Monday, March 21, 2011

A new manyeyedhydra mini-serial starting here!

It’s time to try and boost readership of this blog. Plus I haven’t posted any original stories up on the internet for a while. A while back someone asked for a bone. Well my friend, here’s a nice juicy one for ya.

I have an ulterior motive for this (besides the obvious if-you-like-this-then-go-buy-my-books). There’s a short story I’ve been working on since Christmas that keeps juddering to a halt. By breaking it up into nice bite-sized chunks and posting them up here, I might start to feel enough deadline pressure to get the damn thing finished. Readers baying for new chapters often has that effect.

Er, Succubus Summoning 201. Shhhh!

The story will start proper next Sunday, but in the meantime here’s an introduction to whet the appetite. It goes without saying all work is copyright me (as in M.E. Hydra). Reproduce it elsewhere and I’ll send Nÿte round to tear out your twitching soul. Also, if you happen to have found your way here despite being less than eighteen years old, please leave now. You might be safe for the first chapter or so, but sooner or later the story will head off into areas that will make your hormone-riddled brain implode and I really don’t want to be landed with the clean-up bill.


* * * *

Locked in with a Succubus

A phone rang in an innocuous little terraced townhouse. It was answered by an extremely attractive woman in a chic white fur coat.

“What do you want, Inari?”

The woman seemed irritated by the intrusion.

“Why me? I told you I don’t want to get involved. I’m not one of your game pieces.”

The girl paced. Her delicate nostrils flared with anger.


The girl paused. Suspicion and anger gave way to surprise.

“Really? How old?”

She heard the answer. Her full red lips curled up in a predatory smile. Her cheeks flushed bright red.


To be continued...


  1. "Reproduce it elsewhere and I’ll send Nÿte round to tear out your twitching soul."

    Be careful; this might have the opposite effect you intend.

  2. Hey there Hydra,

    A few weeks ago I discovered Literotica , and so I found your stories aswell , let's just in the last few weeks 1 part of my body was a bit more sore then usual ;) . I just wanted to say THNX! for the awsome stories , I found out that I'm not the only 1 out there with these kind of fetishes .

    My question to you (or any other readers of your blog )is , do you know any other Authors with stories like yours (monster girl/femdom-ish stories ) or just general f/m forced sex (with bondage if possible )?

    Anyway Im thinking of buying your last book and if you could help me with this I'l buy it 100 % :P

    keep up the stories!

    - A new fan.

  3. mjm202036's Lustful Summoning and Succubus Ranch series had a big influence on me. Tell you what, I'll make my next blogpost on Wednesday a list of links to similar authors.

  4. Thnx for the fast reply , and yeh I've read the those allready :( , found Garden of Hellish Delights aswell , its like a extended version of your garden scene from Succubus Summoning 108 , also seen Cemetery Summons , its a 29 part series with lots of succubi action ,

    anyway cant wait till your new post ;)