Saturday, July 28, 2012

A Succubus for Freedom: We have a cover!

Tentatively, I also have a date, which is next Friday (August 3rd). I'm just waiting for confirmation on that. It will either be that or the 17th. These vagaries happen when writers write too slowly and miss their scheduled slots. :)

I'll post a more detailed follow-up including the full story list as soon as I have confirmation.


  1. Looks great! Who does your cover art?

    1. My brother, with some input from me. My photoshop skills are a little rusty. We did this one and Succubus Summoning 101.

      The previous ones were done by people at eXcessica. I'm hoping we can maintain the same standards! :)

    2. Got to say I love the Succubus Summoning 101 cover, definitely adore the D&D 3.5 edition inspiration of the design. Keep up the great work :D