Saturday, February 04, 2017

Updates for February

It's February.  I was hoping to kick off this weekend with a new H-space story and profile.  The story isn't quite ready, so I'm going to put that back to next week.  The reason it's not ready is I've found a nice novel idea to run with.  It was originally going to be a mini-series for another publishing platform, but I was never able to find time to write it last year.  The last couple of weeks I found some enthusiasm for that story and it seems to have legs at the moment.

I'm not going to give any more details as my enthusiasm on writing projects tends to wax and wane fairly randomly.  After a scratchy last year where I tried to push things when I didn't have enthusiasm for them, I'm going to embrace ChaosWriting a little harder this year.  Basically, if I have enthusiasm for a particular project, I hammer the hell out of it and try to get down as many words as possible as quickly as possible.

So nothing concrete there yet, but if it continues to be promising, expect introductions to some sexy new succubus characters in a few months time.

Because I saw some comments asking for it, here are the other things that are currently at the top of my writing TODO list.  Nothing is guaranteed here, you all know how sketchy I am at keeping to solid schedules by now.

Sandwiched by
This was supposed to be a monthly thing ran over a year.  I was thinking of restarting from January, but then decided the best was to get back to the monthly schedule (or rather get them done far enough in advance that I can keep to the monthly schedule).  Sandwiched by Stomachs was the planned fifth instalment, so May is the tentative target for that one.

The reason I want to get into habit of getting one out a month is because Okasare Kenny was originally intended to be a series of novellas spread over a year - but I ain't doing that unless I'm confident it won't stall and slip behind schedule.  If I finally sort my unreliability out, expect that for 2018.

Succubus Summoning 301
This is the second novel I want to get done this year.  I have a rough idea of the first couple of chapters and initial plot point to resolve (the one left dangling from 201), but not the rest as of yet.  The second half of this year is where I want to get this up and running again.  I haven't decided whether to post the chapters on Literotica, but given that 201 (and 101) is still selling quite well on Amazon, I don't think it hurts to post the series online first.

H-Space Monster Girl Bestiary
I still don't have a clue on how to get any money from these stories, but as long as the other books are selling well, that will keep me going until I figure out how to best convert these into a nice book form.  I missed my schedule for this weekend thanks to a lingering bit of winter illness crud and various other distractions.  I think my best strategy for these is to write them in bursts when I get the inspiration, but post them no frequently than every two weeks.  I was going to post a story that reveals some of Bate's background, but people seem to be enjoying coming up with theories to explain what's going on, so I'll hold on that for a little longer.  It also gives me more of a chance to get the story right.  And I really want to get this story right.

Next Short Story Collection
I'm about due to put out one of these.  The main problem is that short story collections sell abysmally and I haven't been writing 5K word short stories of late.  This is something I want to fix at some point if only to start getting a few contest entries up on Literotica again.

Also, once you go past Christmas, Valentine's Day and Halloween, it gets a little awkward to maintain the naming and have a story to match.

(I was thinking of having some fun and writing A Succubus for Social Justice and lampooning everyone's favourite online idiots.  Things are a little too heated now, though.  I'm a middle-of-the-road apolitical kind of guy, and I'd like to stay that way.)

There are other reasons why I want to get the collections moving again, and it also links up with the H-space bestiary.  This one will probably have to wait a while though.

Mystery Nicole Novel
aka the novel I thought I'd be writing for the first part of this year.  The idea is still good and as soon as I've got the enthusiasm back I'll be back to writing one of the hottest sex scenes I've ever thought off (Nicole + friend, one lucky guy).

Jackson in HRPG-World
I have half of a novel here.  I really should write the four other stories (and additional shorts) and make it into a book so I can make some lovely sweet cash.  That world is also decidedly less grimdark than H-space (so far...).  I don't know why I keep not getting around to writing Jackson in HRPG-World 5.  I'll probably bounce to this if everything else gets gummed up.

And that's sort of a rough plan of what I think I'm going to be writing this year.

I say rough plan.  I'm just as likely to suddenly have a really cool idea and suddenly hare off and write that for a month or so.  I'm not the most consistent on these things, but as long as new stories/chapters keep rolling off the production line I'm happy - and we could definitely do with a few more of those after a slow start to 2017!


  1. Everything you've described sounds good to me (of course, I have my preferences, so some things sound better to than others, same as anybody else. )

    Hope your muses co-operate with you and give you what you need and want when you need and want it... instead of when you're not ready for it. I hate it when that happens.

  2. I really hope you one day write a story about how Succubi reproduce and continue the growth of their race and whether there is some kind of Queen Succubus we haven't seen yet with powers that eclipse the other denizens under her command.

    1. I agree. I wanted to know how Succubus biology works.

  3. Totaly off topic I know but have you ever considered experimenting with succuborgs?

    Sexy half demoness / half machine hotties. Yay.

    1. Actually that what I'm planning. On doing with my Carnal Machina

    2. Very intriguing. More information please :-)

    3. Sorry for the Wait Zen. Right now I only have one picture. And one Story. There will be more on the way.

  4. Could you ever do a tentacle monster vs succubus story? Maybe have it be part of the H-Space series where human scientists have capture both and are trying to observe if the tentacle monsters are predators of succubi. Basically trying to weaponize some of the more "bestial" HINDIGs.

  5. Hydra, have you considered a novel-in-stories idea for the H-Space bestiary? You could easily tie together the stories with a few overarching plots, and use the actual intelligence briefings as a glossary at the end of the book.

    Just an idea!

  6. I am happy to see SS 301 is coming out sooner and I absolutely plan on buying it when it comes out. That being said I would rather wait til your heart is in it so it can have the best plot and smooth transitions that yo put into the previous 2 books. Quality over quantity. I look forward to reading your future writing and am really glad to have found this blog and you as an author.

  7. I think that it's a writer's nature to be open to surprises and get ''hit'' with new ideas or inspirations, therefore these rough plans are kinda expected :) The important thing is that Hydra has a variety of choices and is not experiencing any writer's block situations.

    I am also looking forward to your future writings.