Tuesday, January 21, 2014

New Story - "The High-School Sweetheart Removal Agency"

Time to insert a brief writing interlude.

Literotica's annual Valentine's Day story competition kicked off today.  I'm not eligible to win anything (as "Street-walking with a Succubus" picked up 3rd place two contests ago), but I threw in a new tale anyway as these contests are good showcases to pick up new readers.

Not being eligible means I don't have to worry about the score, and not having to worry about the score means I can have fun and enter one of my darker tales.  And the theme is slushy, sentimentally pappy Valentine's Day.  What black-hearted demon wouldn't want to stomp a big hoof right through that heart-shaped box of confectionary?

Yep, this is very much an Anti-Valentine's Day tale.  There are succubi and sex, and it's considerably darker than the opening few paragraphs might imply.

Here it is - "The High-School Sweetheart Removal Agency".  I hope you enjoy.

(Hehe, there's already been one comment about thwocking me in the balls with a baseball bat.  I think they're joking, though.)

Friday, January 17, 2014

Let's Play Violated Hero 4! part 9

Hello and welcome back to MEHydra’s Let’s Play walkthrough of Violated Hero 4.  If you’ve only just joined us, this is a hentai game and the following post is not suitable for anyone under the age of 18.

When we last left Luka-clone he’d just been dragged off to a mansion to make little baby vacuum cleaners with a loopy robot maid.  I’m not that into robot chicks so we’ll rewind the tape and smash her circuits in.  As ever the strategy is to pump cock (I did warn you this wouldn’t be suitable for minors) into Lilith’s tail/tentacle thing until she makes the bad girl fall over.

Marietta goes into repair cycle . . . until Luka-clone thinks about entering the mansion, at which point her protective programs kick in and she threatens to self-destruct and blow everything up.  We decide not to enter the mansion and Marietta decides to join us to make sure we don’t enter the mansion.

Okay, okay.  I get it, Violated Hero.  You don’t have any artwork for this big impressive mansion.

Screw it, we have Jeuri of the infinite gold production.  We can buy our own mansion and it will be twice as large and impressive, so nah!

Oh, so your fancy mansion has another 1,000 hot robo-chicks.

. . .

Um, yeah, I’ll concede that’s impressive.

I think I can guess what did for the old mad scientist perv.

We’ve cleansed another area, so it’s off to the Demon King castle where poor Makina has to hand the report in to Sharia.  The other two chime in, but to be perfectly honest I can’t really tell them apart.  One has seashells on the side of her head and the other has big floppy donkey ears and that’s about it.  I think they might have worked out Lilith’s up to no good, but as Translation Aggregator comes back with “cannot read a straw alligator, either” I can’t be totally certain on this.

Sharia still seems uninterested by the whole thing and all the demons retire back to their realms to await the coming of the (not so) mighty ambulatory bag of concentrated semen.

The 4th area is now unlocked.

But before heading off there I go back to 100% the last area in case there’s anything I’ve missed.

There wasn’t.  VH4 doesn’t seem big on special event tiles other than bosses, unless I’m unerringly missing them.

Area four looks like a rope bridge between some rocky peaks.  New area means new wandering mooks and VH4 continues the run of okay monster girls with some dragonnewt-type girls.

Her tail’s on fire but she still has tan lines.  #MonsterGirlWorldProblems.

The level-designer might have gone on a coffee break for this one.  A few tiles in a straight line and then the boss.

About halfway through the game I was trying to remember which bosses were remaining without checking the main VH4 website.  I remembered them all apart from this one – the red oni.  I suppose she might seem a little bland when the competition consists of cyclops siamese twins, a giant worm with a slime girl for a tongue and a strange wolf girl with very scary giant werewolf faces behind her.

This is Red Ogre Hisui.  She doesn’t have an ogre-ish face.  It looks more like a cute elf face.  Those thighs however . . .

Fear for your nuts, Luka-clone.

Before the fight she asks for our name because it’s traditional for red oni to inscribe the names of the people they fight on their breasts.  I guess she has space.

In the fight the random generic sex tentacle returns as Hisui uses a red version of Lilith’s tail/tentacle despite not having any discernible tail or tentacle.  It doesn’t matter as Luka-clone is well flattened before the four spunk hearts light up.

Hisui is a very polite red ogre, so she apologises in advance for the humiliation her code of honour dictates she must inflict on fallen foes.  Uh oh.

