Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Monstergirls nearly take over Kotaku's GOTY

Haha, this is brilliant:

Monster Girl Quest 3 pipped to first place by only 24 votes.  Might have been an interesting article if that had been the other way around.

"And our reader's choice game of the year is . . .mutter mutter . . . a hentai game."

The author of the article blames 4chan.  I did see a post mentioning the poll on 4chan, but it was buried deep in one of the (many) Monster Girl Quest threads.  Ironically, the overall Monster Girl Quest series probably has a better plot and writing than most of the other games on that list despite being an eroge (as I mentioned when I reviewed it back here).

Funny to think that when I wrote this about two years back it usually came up as one of the first hits for anyone googling "Monster Girl Quest."  Not anymore.  Monster girls are a little bit more popular now.

This can only be a good thing considering what I write books about . . .  ;)

And the monster girl eroges keep coming.  Dieselmine put out the 4th installment of their Violated Hero series today.

Time to welcome our new monster girl overlords.



  1. Look at the numbers on that poll. They did post them after all.

    Tell me, seriously, Hydra. Do you really think that MGQ didn't win it? That's a ridiculously high number of people voting for The Last of Us.

    1. It's a low number compared to how many probably bought TLoU. I dunno. They could have fudged the numbers, but if they'd wanted to do that they could have removed MGQ from the ballot entirely and pretended it didn't exist (as has happened repeatedly to Selena Kitt and other erotica authors in mainstream book bestseller lists). There was probably some element of pranking, but the article author didn't realise how much underground popularity that game has. Great publicity for the game and I hope torotoro resistance does well out of it considering the amount of work and love they put into the series.

    2. I believe a lot more people bought The Last of Us than bought MGQ. The question to me isn't about that, perhaps some pranking was involved. I want to know if that many more people thought The Last of Us was above GTA and the others. I'm not looking at its comparison to MGQ but its comparsion to the rest of the list.

    3. Yeah, I think that's why a lot of people were suspicious - that TLoU conveniently had enough votes to beat MGQ, but was way above GTA and other games that would be expected to be close runners. The real embarrassment for kotaku was how few votes there were overall.