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Succubus Summoning 212, part 5

And, a little later than planned, the final part of Succubus Summoning 212.

This is a continuation of my long-running Succubus Summoning series.  The first arc, Succubus Summoning 101, can be found at your nearest online ebookstore.  Previous chapters in the Succubus Summoning 201 arc can be found here.

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Succubus Summoning 212, part 5

Darvill was not ready to depart this plane just yet, in a haze of bliss or otherwise.  The circle prevented the casting of new magic, but Darvill still had the protective anti-lust wards he'd carved into his arms after following Rowling's succubi into hell.  Their power had faded as his flesh had healed, but they were still there, waiting to be activated.  All Darvill had to do was bend one finger back to his palm, and...


There was a crackle of energy, the acrid stench of burnt flesh and the succubus jumped out of his lap like an electrocuted cat.

Not enough, Darvill thought.  Not powerful enough.  Flesh wards were powerful, but only when the cuts were fresh and bleeding.  His had had two days to heal.  The protective aura they granted him was as brittle as an eggshell.

The shocked succubus turned to him.  With her red eyes and face contorted in rage her daemonic nature was fully visible.

"How dare you," she hissed.

Her black nails were long and pointed like claws.  For a moment Darvill thought she intended to tear out his throat with a swipe of her wickedly-pointed nails.

Better that than her claiming his soul, he thought.

Then the daemon regained her composure.  Her face softened back to its original exquisite beauty.

"No, I must remember the teachings of Mother Diabolicia," she said.  "Pleasure is the one true path."

She gestured with her hands and Darvill's arms were yanked behind the chair and his wrists bound with tethers of shadow.  She placed a palm under her chin and blew him a kiss that expanded and surrounded Darvill in a warm cloud of scented air.  His lust wards crackled and shorted out.  The warmth settled in Darvill and concentrated in his loins.  An erection rose unbidden and tented the front of his trousers.

"Much better," the succubus said.

She stepped inside the circle and ran her fingers lightly up the underside of Darvill's bulge.  His manhood twitched and he felt slick wetness on the inside of his underwear.

No, the brutish chavs he'd been forced to grow up with were slave to their genitals.  Not Darvill.

The succubus slithered down between his legs.  Eyes fixed on Darvill, lips turned up in a sultry half-smile, she found Darvill's fly and unzipped it.  Her hand reached inside and extricated Darvill's erection.

"Yum," the succubus said.

She tilted her head down.  The helmet of Darvill's cock was enfolded by her hot tongue.  His dick twitched again.  Clear pre-cum oozed from the tip.  The succubus lapped it up and murmured her pleasures.

"You're a good student.  You deserve my luscious cunt."

She stood up and sat in Darvill's lap with her legs astride him.  Her exposed vulva was puffy and moist with desire.  Darvill felt the heat spilling out of her as she pressed the dripping flaps up against the swollen head of his erection.  His cock twitched eagerly.  It wanted to be inside.

Darvill didn't.  He knew what she was and what she'd do.

He was finding it harder to think.  His thoughts were slow and sluggish as if wading through thick fog.

Succubus charm magic.  He was lucky he could still think at all.

The succubus put her arms on Darvill's shoulders.

"In you go," she said.

The plump lips of her sex parted around the head of his cock and she slid down him like a pole, slowly easing him up into her warmth.  And she was warm, hot even.  And wet.  And tight.  Really really tight.  She took him all the way inside her and her fleshy walls closed around his penis like a fist.

Darvill let out a surprised gasp.

That felt... incredible.

Of course it felt incredible.  She was a succubus.  Sex was how they cracked men open to suck out the soul within.

Come on, focus! he yelled through the haze filling up his skull.  Think!  You're too smart to end up spurting your life and soul away up a succubus's cunt.

He caught the back of his shoe on the edge of the chair leg and slid it off.

The succubus kissed him lightly on his lips, his chin, his cheeks, the tip of his nose.  Her perfumed breath excited his nostrils and thickened the fog blurring his thoughts.  She moved her hips up and down sinuously, adding a little rotation at the end that dragged her vaginal walls against his foreskin and sent streamers of pleasure tickling down his shaft.

Darvill kicked down at the floor, stubbing his big toe against the hard stone floor and sending a bolt of pain shooting up his leg.  While the pain was good for shaking him out of the pleasant fug the succubus was smothering him in, it wasn't the reason he'd done it.

The succubus sighed and moaned in pleasure as she moved against him.  Her wet sex slid smoothly up and down Darvill's erection.  As his cock pushed up deeper inside her it came up against a soft knot of flesh that shuddered wetly in unwholesome anticipation.

Darvill banged his foot down hard on the stone floor, breaking his big toe and driving the nail back through his flesh.  Blood oozed out and soaked the tip of his sock.

The succubus continued to swing her hips back and forth.  Her sumptuous sex gripped and squeezed him.  Pre-cum flowed out of his twitching member in a constant stream.  An inner maw at the back of her sex sucked hungrily at his glans with each stroke.

Darvill kicked down at the hard stone floor.

More blood.  He needed more blood.  His sock was already saturated and dripping, but he needed more.  Darvill specialised in blood magic.  A trickle of his blood over the line would be enough to break the circle and negate its hold on him.

