Thursday, January 02, 2014

Let's Play Violated Hero 4! part 1

Violated Hero 4 is out.  Rather than play it through and write up a review (or fail to play it through and get owned repeatedly by one of the generals because I screwed up my stats placement as happened with VH3), I’m going to do something new for 2014.  I'm going to start a live-ish ‘Let’s Play’ walkthrough and see where it goes.  Obviously this isn’t going to be a proper ‘Let’s Play’ video because I’m strongly against censorship and any video I posted anywhere of a hentai game would last approximately ten pico-seconds before getting yanked.  Also I’m an ornery writer-type and we strongly believe people should read things otherwise we pop out of existence like unicorns.

So think of this as more of a ‘Text Play’ or ‘Let’s Blog’ with lots of screenshots.

Now onto Violated Hero 4.  This series has been running for a while.  The makers, Dieselmine, threw the first one together after seeing the popularity of Monster Girl Quest.  The main strengths of the series are the production values—the artwork is gorgeous and all main characters are fully voiced.  The main weaknesses are a nagging impression the creators don’t know what makes for a hawt monster girl eroge and are running off blind guesswork and what they’ve seen in other games.  Also, they really really like the ‘violated’ part of Violated Hero.  The monster girls in the Violated Hero series like to express the S in BDSM, which means some scenes are a little more effective at killing boners than growing them for a lot of players.  Seeing what bonkers stuff they throw into the H-scenes is part of the charm of the VH series.

Before we go any further I should throw in the obligatory disclaimer.  Violated Hero 4 is an eroge.  This means there will be scenes of a graphic and explicit sexual nature.  I won’t be censoring any screenshots as I’m strongly opposed to censorship.  If you’re easily bothered by such things or under eighteen years of age, please click the back button of your browser and navigate to safer internet waters.

So let’s fire her up.

If you were unaware of what type of game Violated Hero 4 is, the start screen should make it clear.  There’s the hero, splattered with cum and with a chain around his neck.  Crom would not approve (Strictly speaking, he wouldn’t care, but I’m fairly sure he wouldn’t care in a highly disapproving manner).

We start off at the edge of a spooky forest with Luka-clone about to set off on his epic quest to bring down the Demon Lord.  (That’s what he thinks.  In reality that’s what the villagers tell all suitable young men to do.  It’s easier than dragging them off to the woods and tying them down as a sacrificial offering.)

A succubus, Lilith, appears.

Okay, Lilith is hawt.  Can we forget the whole quest thing and go grab a hotel room?

BTW, this is the Japanese version.  Dargoth has translated earlier Violated Hero games.  If you want to wait for an English translation of VH4, keep an eye on his website.  In the meantime I’ll be using AGTH as a text hooker with Translation Aggregator for the translating.  For more information on how to set this up check out threads on hongfire.  The hooking settings I’m using for AGTH are: “/C /KF /V”.  Machine translation isn’t all that accurate, but it's worth it for the occasional hilarious mistranslations.

Now back to the game.

The hero, who I’m going to call Luka-clone, tells Lilith he’s going to take down the Demon Lord.  She’s so intimidated she makes him come in his pants with a glance.  This is not an auspicious start to our quest.

Fortunately Lilith takes pity on us and decides to follow us around to see what hilarity ensues.

Now we get some instructions.  Sadly, as a typical mono-lingual Englishman, I can’t read Japanese so we’re just going to have to wing it.

The game mechanics look very similar to those in the last game.  Exploration has been abstracted down to following a branching chain of events.  Moving to the next link triggers the event tied to that box.

It looks like we have four main areas.

The first area is the spooky forest and has three subsections.

And we’re off (presumably with Lilith a couple of steps behind giggling her tits off at our ineptitude).

The three buttons on the lower right are in order:

Map Overview

Status Screen

Here's a little more explanation on the status screen:

Top is summary of HP/SP/EXP.
Middle left button details the monster girls you’ve contracted.

Middle right button goes to item list.
The snow globe shows previously encountered enemies (it would be blank, but I’ve already done a quick untranslated run through to the second boss).

The box on the bottom right allows you to modify Luka-clone’s stats after levelling up.  They’ve simplified things from VH3.  There are only 4 stats this time.  The top 2 are HP and SP and I’m going to guess the bottom 2 represent physical and magical attack strength respectively.  (ETA – as Luka-clone doesn’t seem to have a magic attack, these might just be ATK and DEF stats.)

Item Screen

Lists what potions we’re carrying.  We start with a HP potion.  Anything else is going to take guesswork (and the occasional poisoning).

After falling Luka-clone down a pit we get to the first random encounter.

This is one of the weak points of the VH series.  They’ve never figured out whether to make the random encounters normal mooks or sexy monster girls.  Since VH3 they’ve fallen somewhere in the middle with ugly-cute gremlin types . . .

. . . which then look a little odd when the random monsters do the obligatory strip after half their HP has been removed.  I suppose it might turn someone on.

In another departure from VH3, what I thought was the magic attack button (the six-pointed star) is actually the button for Lilith’s attack (and later other monster girls in the party).

Oh boy, they’ve really set up Luka-clone as useless.  After flailing around ineffectually with the sword attack I give up and start using Lililth’s attacks.  She ends the fight in a couple of lusty blows.

After the battle I pick up a mystery potion and quaff the healing potion I started with.  This looks foolish when the following square has an event that heals Luka-clone.  Then it’s onto the first boss encounter – Tentacle Girl (Igin).

As the primary focus of Violated Hero is to see the crazy Bad Ends, I throw the fight.  The game makes this pathetically easy as Luka-clone is basically pathetic.  Most of our sword attacks either miss or do 0 damage.

Ah, VH you don’t disappoint.  Igin has a giant sea anemone for a hand and we get a very creative interpretation of a handjob.  Unfortunately (or fortunately) this isn’t a video 'Let’s Play', so you’re spared the squishy sound effects.

Not so bad so far.

Wait, doesn’t that bottom tentacle look like a . . .

Oh . . .

Yeah, I probably should have seen that one coming.  Ick.

As I said earlier.  They’re not messing around with the whole ‘violated’ bit.

This isn’t the end just yet as most of the bosses in the VH series have two H-scenes.  Tentacle Girl Bad End part two is a little weird as it looks like she swallows us and then joins us inside some kind of ‘meat pot’.  This is the more conventional fucky-fucky scene.  At least until she reveals she has tentacles inside her pussy and pushes one down our urethra, because . . . well, it’s Violated Hero, there’s no need for a because.

I hope you enjoyed this.  In part 2 it’s time to run straight into the big fluffy airbag breasts of the second boss – Lorre the Alraune.


  1. I think this is a fantastic idea.

    1. I hope so. I need to build up my blog hits again! :)

  2. awesome idea keep it up mate

    1. p.s when is the next part??

    2. Um, about now. I'm going to update this every couple of days if possible.