Tuesday, July 12, 2011

All your fetish are belong to me

Fellow eXcessica writer, Dr Mabeuse, posted a link to this interesting little fetish map in the Literotica forums.

Here’s the original location. (At a size where it might actually be possible to read it!)

It’s quite an educational little diagram. The fun part is working out which fetishes I’ve already covered in stories and which I plan on covering in the future.

I think I might have been playing a little too much Civilization IV recently. I see a map and the first instinct is to work out how to conquer it. Hmm, so I start in Demon with my Succubus harem. S/M’s easy. I’ll leave NĂ¿te and Physalia to run that one. Various soapy massage type stories give me a route into Messy Fun. My lovely Naga, Amanda, is quite partial to a little bit of Breath Play. From there we’ll take the strategically important Vore, and that will…

Yeah, I should probably cut back on the Civ.


  1. Not a chance you can made "hand stuck" a central image in a story. Yes, that's a dare :P

    What's the key? I've been trying to work it out and got nowhere. From what I can see someone had some extra Mars and Venus signs and decided to sprinkle them liberally over tha map, with crosses for decoration.

  2. 'Hand Stuck' is surprisingly easy. "The succubus with sticky skin." Man places hand on breast or ass of sexy girl and then finds he can't pull it away. The manga/anime 'Basilisk' has scene featuring this where a ninja girl has the power to absorb her victim's blood through the skin.

    I'm not sure what the key or symbols are either. Nice little resource, though.