Sunday, February 28, 2021

House of Hellish Harlots ver0.016 (Charms)

The new version of "House of Hellish Harlots" is available for patrons and can be found here:

Here's a list of the new features:

She's a new NPC that sells various charms to the player.

Charms last for the duration of a run (until the player dies or runs out of harlots).  They have a variety of effects.  The Buxom Lolibaba will give vague hints as to their use, but you'll have to play around with them to figure out what they do.  All but one have been implemented.  A lot of them are protective in nature but won't do anything for now as the abilities they protect against will be added with future harlots.  The other ones have a few interesting effects I hope you have fun finding out.  There are 36 in total.

Three new harlots have been added to the House.  They are:

Veronicalla - a squishy slug girl.
Asphya - an enigmatic harlot dressed fully in black latex and wearing a gas mask.
PĂȘl-O Sugn - A synthetic being that wants to give you a sexy bounce on her big rubber ball.

All 3 are oddballs this time around.  I'll try and mix in a few regular succubi/monster girls for the next release.

There have been quite a few of these.  The Portly Gentleman and Elegant Woman have been tweaked to bring their structure in line with the other NPCs.  I'm hoping this will finally fix the occasional infinite Action bug that leaked from The Elegant Woman.  I've also gone back and tweaked some of the older harlots to fit changes to The Portly Gentleman as well as interacting with the new charms.

And some notes: 

"Why doesn't Charm X affect Harlot Y?"
I'm still going through the existing harlots and updating them.  Some have been done, but I wasn't able to do all of them (hence why the remaining charm is only partially implemented).  There will be occasions where you might wonder why a charm didn't reveal a harlot's true form, or protect from an ability you thought it should protect from.  It's because I haven't updated them yet and it will likely be fixed in the next release.  Thankfully, it's only a small handful of interactions.

"The economy doesn't seem balanced."
Portly Gentleman payouts and prices of potions, charms, etc. are mostly back-of-an-envelope calculations.  This will be tightened up as I add more content.

I'm getting closer and closer to a public demo version.  The main NPCs and mechanics are all in place.  I need to add a few more 'real' harlots to replace the placeholders and flesh out some of the interior descriptions.  A couple of months at a guess.

The hope then is to get more people interested and maybe start think about adding sexy CGs and the like.


  1. "Oh yeah, its all coming together."-Kronk, Emperor's New Grove.

    For some reason the Portly Gentleman is making me think of the Merchant from Resident Evil lol

    Now I checked out Summer Dance with a Succubus and it was a fantastic Nicole one. However, I was thinking about the end.

    Did Nicole kill Neil? Or did she drained him in till he fainted and then stuffed him into the pantry?

    Does Nicole actually hunt bad men? Or only goes after them when she encounters one?

    I would like to know if ya don't mind.

    1. Dead. I did wonder if I'd left it ambiguous, but her "I have moments of weakness' give that one away.

      Nicole is nice, but still a demon. She is also a bit of a restricted demon. It would have been difficult for her to kill Neil unless he was even worse than how he was presented in the story, and even then she still had some choice and considered taking that option a 'moment of weakness'.

      She respects her own safety too much to go full vigilante, so it's probably more the latter than the former, but she's not going to be too unwilling should the opportunity present itself.

      Glad you're enjoying House of Hellish Harlots!

  2. Ill be honest. i believe you go to overdrive with the charms and comsumables. Instead of having 20 things you need to list, which will exponentioly ioncrease your future workload make instead only maximum 3-5 give pots or so double stats and charms more purposes then 1 if you wanna cover more ground but regulate items and shit. for a player and even more or the dev it becomes to much. Besides that i can see a solid build coming together with the content you have build so far. what i personaly would like to include would be random events that have a chance to pop up as a choice in the "RNR menu" like "spek to this suspicious group" for xy.

    back to to much ... i rly dont think your stats for attitude to anything .... at ... all. the changes are to slightly and to much work again on your part.... instead make it a decision how one acts and depend on the RP aspect of what one would do. so you have a fixed wrote out selectiontree instead of douzends if and else...

