Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Is a hard-bitten horror writer allowed to go Squeee!

The author copies of "A Succubus for Valentine's Day" came through today. There are few things better for a writer than to see their words in print so I love seeing the finished books. It'll be a while before this one's actually ready as the scheduled publication date from eXcessica is February next year (around Valentine's Day and a perfect antidote to Valentine's Day if you like your erotic tales with a bit more teeth).

Thankfully the CreateSpace glitch didn't activate this time and make the book available prematurely as with "A Succubus for Christmas" (apologies to anyone that fell foul of this), although it's a shame the books get tagged as "Limited Availability - Out of Print" on Amazon. Sort of makes them sound forgotten and past it, when in reality they're lying in wait to burst out on the world when the official publication date rolls around.

I'm still battling with the third collection - "A Succubus for Halloween". Real life keeps weighing in with the usual distractions. There's some absolute crackers lined up for this one - some seriously freaky ideas dredged from the black depths of my mind. The last couple are proving a little tricksy - setting one in the Byzantine era was probably a little too ambitious - but hopefully I'll have them finished and ready soon.

I haven't forgotten about Phil. As soon as I get the other stories out of the way I'll get back to the Succubus Summoning 201 arc.

So many ideas and I write with the speed of a clapped out tortoise... :(


  1. Congrats and really looking forwards to reading all of them!

  2. Can't wait! :)

  3. Thanks all. I hope they match expectations...

  4. This comment contains two doses of stupid. One: I can't work out your email or anything, so I decided to contact you here. Two, the payload: I don't know if I'm being extra thick today, but I can't seem to track down volumes one and two. I've read your stuff over on Eka's and I'm dead keen to own something hardcopy. Have I failed to find the Amazon links distributed liberally around your blog?

    Keep up the good work mate :)

  5. Hi, no, you've not missed any Amazon links. The books aren't officially out yet. "A Succubus for Christmas" is officially out on 22nd October. Rest assured, there will be much posting of Amazon/ebook publisher links from that day on ;)