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Monday, October 06, 2014

Hentai Game Review: Monsters 'n Girls

I can’t really do a full playthrough of this as it’s an arcade game with minimal plot.  Lewd demons have invaded a peaceful fantasy kingdom and it’s up to a brave knight to save the day.

You know those porn parody films with titles like This Is Not [Insert name of TV Show/Film] XXX.  Well Monsters ‘n Girls is basically this for the old arcade classic Ghouls ‘n Ghosts.  Anyone familiar with the original will spot the similarities in the intro, game play, level design and even in some of the monsters.

Monsters ‘n Girls is an action platformer where you fling lances at various monster girl enemies.  The hentai element is provided by pixel hentai animations.  Whenever you get knocked over, the nearest monster girl will climb on top and start fucking you.  This is similar to games like Eroico, Milia Wars and The Paradise Fortress of RePure Aria.  There are a wide range of monster girls, so you can expect to be glooped by slime girls, wrapped up in lamia coils and ridden by lusty succubi during the course of the game.

Thankfully it’s not as brutally hard as the game it’s parodying/homaging.  The normal mode is effectively infinite lives and the checkpoints are placed close enough that even platformer-incompetents like me can make it to the end.

The pixel scenes and artwork are fine, but—despite a good selection of monster girls—the sex scenes could do with a little more variety.  It’s weaker in that respect than either Eroico or Paradise Fortress, but at its price is a cheap and sexy distraction.  And those nostalgic for the old Ghouls ‘n Ghosts will enjoy it.

(For nostalgia I did try playing Ghouls ‘n Ghosts again on MAME.  That did not go well.  The game is still as brutally difficult as I remember).

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Monster Girl Hentai Game Roundup: Autumn 2014

While I was busy battling through Violated Hero 5 several other monster girl hentai games came out.  A quick search on came up with this list:

Succubus Maze

I checked this out a while back just before Violated Hero 5 came out.  It looked fairly simple from the demo.  Superficially it looks like another RPG-maker game, but rather than being a JRPG it looks to be more of a stealth game.  The character has to sneak or run past succubi before they grab hold of you.  If they get you (and it can be more than one at a time), an animated 3D H-scene is shown of the succubi doing nice-but-drainy things to you.  I wasn’t convinced on the artwork at first glance, but the animated scenes looked good enough in the demo to make me consider giving it a closer look.

Monsters ‘n Girls

It’s Ghouls ‘n Ghosts . . . with sexy monster girls.  Ghouls ‘n Ghosts was a classic arcade platform game and also well ‘ard.  This is very similar, right down to the level design.  It’s a pixel hentai game similar to Eroico or The Paradise Fortress of RePure Aria.  If the monster girls knock you down, you get a little animation of them doing the sexy to you.  In the demo I saw cat girls, slime girls, lamia and some kind of frog/kappa girl as a boss.  Looked fun, but if it plays anything like the game it’s homaging it might be tricky to get to the end.

Succubi Nocturne 1R: Seductress, Teats and Male Virgin

Battle fuck game.  Some poor sex-starved shmoe of a protagonist gets transported to a fantasy world where sexy monster girls take on the form of the girls that teased him at school.  The demo has a very long intro followed by a sex battle with some kind of plant girl.  The battle caught my attention as most of the separate attacks not only have their own CGs but also have some animation as well.  Artwork looks good as well.  I’ll probably give this one a closer look.

Inran Sekai Seduce

Another RPG-maker type game.  The art on the cover looks a little too loli-esque for my tastes.  I had a brief look at the demo.  It looked like a typical topdown hentai JRPG.  The fights seemed similar to The Fantasy World of Mindia—girls in various costumes, no Bad End scenes from normal mook battles.

MonMusu Hunter J

This is the 3rd in the MonMusu Hunter Series.  They all look like action games where you go out and capture monster girls and if you get them you’re rewarded with a pixel hentai scene.  I haven’t played any in the series.  I prefer sexy Bad Ends and these are more capture, subdue and rape games.  It’s good that there are monster girl hentai games to cater for people more on the D side of things, but the demo didn’t really do anything for me.

In the Castle of Succubi

Visual Novel (I’m guessing) from the same people that made House of Monster Girls.  I checked that game out back here.  That was 10 H-scenes with a lot (and I mean a lot!) of text in between.  This looks like more of the same.  if it’s anything like its predecessor the one thing it will have is the most ludicrously ginormous boobs possible.

Succubus Hunter 2: Escape the Lust Den

This is another series of games I’ve been meaning to check out (the developers have put out 4 succubus-themed RPGs) and haven’t got around to.  It looked interesting from the demo—a mixture of stealth/running away and sex battles.  You start off a prisoner and have to avoid both generic mooks and the three main monster girls (succubus, slime girl, cat girl).  The two Bad End scenes I saw looked juicy enough for me to consider taking a closer look.  The main problem I had was with text hooking.  Couldn’t pick up any of the dialogue at all with my usual AGTH + Translation Aggregator combination.  If anyone has played these games and knows a fix for this, let me know in the comments as I wouldn’t mind giving this series a closer look.

Any of these look like they might be fun to do a Let’s Play of?  I’m probably going to do a playthrough of Violated Hero 4: Another Story next week as I picked that up and never got around to checking it out before Violated Hero 5 appeared.  After that there’s likely a long wait before Monmusu Quest: Paradox comes out.  To fill in the gap I might check out some of the games above if there's enough interest.

The one game I will miss off is the follow-up to ROBF, ROBFS4U.  I liked the original and the demo for the follow-up looked very good, but the game won’t ever be available on the English dlsite and the developer has made it very clear they don’t want westerners playing their game (either because of fear of piracy or fear of getting unwelcome attention from the rabid SJW wingnuts currently infesting formerly safe online geek spaces).  Annoying, but the fair thing to do is respect their wishes.