Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Let's Play Violated Hero 5! part 1

Violated Hero 5 is out and by popular demand (okay, a couple of people requested it) I’ll be doing another Let’s Play similar to what I did with Violated Hero 4.  Obviously this will be more of a ‘Text Play’ as anything I posted to youtube or twitch would last approximately a few nano-seconds before being yanked for dubious content.

The Violated Hero franchise is a series of monster girl hentai games that followed the popularity of Monster Girl Quest.  The makers, Dieselmine, seem to have found a comfortable template and look intent on keeping to that until we all get bored.  Their main strengths are the production values—the artwork is frequently high quality and all the scenes are fully voiced.  Their main weaknesses are the game play—very bland JRPG mechanics with little depth.  Fortunately we’re not here for the game play.  The main appeal (to me anyway) is to see what bonkers craziness their monster girl characters get up to in the H scenes.

Which leads to the usual disclaimer: Violated Hero 5 is a hentai game and I won’t be censoring the nasty stuff as I don’t believe in that nonsense.  If you’re offended by such things or under the age of eighteen please bugger off now.  I don’t have any sympathy for people complaining about seeing nasty things after they’ve been explicitly warned they’re about to see nasty things.  The other disclaimer is a tedious age thing.  A common feature of Japanese monster girl hentai games is that the same character might be rendered to look anywhere from twelve to twenty-four depending on how pathetic/masculine they want them to appear for that scene.  For these games I generally assume the main character is a gormless dude just hitting adulthood (like me, years ago!) unless they make a big thing about it.  We’re here for the sexually dominant big-boobed monster girls.

With the boring disclaimers out of the way let’s start the game up.

Also boring, the title screen.  No sexy big-boobed monster girls on show and the demon throne room looks like the same artwork from the last game.

Onto the introduction.  The previous settings have been generic fantasy worlds with VH3’s feudal East Asia setting being the best.  This time around we’re into higher fantasy as there’s not one world but ten, each ruled over by a different monster girl boss.  Previous Violated Hero games have broken down into ten sub-boss monster girls and five more prominent monster characters that act as recurring characters.  I’m curious to see how this one will work as the boss of the 10th world looks like one of the more prominent characters rather than a sub-boss from the silhouette.

We start on the bottommost world, which appears to have a plant theme.

Ooh, nice artwork.  Very pretty.  That’s always been a strength of this series.

The hero’s name is Sion, but we’re going to call him Luka-clone the 5th because there are protocols to observe.  He’s hanging around treetop Hobbiton being gormless and pining for the heroic life when an angel called Ariel flies down and asks him to liberate the humans from their evil molesting monster girl overlords (what about the humans that like being sexually molested by super-sexy big-boobed monster girls, huh?).

I wouldn’t trust her, Luka-clone.  She’s an angel and angels are always evil in JRPGs.

Luka-clone asks her why he was picked out to be the chosen one to go fight the naughty (oh so naughty) monster girls.  Is it because she spotted the latent spark of heroism burning within him?

Nope, she had a ‘hunch’.

(I think she picked us out at random).

She gets very enthusiastic and then berates Luka-clone for not being enthusiastic about marching off to certain horrible death.  She sounds like an over-excitable Japanese game show host shouting Banzai! before pushing a hapless contestant into an embarrassing torture device masquerading as an assault course.

(I think she might be loopy)

Of course this could also be what passes for entertainment in monster girl land—pick out some gormless lad and throw him straight into the naughty tentacles of the nearest abomination for shit’n’giggles.  In which case I applaud your style, Ms Ariel.

Before we get going, here’s a little guide to help if you want to play along.

The game is in Japanese.  If we’re really lucky someone might make an English translation, but as the past translator of Violated Hero games, Dargoth, is currently buried in Sei Monmusu Gakuen, this might be a long wait.  I use AGTH as a text hooker with Translation Aggregator for the translating.  For more information, this forum on hongfire is very helpful.  Unfortunately Google translate appears to have blocked Translation Aggregator (would appreciate it if anyone knows a fix for this), so we can expect the machine translations to be even more erratic than normal.  Maybe I’ve used TA with dubious hentai games so often now Google has my IP tagged as a blackspot of utter depravity and must block me to preserve the sanity of their monitoring systems.

