Thursday, March 26, 2020

House of Hellish Harlots ver0.010 out!

Full details are over on my Patreon.

"House of Hellish Harlots" is the sexy text adventure game I've been working on over the past few months.  Currently, the main game loop, 3 NPCs and 11 sexy succubus/monster girl harlots have been implemented.

This release was originally meant to be a "mechanics"-only release after I tidied up a lot of code under the hood.  Then I decided to add Boobella's scenario (Yep, it's this Boobella) and a couple of extra scenes for Anna Boa and Suffocatrix Mamilla.

Yes, it is Patron-exclusive at the moment (a guy's gotta pay his bills).  However, I now have a roadmap in place and my plan is to put out a proper public beta version when all the NPCs are implemented and I've edited the old intro to match the new version.


  1. Hey Hydra. I know this is quite random, but I had a dream about having a succubus wife, and it was a whole sweet vanilla fantasy and stuff.

    Then an NTR protagonist came along, and short version, he ended up dryfished, to the words "you might have a good dick, but that just means you're a nice snack. I'm sure my husband will appreciate your energy. Unfortunately for you, it turns out that there is nothing more delicious than love"".

    She then told me what happend, I was like what the fuck, she gave me his energy, it felt weird but good, I asked her please don't do it again regardless.

    A key part of this dream was that she was capable of literally feeding off of love, and that it was far tastier/fulfilling than anything else, and I was inspired to write up what turned into something kinda like an encyclopedia entry on what succubi raised by a loving couple in such a setting might be like. I was wondering what you might make of it, here's the google docs link:

    Feel free to pilfer it for ideas.

    1. Hell, if you want, you can make a post commenting on it, and what you think. I'm sure there's something in there you'd find interesting, or be able to use.