Sunday, November 15, 2015

Monster Girl Card Game - Brainstorming V

Previous Brainstorming - IIIIII, IV


Typing up thoughts on how draining would work as a resource mechanic gave me some ideas on how to implement a seduction mechanic.

A key part of the game is "capturing" neutral pieces (characters) from the central deck and using them to generate resources or influence.  Thematically this is represented by sending succubi out to bonk various targets into submission (and using that as an excuse to show lewd animations on a computer game!).

When I was first thinking of how the game might work, there were a couple of options on how to implement seduction.

One was to make it simple and instantaneous.  Succubus A has a Seduction stat, Soldier B has a Willpower stat.  If Seduction is higher the Willpower of the soldier goes for intensive nookie and brainwashing.

Another way is to make it longer - Willpower starts off high and the Succubus keeps adding a number of seduction counters every turn until the resistance is beaten.

Then I thought about the randomisation mechanic I came up with last time for draining and thought it might also work here.  With a tweak.  For draining, the energy generated was a simple numerical value.  For seduction we might want to make the type of value important (in the same way playing cards have both a suit and numerical value).

For our game the "suits" could be represented by kinks (or type of lover).

For example:

Heart - Cute, Friendly, Loving (or at least able to act that way)
Whip/Hancuffs - Dominatrix
??? - Exotic, Sensual
??? - Filthy whore (Crude, nasty and very sexy about it)
Fist - Physical, likes to overpower with muscle

Checking out the various online kink maps might help to cover the range here.  Loving and Dominatrix seem good cats, the others not so.  Loving + various femdom types (bondage, wrestling, pain, smothering) is also a possibility as succubi (and monster girls in general) fit well with various femdom kinks.

Another possibility could be attributes - representing what sends the target a-quiver and what the succubus possesses in abundance.

For example:


We could use either or even both.  Maybe one is a prerequisite required before a target can be seduced.  The other is a measure of whether the seduction succeeds or fails.

Thinking about it with an example.

[Soldier] has a seduction requirement of 4 Hearts.

The simple way to implement this is a player captures the card with any Succubus with 4 Hearts in seduction rating.

We can also have item or spell cards to boost the seduction power of summoned succubi.  [Lesser Cute Succubus (2 Hearts)] + [Aphrodisiac Lipstick (+2 Hearts)] can seduce and capture [Soldier (4 Hearts)].

If we want to add a little randomness each succubus can have a seduction rating that determines how many cards they reveal (as with the drain mechanic).  This time only symbols of the correct type (it could be the card cost or some other attribute) count.  We can still have the other stuff, representing in how specialised the succubus is in different kinks.


[Soldier (Hearts: 4)]
[Weak Cute Succubus (Seduction Rating: 2, Base Hearts: 1)]

[Weak Cute Succubus] starts at a base of 1 Hearts and they reveal 2 cards when attempting to seduce.  If those 2 cards contain 3 Heart symbols the seduction succeeds.  Otherwise they have to try again next turn.

One way this random element might make things fun is it allows players to contest the same character without the outcome being certain.  This gives some needed interaction and could work like this:

- Player A sends his [Weak Succubus] after [Soldier A]
- Player B sends his [Moderate Succubus] after [Soldier A]
- They both take it in turns playing face down boosts.
- Boosts are revealed.
- Players reveal cards from deck equal to their succubus's seduction rating and adds the number of required symbols revealed to the seduction total.
- If neither total passes [Soldier A] requirement, neither player gets card.
- Otherwise, player with highest total gets [Soldier A]

While the revealing cards off deck part adds a random element, it is a random element the player has control over.  They build their deck and can stack it in favour of one kink (suit).  This means they will be more likely to hit symbols of that kink, but will have a much harder time capturing characters with different seduction requirements.

The seduction requirements might not always be positive.  A character might like one attribute, but dislike another.  When counting up the total seduction value, the number of disliked symbols revealed are subtracted rather than added to the score.

Hmm, some possibilities here.


  1. I'm liking your thinking here!

  2. This looks promising. I always wanted to make my own card game but never came up with a solid gameplay. There are too many things to worry about if you don't want to mess up.

    I know you said you don't like dice and luck-based mechanics, but it would be nice if those appeared in very rare occasions. Like some kind of stalemate where each player picks up, say, three cards, your opponent chooses one of your cards. Both players reveal the card the opponent chose and the one with the higher value gives the owner some kind of advantage.

    Sorry if I wasn't clear enough, English is not my first language. Good luck with your card game and your stories.