The game mechanics will be very familiar to anyone who’s played the previous two games.

Current world is displayed on the world map.  They all look themed with forest being the first theme.

Then in each world there are a number of locations to battle through.  In VH4 there was a boss at the end of each location.  In VH5 it looks like the boss is at the end of each world.

Each location consists of a short branching path.

We navigate it through this pseudo-3D screen (like Etrian Odyssey but with less maziness).  The box on the top left is our stats – HP, MP and how much XP to next level.  Arrows in the centre of the screen indicate direction choices.

The options on the bottom left are:

Map.  The bits we’ve explored and where we are (the levels aren’t very complicated—three trips is normally enough to step on every square.)

The status screen.  This breaks down to:

Our stats.  They correspond to HP, MP, Normal Attack, Normal Defence, Magic Attack, Magic Defence.  I don’t know which is which, but after a disastrous playthrough of VH3 that saw Luka-clone’s adventure cut short by placing all his eggs in the basket marked magic and then running headfirst into a boss with ridiculous magic defence, I’ll be spreading the points around evenly this time.

On the left hand side of the book are two options.  The top one currently leads to a blank screen, so I suspect that is for any special attacks I might pick up later.  The one below is the item screen.

Items have different icons this time around.  I still have no idea what they do other than the basic healing potions.

The book is a monsterpedia of defeated enemies.

Here you can go and perv over past conquests.

Back to the navigation screen and the 3rd option on the bottom right leads us to the same item screen we saw earlier.

Okay, that’s a rough guide on how to battle through the game with zero Japanese reading comprehension.  Part 2 is here.


  1. It's back! Always good to see comedic things from you, and at least the occassional VH monster girl is interested in a life-long loving relationship (so long as she can keep dominating the current Luka-cloen sexually).

  2. Nice :) I can suggest a few things here.

    If you are having trouble with AGTH I can suggest VN Reader :https://code.google.com/p/annot-player/
    This program uses machine translation and is constantly updated. You can also add your own subs on the text that you want to translate. The interface is also sweet, so I encourage you try it out. It supports many games and it has build a community. You need to be connected with your internet of course. Also it uses Bing as it's default website.

    Video Walkthrough :If you want to find ways to link your videos you can use daily motion and Hentai Tube to do so. Set your daily motion account to private and you are all set. Check Arrer's blog to get an idea. He has posted multiple walkthroughs with this method. Although to be honest there is a certain charm with doing a ''text walkthrough'' . I as well as others enjoy reading your commentary. If you however, tire at some point or want to try something different then yeah try it out.

    Onto the game itself : I personally invest in two things ( just like in VH 4). Normal attack, Magic attack. That is all you need for this game as well. Your damage will be high enough to finish the girls off. Don't be afraid to go glass cannon :)

    I lol'ed when you wrote ''Luka clone the 5th''. So true xD

  3. Oh yeah. You can use this translation website as well :http://livedoor-translate.naver.jp/
    This might further help you if copy from text hookers.

  4. I find hit points and ability points to be good investments too.

    Swing for the fences, MEH. We might be engaging off completely different things, but we often seem to have the same complaints.

  5. I think half the fun in reading these is just hearing about the game, and the other half is how hilarious you make it.

  6. If you manage to identify which is which, try focusing on defenses. It's a lot easier when your hero can take a lot of damage - tanks are always useful.

  7. welp....we all know how this song and dance is gonna go

    the day diesalmine does something original is faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar

  8. I have to agree with Jimmy, you make these walkthroughs engaging and funny.
    Much better than my own efforts at actually playing some of them when i can't read a bit of what is happening and end up with the ever-occurring "WTF just happen" moments.


  9. How to get the translate