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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Hentai Game Review: Sexy Girls Hunt

Okay, we have a slightly different type of monster girl hentai game to look at on the blog today.

Sexy Girls Hunt is a battlefuck game and the plot does feature a brave hero using his "weapon" to defend a kingdom from hordes of nympho succubi, but it's not an RPG-maker clone.  While it has typical JRPG elements – levelling up, top-down exploration, turn-based battles – the art style is different and everything is mouse-driven.  You move the character around by clicking on the screen with the mouse.

Sort of, but not quite a RPG-maker game

With the games with their own custom game engines there are sometimes problems with hooking text for machine translation.  I was able to mostly follow what was going on with AGTH, although some text is in image form (the manual, annoyingly), which rendered it impossible to hook.

A refreshingly non-shota main character this time

Let's start with the good.  This is a very pretty game.  It has some of the nicest artwork I've seen on a monster girl hentai game.  Not only that, but there is a ton of animation.  NPCs noticeably... ahem... jiggle when you speak to them and the battlefuck sex scenes are fully animated.  Picture a ROBF or Erotical Night, but with an art quality approaching the Violated Hero series.  These are some luscious scenes of succubus fucking.

Oh and this is animated as well

Now for the not so good.  There's not much to the gameplay during the battlefucking.  Combat is turn-based and controlled by running the mouse over coloured circles on the screen.  I didn't really spot any strategy here to be honest.  Most of the time I set the fights to auto and tried to make sure my main character was at least two levels higher than the random encounters (personally I found those lush lush sex animations more enjoyable on auto anyway).  For bosses you'll need to be a much higher level, but if you're stuck there's a consumable that can be bought (it's the very bottom one) that gives an instant win when used.

The map has five locations of increasing difficulty.  Everything is fully accessible from the beginning aside from the final location, which requires previous bosses to be defeated in order to advance through various gates.

The world map

Overall there are twelve monster types to fight fuck.  They're mostly your classic succubi, but there are a few other monster girl types thrown in as well such as slime girls, cat girls, dryads and elves.  Each has minor variations in hair colour and underwear, but their moves don't change.  There are two different sex animations depending on who is "attacking".

Additional hentai content is provided in the form of side quests and mini-games.  There are ten female side quest givers.  Satisfy their conditions and you'll be rewarded with a short sex scene with a little mouse interactivity.  The mini-games vary from standard tile puzzles, to an arcade "bullet-hell" sequence and a comically lewd version of whack-a-mole where you slap female asses.  Nothing too taxing, but drawn in the same lush and appropriately pervy art style.

Yes please.  The result doesn't matter

Overall I quite liked Sexy Girls Hunt.  The game is a bit short and not very challenging, but there is plenty of gorgeous H material to enjoy.  It's a simple sex game with delicious succubi.  Nowt wrong with that at all.