He smashed his foot down again.

Hot blood was sticky between his mangled toes.  It dribbled from his saturated sock and splashed onto the floor.

More.  He needed the blood to flow.


The succubus gave a louder sigh and sank all the way down in his lap.  Her inner maw parted around the outside of his glans and she engulfed Darvill's cock into a soft, muscular organ lined with hot juices.  That heat was transmitted to Darvill's member, and from there flowed down into his balls.

Darvill's foot stopped.  It hovered, trembling, a few inches off the floor.

The succubus wrapped her arms around him and pressed her naked breasts against his chest.  She kissed his cheek and then wormed her hot, dripping tongue into his earhole.

"It's over," she whispered.  "Just let go and enjoy the final pleasures I can give you."

The walls of her inner sex wriggled lewdly around Darvill's throbbing member.  The muscular walls gave him a gentle squeeze.

Darvill's whole body trembled on edge.  His balls felt swollen, bloated and itchy.  He ached with the need to empty them into her.

No.  He was more than this.  Could be more than this.

The succubus sucked on his earlobe as she writhed against him.  Her scent filled and overwhelmed his senses.  Darvill's legs trembled and his toes curled as he fought to resist the urge to come.

"Still trying to hold on?" the succubus breathed in his ear.  "Time to end this."

The walls of her inner organ softened and then clenched around Darvill's cock.  He felt a strange, irresistible drawing sensation.  A dam broke within him and his thoughts were swept away by the force of the climax.  He let out his breath in a pent-up gasp.  His feet drummed against the chair legs and his hips bucked as he emptied great throbbing gouts of semen inside her.

"Yessss," the daemon hissed.

The same exultant cry echoed through Darvill's thoughts.  Trying to hold it in for so long seemed so foolish now as he gushed in a fountain of bliss.

The succubus's sex clenched and throbbed around his manhood as she swallowed his issue with muscular gulps.

More.  He wanted more of this.  Wanted to give her more.  Wanted the feelings, the sensation, the pure release of unrestrained rutting to run on and on and on.

She leant into him and he was enveloped by her heat.  She unfurled black bat wings and wrapped them around both him and the chair.  Within them her sex continued to clench, throb and gulp.  Slowly, with Darvill completely drowned in sensual ecstasy, she pumped out first his semen, and then his life and soul.

Then, the feeding over, she drew back her wings and stood up.  She kissed her finger and placed it against the withered lips of Darvill's shrivelled-up husk.

"You were a good student," she said with a luscious pout.

The other succubus popped the bubble of bliss she was using to imprison Darvill's daemon.  The poly-Oc stared mournfully at Darvill's wizened remains.

"Time to look for a new master," the other sitting succubus said with a malevolent smile.  "One with the wisdom to hide their strength from those who'd see it as a threat."

The poly-Oc glowered at them before vanishing with a pop of displaced air as it returned back to its own dominion.

* * * *

The door to the examination room opened.  A succubus stepped outside and looked around the room before her gaze alighted on Phil.

"Phil Rowling?" she said.  "It's your turn."

And that's that for Succubus Summoning 212, and Evan Darvill.

Next up is Succubus Summoning 213, where Phil is in danger (again!) of ending up as dessert.  My plan was to restart after a week's break and try a little harder to keep to a weekly schedule than I managed last time.  As with all things Succubus Summoning at the moment, expect schedules to slide.  If I have a good week and get 2K or 3K words ahead I'll start posting next Monday, if not, the Monday after.


  1. Come on! I already hoped that he will make it but you`re so cruel :(

  2. Damn Darvil had so much promise and he was so resourceful. Oh well I guess not even redeemed students can make it out.
    Now Phil is next, but what got me thinking is how are the three succubi going to restrain or distract Verde while they try to suck on on Phil. I doubt she'll be as easily contained like the poly oc was. They gotta use some powerful magic to bind her or be very creative and sneaky about. Hey we get to see some succubus on succubus action next. It's been awhile since we seen that it would be too good to pass up on something like that. A guy can hope can't he. Looking forward to see how Phil escapes death in the next chapter hopefully they underestimate him or Verde shows us how badass she really is and takes down those 3. Welp until next time great read as always Hydra.

    1. Didn't really want to off him, to be honest, but the story called for it. The least I could do was have him go out fighting.

    2. Maybe he was smarter then he let on and the one who was killed was a fake :P
      At the very least I hope Phils succubus would be a little annoyed that he was dead I mean they chose not to 'eat' him since he was smarter then the average lock.

  3. Well, at least he got out to go with a bang... good chapter. :)

  4. Hey Mr.Hydra remember that Story about the drone that got transformed in H-space? I Finnish the Bio and had illustrations drawn. Let me know what you think.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Name: Harpyia Machina
      Type: Robot,Harpy
      Habitat: Varies. Depends on the last location where UAV drone are transmuted
      Appear as an attractive women who seems to be part bird and part machine. Her body is made out of some gray metal,yet it as soft as a women flesh. That is mark with military insignia,and some unidentifiable tattoos. She stand at 6ft,with wing and a rocket thrusters at her back. Her face overall although attractive has an Avian quality to it. Her eyes iris has the patterns of a electric circuit boards. While the mouth being that as a human,their lips and saliva contain a deadly aphrodisiac that liquify organs during sex. Their hairs are actually just receiver cables.With slender torso with B-cup breast. The leg with appear feminine end with feet that look like those of a bird. They vagina resemble that of a Cloaca;it also produce same aphrodisiac as their mouth.

