Friday, April 16, 2010

Don't be too clever clever...

More competitions. This time Literotica's Earth Day competition. After missing the last couple of Lit comps and not really posting any new stories for a few months, I thought it was a good time to finish off the Earth Day story I failed to finish for last year. Inevitably, the short little 3,000 word story I envisaged mutated into this monstrosity. Inevitably, it's also receiving a battering in the score department.

Which shouldn't be a surprise. Normally I save the nastiest and straightup bizarre stories for the competitions. Why? Winning for me is whacking someone in the happysack when they weren't expecting a horror story. What can I say. I'm a little perverse.

But...I liked this one.

It was all clever clever stuff. Poe's Masque of the Red Death mixed in with environmental issues, a truly bizarre monster and maybe some allegory about mankind on the planet as a whole. And, and, and...what about the erotica?

Ah yeah.


Bad Horror-head.

Somebody on the MGU board gave it to me straight:

Not your best work. You made me hate the characters with a passion, and the monster just made me want to take a shower. There's a reason you're getting thrashed.

Yep. Clever clever is fine, but don't lose sight of people's expectations. Don't lose the 'erotic' in erotic horror.

But on the other hand it sounds like I did indeed whack people in their happysacks. So all is not lost :D.

Now where did Rosa and Verdé get to...


  1. Hi MEH. Long time reader, first time commenter here. I'm on my way to read the entry now, but I just want you to know that I enjoy your stories very much. Succubi give me a thrill, and so do other erotic creepy-crawlies like the ones from your "Hell World" series. Seeing you've put a new one up always makes your day a bit brighter.

    I know horror can get hammered on Lit, but that's just the way of things sometimes, especially for contests where people already have a preconceived idea of what they want. Just know that you do have those of us out there who like what you do very much.

    If I can make one request? I deeply, deeply enjoy the "monsters" like Nicole the succubus and the lamia massage therapist. Maybe I'm just a sucker for happy endings, but there's also something that fascinates me about monsters- predators- who are evil or at least malign by nature but are struggling to overcome that nature. All your stories are fun, but those actually make me think, and wish they were longer. So. Um. Please sir, may I have some more?

  2. Nicole and Amanda will return. I like to break things up and throw in a nice story from time to time. I have an idea for the next contest on Literotica (Nude day) I'm hoping will gel together in time. Or that I'll have the time to write it. Real life work is a big black hole when it comes to sucking up hours in the day.