Thursday, March 16, 2023

New(ish) Short Story for Patrons: A Comfy Pink Cushionblob

I've just put out a new(ish) H-space monster girl story for Patreon and SubscribeStar.

One of my current ongoing projects is to take the old H-space Bestiary shorts (you can find them on here if you go back far enough) and spruce them up into "proper" short stories.  This is the "Pink Cushionblob" story.  In this case the new part might apply more than the ish part.  The original was the 3rd in the H-space Bestiary series and barely 1,500 words.  The new one is three times that.  I've bumped up the background lore and aspects of (this) Bate's character.  I also extended the sex scene.

The original was originally in the low priority bucket.  The first few Bestiary shorts don't give me a lot to work with and I'd used a pink cushionblob slime girl already in the Volumpula CYOA.  (And a story I've had stuck in progress for a long while also features one.)

It was a little fiddly to update, almost being a complete rewrite.

Yes, it is currently paywalled on Patreon/SubscribeStar.  Writer have to pay bills.

I've updated a few of these now, with more on the way, so there is a decent chance they will be collected together into a themed ebook collection at some point.

Anyway, new(ish) story "A Comfy Pink Cushionblob".


  1. Awesome to see you working on the H Space stories. I also think its funny that the Anons think persuading succubi with food is going to stop them. I can imagine something like this happening between Verde or any of her sisters:

    Man: Verde you don't have to eat me, we can go out for pizza. Yes I know we humans eat pig and all, but its different because they are wild animals and we humans are civilized, created nations and tech-"

    Verde: *giggles* Humans, always thinking your special and unique. You are part of the food chain like any other creature in the universe, you can't handle knowing there are things out there that have a human diet and want to sink their teeth in succulent human flesh and souls. I don't want your pizza *steps towards the man licking her lips* your my pizza.

    What about the other succubi Hydra? If the man said that to Nyte, Nurse Honey, Rosa, and Cerluea, would their answer be the same?

    Also does Cerluea prey on any humans that she encounters? She doesn't seem that aggressive in chasing down prey like Rosa or Verde.

    1. They're probably going to eat him. :D

      Cerulea is similar to the others and different. I have some backstory written down for her and story ideas to show it, just haven't got around to writing them.

      A fun thing would be what happens if the human presents another human as food first. That would probably work with a lot of succubi. It's probably something characters like Koontz do. A properly fed succubus might be fine with "regular/safe" sex afterwards, but it would probably still be very risky (and very shitty from a morality perspective).

  2. The H Space one shots are cool, but it would be awesome if you gave the SS 101 crew some one shots as well. I got four ideas:

    1: A follow up to Halloween Nyte were Nyte takes the warlock back home with her for more "fun" with him.

    2. A one shot about Verde hunting a normal human man that is wandering around her garden, having being transported to Hell by having any intense wet dream.

    3. The one shot about the doomed warlock who accidently teleported to the castle when Verde, Rosa, Nurse Honey etc were all in heat.

    4. A one shot about Cerluea encountering a random human in her domain and using an attractive adult form to seduce the man.

    1. I already have 1) pencilled in as a future chapter (it's very bad for the warlock. so bad I might have problems putting it up on Literotica).

      2) The Verde one-shot that never got completed was a lot nicer in idea. If I was going to run with the hunting idea, it would likely be a H-space cross-over where a squad gets picked off by the various plants and Verde gets the lone survivor. By succubus standards she is a bit of a softy, so she might even let the last one go (after fucking his brains out).

      3) That could be fun. It could even be a fun game idea where the protagonist has to survive until the conjunction ends.

      4) Cerulea is the trickiest to write. There are aspects of her back story I planned out years ago, which tend to veer off into "heavy" territory. Letting one of her more adult forms have fun could be fun to write.

  3. With all this talk about Power Scaling, I hope that Hydra doesn't succumb to Power Creep. We are here for sexy femdom succubi and monster girls dominating men. I don't want to read about a succubus draining the souls of a whole human city in seconds and than blowing up the moon.

    Also I looked on the Versus Battle wiki that talks about Power Scales and Tiers and Hydra's succubi tend to fall under 10-B (Human Level) to 9-A (Small Building Level). Hydra is right that if succubi can have any power, then they would be just like the Twilight vampires where they can do anything and stop being vampire like.

    Corene from "A Proud Male Feminist Gets Creamed" is definitely 10-B (Human Level) as she herself admitted that she isn't a strong demon and the human serial killer could have easily pummeled her.

    Rosa from Succubus Summoning 101 definitely falls under 9-A (Small Building). Her most impressive feats of strength was she destroying the pub with a fire spell.

    Without her fire magic, Rosa is reduced to 9-B (Superhuman) as she can pick up and carry Phil with ease, but her most impressive feats is kicking and punching her wargen pet, a monstrous creature into submission.