      Attack Strategy:
      Harpyia machina stays in a hibernating state in it nest. Into She sense her prey(most likely the Synthetic aperture radar is some what still some what function). When she does locate it target,depending on her level of fuel. She ether fly at her target at incredible speeds and snatch him and take him back to the nest. Or she wait for him come close to nest where she can attack. By grabbing her target and kissing him. Her Saliva and vagina secreting contains Biological agent that cause the victim Libido to be overdrive while at the same time it liquify the victims inside. Which she absorbs during the process of sex to refuel. There also some reports of The Harpyia Machinna using some kind of soundwaves to knock out her targets.not enough evidence to support this claim.

      Despise the incredible speed of the Harpyia Machina. It lose speed when making sharp turns. Unlike other Hindlegs she is very susceptible gunfire even from small arms can easily disable and destroy them. As long as you on alert and keep your distance the Harpyia Machina can be dealt with.

      Threat Level:
      Low to moderate.
      Depending on her fuel level determines how dangerous she is. High to Moderate fuel she is a threat only on a moderate level. Low fuel there are easy to disable or destroy. No fuel which is rare to find in Harpyia Machina. Is inactive which is the only time to capture them.

      Additional Reports and Information:
      There is something very strange about the Harpyia Machina. Other then the fact that they used to be military drones that got lost in hell-space in transmuted. Before losing communication with the drones,it usually involve the drone receiving a short burst radio transmissions. Second they been reports of Harpyia Machinis attacking other hindigs and vice versa might not be significant. But the rate they go at other is constent,which also attribute weaken the Harpyia Machinis which make it easier to take them down. Not only that but sometime we receive live videos from the Harpyia Machina! Usually showing us locations of other hindigs. Third and final mysteries is that what ever the Harpyia Machina it is a being that can only exist in Hell-space. When taken back to earth whatever is damage or completely intact it always revert back to a regular drone. As if it never transmuted in the first place.
      After digging around the drones that we recover from H-space.We found in unknown image with an audio file attach to it. The image is some kind of rune. While the audio contain some kind of chanting?

    3. And at last here are two drawings of her let know what think? Tell me which one you think it better or fit her Description.

      Prototype 1 (https://www.pinterest.com/pin/233272455677750655/).

      Prototype 2(https://www.pinterest.com/pin/233272455677750657/).

    4. Nice! I should really get a separate H-space Monster Girl Bestiary website setup at some point with space for more people to do this.

      The pinterest links don't seem to work for me, though.

    5. A simple Wiki site should work you can post profiles of your Girls along with H-space girls others submit that you like. I'm looking into some of them now but have found MediaWiki to be the most popular one

    6. A wiki could work. The blog format isn't the best for this sort of thing.

  5. Well, I do hope Phil can find a way to avenge Darvill. The Scrote completely rigged the test, the bastard. I really hope Phil can find a way to get back at that bastard.

  6. Sigh...he was probably the most interesting character you've made too.
    I'm pretty bummed out by this, so kudos I guess for getting me attached in the first place.

  7. Phil can still save him in a way, right? Well, that's what I want to believe in, that Phil can at least kill the bitch and their master to at least set his soul free.

    But nonetheless, it was a very good chapter (as always)

  8. I never thought I'd grow attached to a character in a serialized erotica horror story. Here's to you, semi-amoral wizard Batman. I will run you in my next D&D in memorandum.

  9. Well that sucks. I was hoping that Phil would get a friend in the series.

    "The poly-Oc glowered at them before vanishing with a pop of displaced air as it returned back to its own dominion."

    Maybe the poly-Oc will head back to the castle and warn someone like Nyte what is about to happen to Phil. His way of getting revenge. Plus, having her show up in the middle of the murder attempt would be funny.

  10. Oh man would I LOVE to see Nyte vs those three Succubus's.. Can;t wait to see where this goes.. and I too am bummed that Darvill had to die.. Phil could use someone talk to

  11. Darvil!!!! Oh come on must everyone DIE!!! But what a sexy way to go man I really liked Darvil to atleast I know not to get attached. Phil good luck (please don't kill him) Phil is the only character that survives any of your stories I love that! Great Stuff Manyeyeshydra

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  13. Really hoping we see some good character progression out of Phil next chapter. We've found out this book he's got a lot of power in him, hopefully he'll start stepping it up and prove himself to Verde and the rest.

  14. two typos: read the sentences with "fug" (should be fog) and "emptied" (missing "he" before "emptied".

    1. "fug" is deliberate. Oxford definition is: "A warm, stuffy or smoky atmosphere in a room". Like fog, but warmer and with a slight feeling of being confined.

      The missing "he" is, however, a typo, so thanks for spotting that one. :)