    1. It's okay on the complexity. The items don't interact with each other all that much and it's not a RPG where I have to balance combat mechanics. While I'd like to include more RP choices in the harlot scenarios, that's the real limiting factor. Coming up with new 'puzzles' for each harlot scenario is not easy. That's why I hit on the idea of hidden stat/gift/charm checks. There will still be a puzzle element for the player, but from a creation perspective, the bulk of the harlots will be a sex scene that can tip into a sexy Bad End depending on a couple of hidden checks. That way I can fill the House with a lot of monster girls and succubi and not take years and years to write all the various branching choices for each scenario. Some will be more complex, but I can't do that for all otherwise I'd never be able to finish the game.

      Random events are something I'll likely add at a future point. I've been writing ideas for them as they've come to me. They will trigger in post-room slot to fill the second action along with getting paid by the Portly Gentleman.

    2. mate .... you just said i dont have to ballance combat but dialog puzzles ...
      IT IS THE SAME FOR YOUR GAME ... your dialog choices wiht items is the equivalent for rpg combat...
      dont get to hinged up on these things, focus on the core gameplay-loop. what does the player want? ask yourself that ... i personaly believe the player does not want to test out 12 combination for a puzzle to finaly read the next scene ... your writing and imagination is superb but who wants to be cuckblocked for 5-10 minutes while testing to finaly continue with his sceniario? ...
      make it like ... oh this was wrong ... cool i get a bad end... next time i try one of the other 2-3 options to get it without any complications .... this way your game for what it is supposed to be will be much more rewarding for players, no empty time / grinding for useless combinations that rly dont fit into this setting ... i had played so many games where devs tried to implement a system for the sake of a systemimplementation isntead of asking if it fits the game / compliments the game in itself ... in this case all it would to would be implement grinding / how many times do i need to try to solve the puzzle (for puzles sake) and no reward even if you fail (since there is only 1 fail scenario which is sensible and not one for every failstate/item you try)))

      ask yourself what benefits your game not what kind of games you could try to squeeze in there (no pun intended)

    3. i truly believe if you would find an artist and make this game more aproachable and fix the sall issues it has... and dont make it more complicated then it is (so its basicly a CHYOA) it can be a hit with the right marketing and monetarization tactics) , dont do stuff that turn people off... if you do all this (even with fanart or free art in combination with your writing) you could find a much bigger fanbase.

    4. you should allready have some succubus art in your box .... im a person that checks some sites like 95f, fn and others ... if you release your game ... you cannot protect it from piracy ... thats a fact ... but use this as opportunity to get traffic and a bigger fanbase ... and the first and most important thing is art ... even if you have art that not neccessarily fits the scene ... you should think about implement it just for the fcking thumbnail... also link your patreon and shit into the startmenu so people who like it can support you. with this done and your writing coming to the first release you could have a decent game in your hands...

    5. I'll see how it goes with the complexity. If it turns out to be too overwhelming, I'll tone it down (the original setting mindset got booted for that reason). I still want it to be a bit more of a game than a regular CYOA. I've played a lot of the H-games that were little more than sex scenes strung together and they fade out of people's interest fairly quickly. The purpose of the 3 harlots at a time mechanic is to prevent player frustration at being stuck at a particularly cryptic one. Most can be figured out by talking to the Elegant Woman beforehand. Sometimes she lies, but even the lies narrow the player down to what matters (if you do what she says and get killed, just do the opposite next time and that will be enough). Because players will likely be dying and restarting a lot, I want to make the scenarios be more hidden checks than the traditional CYOA pathways. That way, if they're bored of a particular harlot scenario and want to get through it to later ones, it's just a case of going in with the right prerequisite and clicking continue a few times. That's the theory anyway. If it doesn't pan out, it doesn't pan out.

      Definitely agree on the art thing. Unfortunately, I'm not an artist and the funding isn't currently high enough to employ one. I'm hoping a public demo will raise enough interest to fix that. But yep, it's an unfortunate problem - need interest to afford art, need art to gain interest.

    6. you could just placehold simular images from the internet. open source ofc or fans or ask if you can use art from an artist on "insertArtPageHere" ... chance is slim but they might let you use it.

      That aside. Hidden checks can be frustrating if not understood. gameplay systems are meant to be played and if you dont know why you died at a given time it can be more negative then positive.
      But the combination with a chyoa and stats that get checks is pretty neat. i just hope it wont be tooo much. like i said personalityMatrix doesnt realy click with me.

    7. Yep, the one thing I was strict on was no RNG in the hidden checks. Would be impossible for the player to figure out if they failed a 90% chance roll on a stat and received no feedback. The personalityMatrix is long gone. It's some binary personality attributes set at the beginning now.