Friday, October 01, 2010

Didn't anyone think this was likely to be a massive own goal...No pressure

These are the good people at the 10:10 campaign. They have an extremely admirable aim: Get everyone to reduce their carbon emissions by 10% in a year.

To help them do this they produced this little mini movie...



Once again the Green movement inserts foot in mouth, applies shotgun, pulls trigger.

The film will go viral, but I suspect it will be the deniers doing the spreading. It's fuel for their paranoia. "Look," they'll say. "It's as we told you. It's a con. It's an excuse for these people to get in and take control of YOUR life."

Maybe that was the aim. Maybe I'm suffering from a critical funny bone failure. I have a reasonable sense for horror though, and thinking about how this film will go down in a culture as fiercely individualistic as the USA has me watching through splayed fingers. Not going to be pretty, folks.


A massive own goal. With the goalkeeper and central defender both stretchered off with concussion.

Dear 10:10 peeps.

Here, take this story.

It features both porn and gratuitous violence. That'll tick the 'edgy' and 'controversial' boxes the media types are so fond of. It also raises the points you really need to be raising.

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