization options, but is not difficult to set up to just use google translate.
    The latest version can be found at

  4. It just would't be the same without Delphinus abominations

    On another note, given only 75% of MGQ P 1 has been translated, It looks like it will be a looooong time before MGQ P 2 will be translated

    Rogue may speed the process up a little, but I'm not holding out hope to see 100% before 2019-2020

  5. instead of AGTH you should use ITH

  6. Civildeviation28/06/2017, 05:26

    I had the same problems with Windows 10 while using AGTH, ITH, or any other system I tried to install including the "windows 10 ITH patch" which didn't seem to work. Eventually I just reverted my system to windows 8 and refuse to update versions. For how much "better" windows 10 was supposed to be, I found it screwed over most of the old games I enjoyed and was quite frankly not worth it until someone comes out with a truly Windows 10 system compatible text hook program.

  7. Desert Eagle28/06/2017, 15:00

    Boy, am I glad right now that I don't have Windows 10.

    I want to believe Windows 10 is an improvement. Theoretically, newer OS is always better for security reasons, and should be better optimized too. However, I don't hear that many great things about Windows 10, and now there's this. Man.

    I think one of the best changes in Part 2 is that you can have a group of 10 people at a time. More talents to pick from and less difficulty in choosing your favourites. :)

  8. a link to the cg ?

  9. Have you tried Chiitrans lite? It probably doesn't work in windows 10, but I just started playing it and it works on windows 7. Free, so definitely worth the few minutes it'll take to test.

  10. I have a limited skills in Japanese, but from my experiences with part 2 so far, it's been slightly disappointing.

    lots of recycled monsters, barely any appearances from the heavenly knights, Nero/Neris, archangels or ancestors, and no new scenes for part 1 monsters (with one exception).
    It was good, but not great

    1. 2 exceptions you mean got a new scene too Promestein

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    1. Second artwork of Verdé. http://ludedwolf.deviantart.com/art/Verde-2nd-Artwork-689704468

    2. Wonderful! Though I would like to see a version without the Deviantart logo plastered all over it.

      My memory may be fuzzy, but wasn't Verde described as having green skin in the books? Or was it just green hair? This might be me 'filling in' certain details with imagination that aren't in strict accordance with the text, but for some reason the image I had formed of Verde was one of a gorgeous lime-green devil girl somewhat reminiscent of Poison Ivy.

    3. Not quite what I imagined, but much better than the other one.

    4. Green hair, wings and tail (and eyes). Pink skin. To be fair, I left a few blanks for people to fill in with their imagination, which is why any artistic interpretations are going to vary (I like both this and RaidouZERO's pieces).

      Unfortunately I don't do fan fiction, as Poison Ivy snu-snu stories have been requested multiple times. Verde has similar powers, but with succubus goodness (or evilness) on top. :)

  12. Hey there,

    Looked up your blog again out of curiosity if you were going to do a let's play and saw that you were having the same issues I was having with text hooking.

    Have you tried copying and pasting C_932.NLS from C:\Windows\System32 into C:\Windows\SysWOW64 and using ITHVNR? This was the only solution I could find to text hooking with Windows 10... Might help someone else out.

  13. Holy shit, why does that bug girl insect wings look so... off? Like, they look SO realistic compared to the rest of the art in the game, that they managed to creep me out more than Delphinus new angels designs (Even if just a little).

  14. It's a shame that you can't use machine translation with this game. I was looking forward to your let's play of part 2.