    With Cerluea? Its hard to say. Might be a City Level (7-B) or Planet level (5-A) threat given at how Hydra doesn't want to reveal what she truly is and that stepping on Earth will be terrible for everyone.

    I think she isn't a succubus. Cerluea is probably a cosmic demonic god that poses as a succubus.

    1. The succubi are fairly powerful, but I think it's fairly important when magic is involved to try and keep things grounded. Too easy to introduce something that would clearly break the universe.

      Corene is correctly about human level. Most low-level succubi would be around here. If their charm magic fails, they're probably outmatched physically depending on the human. They do have better regenerative capabilities and can suck up more punishment, which I might use as a plot point in the future.

      Rosa is very adept at fire magic. Verde has access to a sort of plant force. Both can be quite destructive if the situation calls for it.

      Cerulea is a lust daemon from the Dominion of Lust. That, however, encompasses a very wide range of entities.

  4. I looked up the website and it is quite interesting to see the Tiers and Scales of characters. Since Nyte is my favorite succubus, I’m going to do an analysis on her. Yes, I’m obsessed with her, don’t judge me ya’ll. I love Morrigan from Darkstalkers, but I just find Nyte charming.

    This is Part 1

    Let’s measure what are Nyte’s abilities:

    Succubus Aura (can make others, especially humans horny by her mere presence and can even give off a sweet smell. Nyte’s aura is quite strong, making Phil that was covered in blood, was scared, and not interested in sex suddenly want to bang her after she killed Joey Chalk)

    Dread Presence (can give off an intimidating aura that can cow not just humans, but even daemons as well, as she scared off Boobella, another succubus with her presence alone and even made a wrath daemon scared of her)

    Limited Shapeshifting (can alter her appearance just like all succubi, as explained by Verde as most succubi can change the look of their face and body to increase their seduction power towards a type of man)

    Sex Magic (because she’s a succubus, she can utilize sex magic and can gain power from humans feeling horny, and gain energy and sustenance from the semen of men)

    Flight (because she has wings, she can fly like any other succubus)

    Shadow Manipulation (Nyte can manipulate the darkness and shadows at will, whether summoning “shadow rope” to bind Phil during the sex orgy, manipulating the shadowy lust daemons when she and Phil were together in the dark tunnel after she killed Joey Chalk, or to teleport and camouflage with the shadow; this was displayed by Nyte suddenly appearing in the human dude’s dorm while Boobella was screwing him and neither her and him didn’t see or hear Nyte walk into the room)

    Soul Eating/Draining (can gain power and fuel from eating a human soul)

  5. Part 2
    Now onto physical power:

    Lifting Strength: In Halloween Nyte, Nyte not just overpowered a grown man that was in shape, she easily lifted him up with one arm and body slammed him. This easily puts her at Superhuman Class 1. Could be higher since she did it with ease.

    Striking Strength: Nyte tore apart Joey Chalk with her bare hands effortlessly. This puts her at Wall Level (9-B). Could be higher since she did it with ease.

    Durability: +Way Above Superhuman, could be Large Building Level (High 8-C) as Nyte can take a lot of punishment not just because she is a tough demoness, but her being a big masochist gives her extra durability and pain tolerance. She was given a shock collar meant to damage and fry her spinal cord and paralyze her, but did nothing against her and only turned her on, even when she was getting second to third degree burns from the collar covering her neck and some on her face, it still didn’t faze her. Then there was time she was “playing” with Verde, Verde was hitting her with a poisonous acid whip that can melt flesh and all it did was turn her on)

    Intelligence: Given the fact that she is a demon that is centuries old and is stated to be older than Rosa and Verde and is quite cunning, Nyte falls under Extraordinary Genius (making her more intelligent than the best human scientist and army general combined). While there isn’t that many feats of her outsmarting and playing mind games with anyone, Nyte is cunning when she needs to be and her testing Phil when she was fucking and torturing him on the chair to see if he was worthy of her time displayed her cold analysis to see if he was just another human to kill and eat.

    Stamina: +Superhuman, being a succubus gives her a lot of sexual stamina and she also has pain tolerance that is very high.

    Range: Ten of Meters. Nyte was able to use her lasso to ensnare and reel in Phil when he wasn’t close to her.

    Speed: +Subsonic. Nyte hit Phil with her whip, and even though he was looking directly at her, he did not see her pull her whip back, hit him, and pull back. This shows that she can indeed move faster than the blink of an eye as Phil did not see her strike him, he only felt the already inflicted lash on his face.

    Attack Potency: So far. Nyte’s strongest attack is her kissing the nameless warlock and reducing him into dust in seconds while Phil was watching, and the other time where she literally sucked the soul out of the random goon’s dick in Halloween Nyte. I will put her at +Wall Level (9-B) because her soul eating and decaying a person into ash with a kiss seems to only effect one person and doesn’t cause a lot of collateral damage.