Um Hisui, I don’t think you need to apologise for this.

She rubs her ‘watermelons’ against our penis.

Yep, pretty sure you don’t have to apologise for this at all.

Much white stuff comes out and Hisui gets really excited about the taste.  So much so she decides to take Luka-clone as her husband and make babies.

In scarlet ogre society the man apparently has little say in this matter.

After Luka-clone passes out from much watermelon pressing she drags him off to her bed for some intensive baby-making nookie.  Wow, Luka-clone is a beast.  Three whole days and he’s still at it.

Hisui won’t let us go.  Not until she’s pregnant.  Her pussy is not going to take no for an answer either.

It’s okay though.  Give her a baby and she might let us go.  You can do it, Luka-clone.

Hang in there.

Can you hear me, Luka-clone?

Oh dear, it looks like the ambulatory bag of concentrated semen has finally emptied.

Fade to black.

So sad.  I guess the stars weren’t right for this relationship.  Three days though, bloody good effort.

Hmm, while I don’t have many red oni stories, there was a lot of paizuri in that Bad End and I do have this charming little paizuri story.

. . .

Yeah, we’ll put the chalk mark next to MEHydra for this round then.

That makes only one sub-boss left, the rather intimidating-looking Fenrir the Wolfess.  I have a bad feeling about that one . . .

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Let's Play Violated Hero 4! part 8

This is part 8 of my continuing walkthrough of the hentai game Violated Hero 4.  The usual rules apply.  Begone prudes, holier-than-thou bores and people under the age of 18 (but at least you guys can come back when you’re old enough).

Last off Luka-clone vanished inside a chest for infinite sexy times with Jeuri on a bed of gold coins.  This is far too good of an ending for him, so we dragged him back out for the rematch.  Sorry Jueri, you’re very cute and glittery and all that, but it’s time for splatdown.  Two hits from Lilith later and Luka-clone is up to level 16 (Capitalism – JRPG style).

Jeuri takes the attitude that if you beat it, you bought it, and joins the party.  She also lets us know she can make gold from our semen anytime.  That’s a cute little power . . . waitaminute!  That’s awesome!

Hey Luka-clone buddy, you thinking what I’m thinking?  How about we blow off this quest, take Jueri and go buy a kingdom somewhere.  We can even have our own harem (and with girls that don’t try to eat us or suck us up like a carton of juice).  How about it, buddy?

Oh, he isn’t thinking what I’m thinking.

Onward to certain inevitable gruesome Bad End at the hands of the Demon Lord.

Afterwards Lilith is kind enough to let us see the map of her conquered areas.  She then puts the willies up Luka-clone by mentioning that the four devil king generals will be sure to be aware of his presence now.

So when are you going to tell him you’re one of them, Lilith dear?

We go back to 100% Jueri’s area.  Jueri’s special attack is to throw gold coins at the enemy.  That seems wasteful.  Oh well, it’s not as if there are any shops to buy stuff in.

Or much variety to the other event tiles.  In fact, compared to VH2 and VH3, there has been a lack of story event tiles other than the boss at the end.  Lilith rejoined the party halfway through Echidna’s area, and that’s been about it.  There haven’t been any of those game-end-deciding choices to make either.  I’m less sorry to see them go.  The options were never picked up by AGTH translation, which meant I often had to guess blind.  And that usually resulted in arriving at the end to find Amu (VH2) had locked herself in her room in a sulk and I couldn’t complete the game anymore.

It does seem like Dieselmine have stripped out a lot of the extra elements from the previous games.  This might have been a cost to getting the 4th game out so quickly.  It’s a shame, as other than Lilith the rest of the main characters and story seem a little underdeveloped.  So far.

At the end of area 3-3 is a mansion.  Allegedly.  The background still shows the same crystal cave.

We go to enter and . . .

It’s boss number 8.  This is the other fan-created monster – Marietta, the robot maid.  The various translation sources used by Translation Aggregator have some differences of opinion as they think she’s asking us what we’re doing at the “hotel”, “museum” and “hall” respectively.

It transpires a mad scientist built Marietta 700 years ago and she’s gone a bit peculiar in the centuries after he died.  She also seems a bit keen to suck Luka-clone with her vacuum cleaner attachment.  I think her scientist creator might have been a bit of an old perv.

