Friday, July 03, 2015

Shiborito in the Bag, part 5

"What's going on?" he asked.

Had someone changed the lights?  Erica looked different.  Her skin colour was darker, redder.

"Special sauce to marinade the meat," she said.

Esther moaned again and pushed her crotch forward.  How could she be producing all this?  It was up to his crotch and—

Cohen closed his eyes.  The warm creamy substance had enveloped his balls.  His erection, which had softened slightly as his unease had grown, sprang back to full attention.  The rubber top sheet of the vac-bed tented upwards with the throbbing bar of his hard-on.  The tenting grew less pronounced as more cream flowed into the bag.

It was over his chest now.  It surrounded his arms, it enfolded his hands and he felt it squelch between his fingers.  It drove his nerve endings wild.  It was like lying in a big bath of crackly foam with no water.  Cohen wanted more and more of it and Esther obliged.  Sighing and gasping in the throes of an orgasm that seemed to have no end, she pumped more and more thick cream into the bag.  Moments before, Cohen had felt like he'd been shrink-wrapped.  Now he felt like he was lying at the heart of a giant fluffy pillow.  The black rubber surface swelled up all around him.

Hot flashes pulsed through him.  They pulsed and pulsed and focused on his balls and penis until his whole crotch was glowing with warmth.  The cream slithered all around him and engulfed his twitching erection.  Cohen felt the urge to wrap a hand around his cock and rub the pleasant cream into his shaft.  He couldn't move.  Not because the rubber sheets were wrapped too tightly around him, but because the warm creamy substance had sapped all the energy right out of him.  It was like lying in a warm bed in an icy room and feeling too comfortable to move.  The vac-bed continued to swell up as more and more thick cream piled up around him.

Erica sat astride him, or rather sat astride the swollen bag.  He felt the pressure of her legs transmit through the bag and move the wonderful cream against his body.  He looked up at her through a haze of pleasure.

His brow wrinkled.  Something wasn't right.

Her pale skin was flushed.  No, it was more than that.  Her skin was red, deep red all the way through as though she was so full of blood it had leaked out underneath her skin.  And her eyes... what had happened to her eyes?  He looked up into black pits that looked as though they fell all the way into hell itself.  Were those...?  There were horns on her head and he watched as black bat wings unfurled behind her.

Hallucination.  He must be hallucinating.

"Comfortable?" Erica asked.

Her voice was wrong too.  There were weird inflections to the edges, like metal on metal.

Where was the panic?  Where was the anxiety?  Despite Erica's sudden, demonic change of appearance he felt relaxed and languid.  This was a total contrast to his brain, which was screaming wrong, wrong, wrong!

Erica bent over and hugged the swollen bag.  Her large breasts—uncovered now, nipples dark like dried blood—pressed against the rubber above his chest.  He felt the pressure come through the bag and thick cream.

"How does it feel—nice and creamy?" Erica asked.

She hugged the bag tighter and rubbed her pendulous breasts against the shiny black surface.

"Let me massage it into your flesh," she said.

She squeezed and hugged.  Her hips moved up and down as she ground her sex against the bag.  Her movements started currents in the substance that filled the bag.  Cohen writhed in helpless pleasure as the warm cream squished against his body.  He let out an involuntary moan as more hot flashes raced across his sensitised skin.  Thick currents stirred his throbbing manhood.  It felt like cream-covered fingers were tickling up and down his hard-on.

"He's nearly ready," Erica called back to the girl on the bed.  "One more squirt, Estrumpthia."

"Mmm, I'll give him a nice thick one, Eryx," Esther said, her voice also picking up strange alien cadences.

She let out another loud sigh.  The pipe vibrated.  More slippery cream—a thick bulge—slithered down the tube and mushroomed up around Cohen.  His eyelids flickered as more of the warm cream enveloped him.

"Feels nice, doesn't it," Eryx said.  "Like being wrapped in a giant wet womb."

She wriggled her body on top of him.  Her arms and thighs squeezed the swollen bag and he felt the thick cream squidge against his skin.  All of Cohen's nerve endings felt amplified, as if the slightest breath had the force of a bomb.  The devil girl on top of him pressed her waist down and her motions stirred the electrifying cream around his cock.

Fuck, he was going to come.  Really come.  Come so hard it would be painful.

"Yes, let it out," the devil girl writhing on top of him exhorted with a breathy sigh.  "Let it all out."

What was happening?  Cohen felt so good and yet weirdly wrong.  His body felt like a train accelerating down a track with no buffers.

"Need help?" Eunice said, her voice like blades slathered in honey.

Like Eryx her skin had darkened to a deep red colour.  She even had a devil tail.  He saw it as she stood over him.  He looked up into the moist lips of her sex and watched as they gaped open and shut like a mouth.

"Don't suffocate him, Eunectis" Eryx said.

"I'm only going to give him a little kiss with my pussy," Eunectis said.

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