Monday, August 31, 2020

New H-space Short Story for patrons - "A Sweet and Deadly Taste of Milk"

 A squad of soldiers investigates a mysterious Japanese castle transplanted out into the middle of H-space.  There are reports of a mysterious woman roaming the walls.

This is the other H-space story with a lactation/breastfeeding theme I had in progress.  It's quite long at 7K words, but more where I want the H-space stories to be in future.  (When the bestiary entries are fleshed out into full stories in their own right).

It's restricted to patrons at the moment and can be found here:

A Sweet and Deadly Taste of Milk

As with all the Patreon-exclusive stories, I am planning to put them in Amazon collections at some point further down the line.  I suspect I have enough for a collection or two now and Excessica probably want to know if I'm still alive.  Watch this space.

In the meantime, I don't want people to feel left out.  I have an idea for Literotica's current Summer Story contest and I'm hoping I can get that written in time.

As for House of Hellish Harlots, that isn't abandoned.  I just needed to take a break and work on some regular stories.  After the contest story is done, I'm planning to get back to work on that.

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  1. Good to hear from you, was wondering what you'd been up to! I'll look forward to the HoHH update eventually. Also, did you see the Paradox update that's coming later in September? TTR's doing a sizable crossover with 7 other monster-girl games, including Succubus Prison, SHRIFT, and Three Charms. Should definitely be interesting to see how they get incorporated into Paradox.