The fight is pretty funny as her normal attack swooshes make it look as though Luka-clone has been slapped about the face by a mop and her sex attack involves using the end of a vacuum cleaner in a way not covered by the warranty.  (Don’t try this at home.  Not unless you want to make a very embarrassing phone call to your local A&E department.)  The more you damage her, the more eager she is to “suck the muck”.  As by this point I’ve switched to Luka-clone’s attacks, there’s not much damage heading in her direction.  A few mop slaps later and it’s time for the Bad End.

Her first scene starts with Luka-clone on his back and her standing over him.  Luka-clone is pretty much a masochist doormat, so it’s inevitable he’d run into a girl that wanted him to clean him like one.  Marietta tramples our dick a bit with silk-stockinged feet while vacuuming our chest.  Apparently her creator programmed her to behave this way.  Told you he was an old perv.

Being trodden on like a doormat produces a typically messy response from Luka-clone that Marietta is only too happy to suck up with her vacuum cleaner.

And why mess around when you can go right to the source.  (Again, don’t try this at home.  Really!)

Marietta sucks up a lot of semen.  The suction is strong enough that Luka-clone worries about his dick getting torn off.  Now I’m nervous.  Surely Violated Hero wouldn’t go that far . . .

Marietta turns up the power and we let go with a big spurt.  There are vacuum motor sound effects in the background.  I suspect this is all aimed at a player kink far beyond my ken.  She even accuses us of wanting to make her vacuum cleaner pregnant.  There’s probably a bizarro story or ten there.

After we pass out Marietta drags us inside and then it’s a double team as she introduces Maid Robot Type M-10 Mel.

Hey this could be cool.

Oh, they want to clean us like this.

Well done Luka-clone.  You’ve officially graduated from doormat to bedside rug.

We’re into more conventional BDSM fetish territory here.  There’s silk stockings, guy being trampled, some toe sucking, more vacuuming . . . ouch! . . . more trampling.  All the time Marietta is talking about making her vacuum cleaner pregnant.

So Dieselmine had a fan competition and one of the winners was, “I’d like to be cleaned like a rug by two hot robot chicks.”

Yep, not even going to bother fighting this round.

Come back for part 9.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Let's Play Violated Hero 4! part 7

And it’s back for my walkthrough of Violated Hero 4.  Usual rules apply - if you’re younger than 18 or want to get all holier-than-thou about a dodgy Japanese smut game, fuck off now (especially the holier-than-thou twats).

Before carrying on, just a quick mention that Dargoth has an English translation of Violated Hero 3 here.

Last time we ended up with reptile tails in the colon thanks to Echidna.  In the proper fight Echidna doesn’t really hit that hard, but she’s tough enough that it takes three facials to Lilith to take her down.

As an aside, it’s a little unfortunate Dieselmine didn’t spend much time on the combat mechanics for this instalment.  Borrowing some of the puzzle-battle elements from games like Monster Girl Quest would have made the fights a lot more interesting.  At least with Lilith, Demon-Lord-to-be, on the team most of the fights are over quickly.

Afterwards Luka-clone congratulates himself on winning.

You tell yourself that, buddy, it’s not what I saw.

Luka-clone also thinks he’ll have trouble persuading such a strong demon to join the party and is surprised when Echidna can’t join fast enough.

Ah, Echidna and Lilith have something going on.  She must have promised to make her one of the demon knights once the revolution is won.

Using Echidna’s special attack I discover she’s very particular about her semen.  She complains it’s not dark enough.  I’m not sure how you go about darkening semen.  Maybe if you squeeze hard enough to burst a few blood vessels . . .

And I think we’ll stop right there before the girl with the body of a ginormous Boa Constrictor gets any ideas.

Echidna’s area has three paths through it, which means having to fall into the same bloody trap twice.  I do get to run into Cherry, the one wandering mook I’m missing from the area.  And very sweet she is too (aside from the whole trying to bash my skull in with her big club thing).

Area 3-2 is Mimic’s area.

Mimics have been a classic RPG monster ever since Gary Gygax put them in the 1st D & D Monster Manual back in 1977.   Nothing says Gotcha! better than a treasure chest growing teeth and trying to bite a player’s arm off.  Mimic-type monsters are a nice tool for sadistic GMs/game creators as they teach players to be wary of inviting treasure chests.  Anyone who’s gone through the second half of Dark Souls cautiously prodding every chest they find with a very long spear will know exactly what I mean.

