Thursday, July 02, 2015

Shiborito in the Bag, part 4

"And brilliant," Cohen continued.  "Who'd have thought it?  Here I am, shrink-wrapped like a turkey and I don't feel any anxiety at all.  Annette Brite is a genius."

Erica gave him a sly glance.  "She has her uses," she said.

Esther threw her head back and moaned.  Her body flexed and she pushed her hips against Eunice's face as the other girl continued to perform cunnilingus on her.

"I'm ready," Esther said, her voice breathy.  "Bring the pipe."

Eunice stood up and walked over to the hanging vac-bed.  She gave Cohen a teasing smile as she picked up the other end of the trailing air hose that led to the vac-bed.  Curious, Cohen watched as she pulled an object out of a box and screwed it onto the end of the pipe.  It looked like a mask, like maybe something a dentist might have given a patient to breathe from back in the old days.  Or possibly an athletic cup.  It had the same shape and was made out of black rubber.

On the bed Esther continued to frig herself towards orgasm.  Her moans and sighs grew louder and louder.  Behind her Erica continued to massage and play with the soft flesh of her boobs while kissing her on the back of her neck and shoulders.  Eunice held the plastic funnel thing a little way from Esther's vagina, keeping out of the way while Esther masturbated.  Cheeks flushed red, Esther nodded to Eunice and the other girl passed her the end of the pipe.  Esther pressed the black rubber object tight to her crotch, making the resemblance between it and an athletic cup even more pronounced.

What was going on here? Cohen thought.  It hadn't escaped his attention that the black rubber cup was attached to the end of the same pipe that led back to the bag he was currently sealed inside.  Was she going to squirt into it, or maybe even pee?  He'd told them he didn't want anything gross done to him.

Although he did feel a little thrill of excitement at the thought.

"Make it nice and thick and creamy," Eunice said, running a hand down Esther's pale arm.

"Mmm.  It'll be really thick and creamy," Esther said.  She writhed and pressed her hips up against the rubber cup between her legs.

Erica and Eunice walked towards Cohen with mischief in their eyes.

"What's going on?" Cohen asked.

Erica put a finger to her moist, bee-stung lips.

They were playing with him, that's all.  More teasing.

Cohen wasn't sure.  There was a prickly feeling on the back of his neck.  Some atavistic sense was warning him of danger in the same way animals knew to find shelter before a storm hits.

No, no.  It was more teasing.  They were just playing with him.

Esther gave a loud orgasmic groan and flexed her spine as she pushed her hips out with the rubber cup still pressed to her crotch.  Cohen heard an odd, thick, slithery sound—like thick mud moving through a pipe.  Esther sighed and moaned and her body trembled.  More liquid sounds vibrated down the pipe.  It sounded like way more than a little squirt of love juice, more even than a good hard piss.

And far far thicker.

Cohen should have been excited—sexually excited—at the sight of a hot girl obviously orgasming right in front of him, but that prickly sensation on the back of his neck was growing harder and harder to ignore.

Erica kissed him on the cheek with soft lips.

Hot lips.

And hot in the boiling-kettle sense, not in the XXX-strip-show-hot sense.  Almost hot enough to scald him.  What was going on?  No girl's lips should feel as hot as that.

Erica and Eunice gripped the sides of the vac-bed and lifted it up off the hooks suspended from the ceiling.  They laid him flat on the floor.

"Hey hey," Cohen said.  He tried to move his limbs, but his body was still vacuum-packed in place.

"Mmm, I'd like to sit on his face and smother him with my ass," Eunice said.

"And miss his sighs as Estrumpthia's cream fills his bag..." Erica said.

Over on the bed Esther gave another loud orgasmic cry.  Erica crouched down, turned a valve at the bottom of the bag and the corner swelled up as something rushed in.  Cohen's eyes widened as he felt a warm, moist and weirdly fluffy substance envelop his foot.  What was that?  It felt like the froth and bubbles from a bubble bath, but thicker—squishy like warm mud.  His toes squelched through it and his skin lit up with a pleasant tingling sensation.  Those tingles tickled up the nerves of his leg and nested in his balls.  He liked it so much he started wiggling his toes to repeat the sensation.

There was more.  The substance flowed down the pipe into the bag in a slow, thick wave.  Surely this all couldn't be coming out of Esther's pussy.  It wasn't possible.  The corner of the bag continued to swell and the foam rolled up past his foot and engulfed his ankle.

Cohen blinked.  More tingling pleasure pirouetted up his leg like crackly static electricity.  He wanted more, wanted to be enveloped in it completely, wanted to bathe fully in whatever it was.  But the hairs kept prickling on the back of his neck.  The storm was coming and the force would tear him to pieces.

He heard Esther give another orgasmic moan and then more of those thick, slithery sounds—like slime sliding down a pipe.  More of the bag filled out and that wave of tingling pleasure rolled up to his thighs.

"What's going on?" he asked.

Had someone changed the lights?  Erica looked different.  Her skin colour was darker, redder.

"Special sauce to marinade the meat," she said.

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