Friday, November 20, 2020

Another Look At: Monster Girl Dreams

I blogged about this game last year, then forgot about it for a while.  It was while checking out some other H-games I remembered it and decided to take a look at how it has been developing.

Very promising, I'm delighted to say.

Monster Girl Dreams is an RPG battlefucker.  It's currently being developed by Threshold and you can find both the game and their Patreon here.

You play a hero that sails off to a land to fight the demon queen, only to find out when he gets there that the land is covered with an enchantment that prevents regular combat and 'fighting' is about fucking sexy monster girls and succubi into submission (or the other way around, if you just wanna have sexy fun times).

It's fairly light-hearted.  Even if you lose, the monster girls and succubi get to have fun with you for a little bit in a pseudo Bad End before you're yanked back to the church in town.

It's still mostly text-based, but what's changed since I last looked is that nearly all the characters have artwork now.  Even though it's just character sprites rather than CGI h-scenes, it does add a lot and they complement the writing well.

Currently the game is unfinished, but has plenty of content.  There are five locations to explore, plenty of side quests and sexy encounters galore.

"Your fetish for hot ninja succubi has intensified"

What makes it stand out to me is the battlefuck combat, and I think this is largely down to the stances system.  Similar to Monster Girl Quest, each of your succubi/monster girl opponents will try to wear down your resistance with a battery of pleasure attacks, but it expands on that with a variety of sex stances that either the player or succubus can lock their opponent into.  This then opens up further sexy moves while in that stance.  It's similar to Succubus Rhapsodia, but without the nuisance cursor-pressing mini-game.  As with Shrift, the most enjoyable 'fights' are those where the monster girl/succubus gradually gets more and more control over the player until they finally succumb to bliss.

Of the encounters, the ninja succubus Shizu is still a favourite.  She's supposedly a masochist, but that probably won't be apparent while she's busily fucking you into submission with a whole smorgasbord of erotic moves designed to drain both will and energy.  In her boss fight she creates two clones to triple the sexy fun.

Another one I really liked was the blue oni, Mizuko, which surprised me as oni are usually a meh monster girl for me.  She's all about hypnotising you with her gorgeous booty and I found that fight pretty sexy as she uses her ass and then anal sex to melt the player's will away.

Defeated by dat booty

Now onto the criticisms and suggestions.

One obvious area of improvement would be to add Bad End H-scene artwork and change the character sprites to give a visual representation of the various stances.  I also think this might be too resource-intensive to be practical.  Similar to Succubus Rhapsodia, there are fights with multiple succubi that usually end up with a variety of stance combos (face sit + sex, boob smother + paizuri, etc).  Representing all that visually would require commissioning a shit-ton of different art, so I wouldn't really expect it in this case.  The text descriptions plus character sprites are already fine.  Anything on top of that would be a bonus.

Other things I wouldn't mind seeing are various quality of life improvements to the interface.  Inventory management is a little fiddly at the moment.  Area exploration uses a 'string of beads' system in that the player travels through a series of encounters and events in sequence (fixed at first and the pre-selected by the player and randomised for subsequent runs after defeating the boss).  It would be nice to see this represented visually (something like Slay the Spire's map or even as simple as what some of the later Violated Hero games did).  Whether it would be practical to do these things I don't know.  I'm guessing the game is being developed on a visual novel creator (Ren'py?) and there are probably limitations as to what can be done with the engine.

Overall, seems pretty damn promising at the moment.  I look forward to catching up with the game again further down the line as more content is added.

(I also need to get off my ass and get my own game project, House of Hellish Harlots, moving again!)


  1. Man:"Sorry, but its No Nut November. No sex at all, so would you succubi just leave me alone?"

    Every succubus that Many Eyed Hydra has ever created: "Who said you had a choice you yummy human?" *pounces on him*

    Love the reviews for the monster girl games, but I am surprised you didn't make a one shot on No Nut November.

  2. Funnily enough, I just finished playing this a week ago. Strange to see you mention it here.

    Agreed on your point about the art - other than a few rare exceptions it doesn't reflect changes in battle or h-scenes, but it's understandable that they don't have the resources for that.

    Who was your favourite? I'm a fan of the sheep maid and the 5-tongue abomination.

    On another subject - have you ever played succubus covenant? It seems right up your alley.

  3. I've been playing this still stuck trying to get past the dual Oni with weakness to Trance fight. It's a doozy. Also the succubus queen in the one temple on her higher difficulty fights.

  4. This game has an android version too! Just FYI. Convenient if you don't have access to a full computer for any reason, and doesn't affect gameplay too much either.

  5. This game is not bad, but I think the developers missed the mark regarding the monster girl fetish. In this game, monster girls like to have lots of sex and they exhaust you, but that's it. Like dating a nymphomaniac. I think the fetish only really works, if you come to a bad end when you lose. Death, slavery, mind break, enfeeblement, etc. The developers see this as a bridge too far. Other developers see a male protagonist as a bridge too far. Let monster girls be monsters. Let a succubus be a demon. She didn't come from Hell to show us a good time.