As most monster girl hentai RPGs are pretty much computer RPGs with added boobs and pussy, it’s inevitable that mimics would also undergo boobification.  MGQ has creepy girl in a chest full of acidic goo, in ROBF they respawn with peeking eyes and zip around the corridors, and in Level 1 Yushe Breeding Program they force you to have anal sex with their locks (don’t ask, it’s a weird game).

VH made theirs a boss.

She’s up on the cast list – Jueri (Jewellery) of Jewels.  When you start area 3-2 you see her silhouette as the boss for that area.  So much for the surprise factor.

I was hoping VH4 might do something sneaky, like have the path end in a chest icon (as some do) and have her spring out and trigger a battle.  But no, it’s the same exclamation mark as all the other areas.  For all the weirdness of their character designs and H-scenes, the makers of VH are surprisingly staid and unimaginative when it comes to gameplay and plot.

To be fair, Jueri is a pretty good monster design.  She’s a slime girl that looks like she’s made out of molten gold.

In the prequel to the fight she complains about not having any game for a long time.

Um love, have you considered taking a refresher course on Ambush Predation.  This whole level might as well have had neon lights and a big arrow saying “A mimic is here.”

I let Luka-clone handle the fight.  He loses.

After winning the fight Jueri tells us she’s going to make us gold.  Poor girl, all she wants is to be worn.  Or maybe not as she grabs Luka-clone . . .

. . . and gives his crotch a good sniff.  Apparently she wants to check Luka-clone isn’t a girl.  I can forgive her for being unsure.

And then, blowjob scene!

I guess this is the point where they give the voice artist a lollipop and ask her to suck it as loudly as possible.

Oh, Jueri really wants to turn him into gold.  She takes semen and turns it into gold.  That seems a really useful ability.  One of those and a university fresher’s ball and you’d collapse the gold price faster than Mansa Musa.

After giving our pipes a good suck she drags us into the TARDIS-like interior of her chest for Bad End part 2.

And it’s not all that bad at all.  All she wants to do is ride Luka-clone and make beautiful . . . uh . . . coins all day long.  Even lying on the coins isn’t all that uncomfortable as she can soften them.  I think VH might have gone just as soft.

Um, this is supposed to be a Bad End, right?

This should be a walkover for MEHydra in the contest of squick.  Except I’ve not actually written any stories featuring mimics.  I probably should have remembered my narrow focus on succubi before getting into this.  Another no contest win for VH.

Back to the chest.

I’d stay in there if I were you, Luka-clone.  It’s not likely to get any better.

But we haven’t been squeezed by Lilith’s intimate bits yet.

Oh yeah.  Good point.  Up you get Luka-clone, we’ve got a Demon Queen to fuck . . . uh defeat. 

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Let's Play Violated Hero 4! part 6

This is part 6 of my walkthrough of Violated Hero 4.  As it’s a sexually-explicit hentai game, now would be a good time to leave if you’re under 18 or easily offended by such things.

Last time up we ran into Reria and Ruria, the bizarre siamese cyclops twins at the end of the second area.  After throwing the fight I returned, summoned Lilith and . . .

Oh wait, Lilith flew off somewhere.  That’s okay, I’ve got the other four girls.

Lose.  Lose.  Lose some more.

Hmm, I guess Lilith the succubus is a little bit more powerful than the others.

Finally I bash the gothic lolita, siamese twin, cyclops, hypnotic-eye, many-fetishes-stitched-into-a-Frankenstein’s-monster-body Reria and fucking Ruria.  They do the typical gothic thing of wanting to die in overly dramatic fashion.

Can we kill them?  We don’t need them.  I already have a big harem.  Busty probably counts for three on her own.

But of course Luka-clone does the Luka-clone thing and preaches about the dream world of humans and monster girls living in harmony.  Reria and Ruria decide to tag along.  I think it’s because they’re turned on by the thought of Demon Lord Sharia tearing them and this ragtag bunch of misfits to shreds.

And then it’s back to the palace and angry Makina.

Sharia casually mentions she’s played with the human (by play she means stamp on his cock until he weeps).  Makina gets all shouty and the other two generals slap her down for daring to question the motives of the demon lord.  You’d think they’d be more supportive of her criticism considering they’ve just lost two areas and their leader is acting like a kook.

