Saturday, August 04, 2012

A Succubus for Freedom: Out Now!

You can’t escape . . . You won’t want to escape . . .

Succubi and other monstrous femme fatales abound in M.E. Hydra’s fourth collection of wild, warped and wickedly dark erotica. Lie back and enjoy as alluring sirens ensnare helpless prey in thirteen weird tales of sex and horror. They'll give you pleasures beyond your wildest dreams, and terrors beyond your darkest nightmares . . .

Here's the full list of the stories:

A Succubus for Freedom
Guard Duty
Don't Fuck the Flowers
The Biggest Tits in the World
A Night at McHooligans
Barbarian vs. Succubus
Onychophoral Dreams (The Soul Worm II)
Naga Massage Review
Come on the Candle
What Bad Boys Get For Christmas
Riding the Medusa
Locked in with a Succubus

Some of the titles will be familiar, but I managed to boost the original story content up to nearly half. Six of the stories are brand new and only appear in this book. I also modified a couple. "Locked in with a Succubus" should now have an ending that makes more sense. "The Biggest Tits in the World" is actually my lowest rated Lit story, partly because of some scale issues in what happens. No problem - Lovecraftian Geometry to the rescue!

The six brand new stories feature the stone tablet succubus being thoroughly evil in a hefty 11K word novella (if you like your demon girls BAD, you'll really enjoy this), the Robert E Howard 'Conan' homage I mentioned in previous posts, something a little experimental with some lush descriptions of hell, an odd succubus summoning rite with candles and smoke, and two Hell-space stories featuring some bizarre (and sexy) monster girls.

Why are the chapters for "Locked in with a Succubus" alternating with the other stories instead of in one place?
Originally it was a weekly serial and I wanted to preserve that feeling of having a 'pause' between each chapter. It's one of those things that might work or could suck. It wouldn't be any fun being independent if I couldn't do the odd bit of experimental craziness now and again...

The book can be found on amazon, and in amazon UK (where no one actually reads me, which is ironic considering they're the only people that might understand some of my more obscurer references! :) ). It's also on B&N, smashwords and also directly from eXcessica's own site. I even put it on various romance fiction sites, because that's where we upload books, although I pity the poor person downloading it in search of fuzzy paranormal romance.

I hope everyone enjoys it anyway. Sorry it was so late coming out. It does mean I can now finally get back to Succubus Summoning 201, another project I've fallen a little (okay a lot!) behind on. I would love for people to leave reviews, but appreciate that amazon's insistence on real names might make that unappealing for some people. Please feel free to let me know what you think in the comments below or even email me directly at The same for any suggestions. I can't guarantee I can satisfy all of them, but I don't mind tweaking scenarios to cater to specific fetishes (especially ones I haven't got around to covering yet) or even tweaking character descriptions if there's someone/thing you'd like to see in a story.


  1. Personally, I like the sort of stories where the victim ends up a monster after your wicked seductress has her way with them. You've done a few but I'd definitely like to see more.

    1. True, I've neglected that type of ending since the early Hell-space stories of "Coils of Aenictia" and "Initial Infiltration". I'll see if I can fix that in the future. ;)

    2. Ah yes...and what about that poor knight who confronted the succubus in the tower I want to see what happens when that succubus is done corrupting his soul. And yes, more Hell-space stories please they are quite enjoyable - wouldn't be opposed to seeing a full length novel set there.

  2. I'm definitely a fan of how you play with your stories and particularly like the Succubus Summoning. I imagine it wont come out perfect, but that is what feedback can do prior to publishing. :-)

    Anyway, one area I'd love to see you explore is trying to write from the Succubus's first person perspective, it'd be an awesome challenge, because along with the sexiness of it is the chance to do a lot of backstory on the enigmatic demonness. I saw PlasticJane on Lit try it and while it was good, though I think your ability to build up and play with the fate of characters would make for an excellent story or series from that perspective.

    1. It's actually one of my pet hates. The moment a writer starts writing from a non-human perspective it takes away the character's mystery. It's unfortunate for me because paranormal books that write from the vampire and werewolf perspective are enormously popular, but it's not something I like. Get it correct and the perspective is too alien for anyone to follow. Get it wrong and it's 'Look at my new vamp or werewolf superpowers, ma!' Richelle Mead does a reasonable job in her succubus books, but her main character still felt like a typical chick-flick protagonist that happens to have succubus-flavoured superpowers. Although saying that, Exile in the new book isn't exactly written with a human PoV. Hmm, not something I'm going to rule out, but I'll only do it if I think I can do it in a way that works (and it would give me an excuse to write that Nicole novel :D )

    2. Fair points all around, superhero/villain writing is often contrived. If you put your mind to it, I'm sure you can find the right blend of alien and humanness.

    3. Possibly, but I worry I might make it come out too cold and business-like. From the succubus perspective it's milking a cow rather than great sex. That's not to say they wouldn't enjoy it, Nicole clearly enjoyed feeding off George in Locked in, but that enjoyment might be too alien to maintain the eroticism. It's something I might think about. I do have some longer (novel/series) ideas where the relationship is a little more than sex-for-feeding. I suspect part of it is my fear of attempting to write from a female perspective and making a complete and utter hash of it. :)

    4. I think you can get around the 'milking the cow' problem by explaining the succubus's knowledge of her effects on her victim. She does such-and-such because she knows it'll feel a certain way, or produce a certain emotional response, or whatever. In other words, you can still give us the human side of the story in virtue of the fact that the succubus probably understands human psychology better than humans do.

      I think it would be pretty cool to get a sense of how easily and casually a succubus can work a human like a puppet. "Just another day at the office. I shattered a man's mind by subjecting him to brain-bending pleasure. No biggie."

    5. Hmm. I will have a think on this. Maybe try out something short and experimental first.

  3. I kinda want to see some of the ones that we've only seen briefly or that have only been mentioned in earlier stories, like the fire spirits that Rosa summoned in her chambers in Succubus Summoning, or what Melacetia would do with a guy if she *wasn't* restricted to using her "spirit self".

    1. That's a good point. I don't think Melacetia is going to stay in that cage forever... ;)

    2. Oh - and I *definitely* want to see what's going to happen next with the Foam Succubus. That looks like it's going somewhere interesting.