    Overall power level of Nyte: I conclude that she is +Wall Level, but with her Shadow Manipulation, enhanced strength, impressive durability, and frightening speed, she likely scales to +Small Building to +City Block. Could possibly be higher because we haven’t seen Nyte fight a human or demon that can pose a threat to her and really cut loose. She’s just been beating on wimpy humans and demons.

    1. Nyte is one I try to be careful with as she breaks some of my own personal ideas on how to balance vamps/succs/etc.

      She does have the stereotypical horror-demon-strength, which means she can tear regular humans apart with relative ease. To balance that, she's actually weaker at the charm and political intrigue aspects (as Phil noticed, she's a very poor liar). Some of those weaknesses aren't really apparent as her baseline is high enough that she's still going to charm and seduce a regular human with relative ease.

      Throw more powerful individuals opponents in and that might better highlight her strengths and weaknesses. She can physically bully low-level Wrath daemons, but wouldn't be able to do the same to ones at a similar level or just below hers. How succubi use seduction and charm vs each other is a bit harder to depict. A lower level succubus that's concentrated everything into being seductive and manipulative could break the will of people Nyte couldn't.

  6. So do the succubi need humans more than humans need them? Can Rosa, Verde, Nurse Honey, Cerluea, and Nyte be perfectly fine if they never met a human forever? Or would they start to miss humans because they find humans yummy and amusing?

    1. I haven't really finalized the rules on eating. Can they starve? Are they immortal daemons that only eat souls because it's fun? Not really sure on that currently.

      I'm keeping it open until the plot calls for it as I don't want to put rules in place that might be a pain to stick to later.

      I'm leaning towards need to eat, but can probably go quite long without eating. But that might change if I feel it makes the story better later.

  7. It's why I don't like Nyte that much. Don't get me wrong Hydra, I'm not saying she is a terrible character, she is quite fun. But i don't like how she seems to be a "Jack of All Stats" or "The Ace" type character.

    A character that has little to no weaknesses, can do anything, and has a lot of versatility. Nyte can charm and fuck any human and is also adept at combat/fighting. She feels like a Lust daemon and Wrath daemon fused together.

    Even though you gave her that "can't tell no lie" weakness, it doesn't feel like a weakness because Nyte was not put in a situation where brute forcing her way out of it with her combat skills or succubus seduction was not an option. I'd say her being too much of a freak actually benefited her a bit too well...

    1. It should become more apparent once more powerful individuals come onto the scene. Nyte can charm/beat up single humans. A more adept succubus can get into a power structure such as a government or kingdom and collapse it into chaos or send it against another country in a war. Nyte could probably beat that succubus up in single combat, but which is the more powerful?

  8. With the whole feeding on humans bit Hydra, I think its both "I need to eat this human or I'll starve and die." And "I need to use this human's soul and bodily fluids to power my dark magic."

    The way I see it, the succubi need sex with humans to feed, but unlike humans and normal animals, they can go a longtime time without eating. It would basically be a man eating a burger and drinking a cup of soda and then go a whole week without needing to drink and eat anything.

    Human souls and bodily fluids seem to also just empower the daemon's in general. When Verde was hurt by a fire spell and Nyte commented that she is healing to slow, Verde deadass says that her energy levels are low and she'll go look for a human before interrupting herself to not upset Phil.

    This further cements the fact that the succubi do need human souls (and/or bodily fluids) to heal themselves and fuel their magic. In fact, semen being a resource like oil to these sex daemons make sense.

    -Phil and his friend needed some semen to summon Rosa and Verde.
    -The "mad scientist" succubus in the House is collecting it to help her research.

    1. I think that's pretty close to how I have it, although I generally keep lore aspects unfinalized until I need to.

      Maybe I'll do a story that features a starving succubus to see what happens if they go without humans for too long.

  9. It's great that Verde is a softy. By take answer, does it mean that if Verde was a harlot in the House, would she be Tier 1? Verde doesn't seem that hard to impress, I wonder if a man bringing her a flower and complimenting her would be enough to let the man live.

    1. Yeah. Probably Tier 1. I think she'd respect the Madam's rules. She might lapse into Tier 2 if she accidentally made her challenge a little too difficult.

  10. Oh I meant Hydra that if Verde and her 'sisters' would never see humans again, would they be sad and miss interacting with humans?

    1. I don't think they'd like it. Not sure if it would be true starvation or sadness at not having 'toys' to play with.

  11. The daemons prey on humans just like a wolf preying on a rabbit. Verde even says this to Phil after fucking him:

    Verde: We are predators and you are prey, its the oldest law.

    The entire point of SS 101 was Phil trying to prove to the succubi that he is useful to them alive instead of just being another 'cookie' they pop in their mouth, eat, and forget about.

    Would love to see a goth girl succubus harlot like the one from the Backrooms one shot.

    1. One of my aborted novels did have a goth succubus, but she was more of the Gothic Lolita type. One of the harlot ideas I have is current a mechanic without a succubus. A goth-punk succubus might fit there.