Gamely, Makina tries again and gets the death glare from Sharia.

Makina is genre-savvy enough to know creators like to have their Big Bads randomly slay a subordinate to show how badass the Big Bad is, because she shuts up.

Oh hello, that’s where Lililth went

It transpires, unsurprisingly, that Lilith is the 4th devil king general.  The others have a go at her for being flaky and never filing her reports.

I’d keep a closer eye on her.  She’s planning a secret coup.

Okay, not so secret as she admits to following Luka-clone around and helping him out (so she can add to her growing army of death boobs).  The others want her punished, but the Demon Lord is a kook and bored.

Oh, so you’re letting Luka-clone ripen.  At least that’s the excuse she gives Sharia.

She’s going to knife you in the back when you’re not looking, Sharia.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Then it’s back to our intrepid ambulatory bag of concentrated semen.  The third area, some kind of ice cave, is now open.  But before then I do the 100% thing and follow the other path to a chest at the end in section 2-2.

Then it’s time to put on the woolies and head off to area 3.

 Ooh, VH is definitely getting better with the wandering mooks.

I must have gotten distracted somehow as she ends up braining us with that big club.  Ho-hum, back to the start of the level.

And then normal service is resumed with VH’s wandering mooks.

“I made a jacuzzi out of this spider-flea thing’s brain.  Want to hop in?”

Um, I think I’ll pass.  Karina, eat it.

And then guess who’s back.

It’s okay Lilith.  We only died like six times while you were off hobnobbing with your demon king buddies.  See this lump on my head.  A skinny blue chick with a huge sod-off club whacked me on the head.  What gives?  I thought you monster girls were all about the fucky-sucky, not vicious head trauma.

Lilith tries to tempt Luka-clone into being her fuckslave.  Unfortunately, Luka-clone has built up some resistance and turns her down.  She then tells him to watch out as the monsters here are stronger.

Hello.  Lump on head.  Skinny blue chick.  Huge fuck-off club.  Message already delivered.

Lilith rejoins the party and I move on to the . . .

Well actually I don’t.  I decide to experiment with the potions.  The first resets all my stats.  In the middle of a battle.  The second teleports me out of the area.

Undaunted, I keep quaffing away and I think either the 3rd or 4th potion I try eliminates wandering mook encounters as I walk all the way to the end without being molested.

And it’s time for boss number 6.

This would be Snake Demon Echidna.  Echidna usually crop up in monster girl bestiaries as a more powerful version of a lamia/naga.  This stems from Greek myth where Echidna is known as the Mother of Monsters.

Somehow that fearsome moniker got applied to this . . .

. . . which is basically a hedgehog that lays eggs.  This only goes to show Biologists have a sense of humour, even if no one else understands it.

Echidna (that appears to be her name rather than her species) looks pissed off and muscular.  Uh oh, muscular and the lower body of a snake.  I foresee broken ribs in Luka-clone’s future.  Or maybe she’ll squeeze him so hard cum will jet out of his nose.

I feel quietly confident for this round of the “Can ManyEyedHydra match Violated Hero” fight as I have this little tale in my corner.  Let’s see your worst VH!

The first scene doesn’t look so bad.  Echidna flips us upside down, immobilises us with her coils and then starts to masturbate Luka-clone.  For a moment I’m thinking Luka-clone is about to get a bit of anilingus, but no, it’s the tail, and it goes deep.

Then it gets a bit strange as semen starts welling up out of Luka-clone’s ass and he complains about his belly being filled with hot cum, but Echidna doesn’t seem to be describing it as coming from her.  Maybe Luka-clone really has nothing for insides apart from concentrated semen.

And then a fade to black, some strangling sounds and it’s time for scene 2.

Ah there’s the snake tongue.

It’s a fairly standard lamia Bad End with added masochist whimpering from Luka-clone.  Echidna does a bit of crushy-crushy with her coils.  She also does a bit of crushy-crushy with her pussy, to the point where our urethra closes and we can’t come.  Being a masochist wimp Luka-clone begs for her to let him come and eventually, after fucking him for a while, she relents and white stuff splatters the screen.

Somehow Luka-clone manages to get through the Bad End uneaten and with no bones broken.  I reckon this round’s mine.

Can I continue this late rally?  Come back for part 7.