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Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Hentai Game Re-Review: Domination Quest 1

Technically, I reviewed this one a while back.  I was in the mood to play a naughty JRPG-type game and remembered the sequel, Domination Quest 2, had come out a month or so ago.  Similar to Monmusu Quest, you can port the old save across, but as that save was many years and a few laptops ago, I decided to play through again rather than try to excavate it from a forgotten hard drive.

Turns out I needed to anyway, as it was only on rereading my original review that I remembered I never completed the first game.  Despite this, and after completing it this time, I don't think I was too far off with what I originally wrote.

I did reach the final boss this time.

The major change is that whatever bugs blighted it before, don't appear to be present now.  I didn't encounter any crashes during my second playthrough.  The other sticking point, and what caused me to abandon my original playthrough in the misty forest area, was the frequency of combat encounters.  That felt like it had been dialled back.  They're still reasonably frequent, but not so frequent that you can barely move without triggering another combat encounter.

Onto the game itself.  Mechanically, it's a turn-based JRPG.  It has the look of a RPGMaker game, but reverse-engineered into Unity.  While this is a little odd, the game does make use of the 3D environments to do some things you wouldn't see in a regular RPGMaker game.

You play as Kuro, who as a dominator has the ability to shrink monster girls down, gobble them up and then recruit them as allies.  Like Pokémon, but weirder and pervier.

Probably best not to ask...

Kuro doesn't have much in the way of fighting power, so you have to rely on a party of monster girls to do it for you.  You have a party of four and a bench of four you can sub in and out.  Along with health bars, the monster girls have stamina bars that are constantly decreasing every turn.  When they run low, they have to 'snack' on Kuro to get their energy back up or get knocked out.  This is where the bulk of the in-combat H-content comes from, as Kuro's allies take a break to blowjob or do some other sex act on him to get their energy levels back up again.

Most of the combat is regular turn-based JRPG, where if you lose you just get a regular GAME OVER scene rather than a sexy Bad End.  There are some elites and boss encounters that are an exception to this.  At some point they'll try and grab Kuro and drain his energy directly, and you have to rely on your allies to hit the opponent enough times to force them to let him go.  As I said in my original review, it's a shame this mechanic isn't used more.

The other areas of H-content are scenes that are unlocked after increasing affection with your allies, and a skinship mechanic where you get carried around by one of your allies in a lewd manner.  That's fun, but the animation does block a good portion of the side of the screen, so might get in the way while exploring a new area.

It feels quite pleasant until your feet start to dissolve...

The story doesn't have too much to it.  It's a standard fantasy setting with humans coexisting with horny monster girls.  Kuro is just about to start his adventuring career when his powerful succubus (dragon?) partner is mind-controlled and snatched by a nefarious group looking to stoke tensions between humans and monsters.  The game is about trying to get her back and breaking the control the enemy demon lord wannabe has over her.

The mechanics are fine.  It's JRPG light with lots of vore themes.  Kuro can't carry weapons and neither does his monster girls, but there's a crafting system where you combine weapons with crystals to boost your party's abilities.  Mostly it's just stat boosts, but some weapons can either defend against or inflict status effects.  It's a nice system, but a little limited.  Adding a chance of instant death to multi-hit attacks was about the most exciting 'combo' I could find.  It would have been nice to have a little more variety here.  I like a bit of greed in my RPGs, so I missed having the usual options to manipulate XP gain, Gold gain, item drop frequency, etc.

As for the themes, it's a Kokage no Izumi game.  This circle likes giantesses, vore, and crude humour.  As I said in the original review, if you like your monster girls on the giant side and with heapings of vore, this is perfect for you.  If those elements leave you cold, there is enough 'regular' monster girl content to make it worth a glance, but it is a little deeper into its chosen fetish zone than something like Monmusu Quest.

Giant farting fairies are pretty much a staple of this circle's work.

In all, it's about 10 hours of reasonable JRPG, with 28 or so sexy(ish) monster girls to have fun with.

As I said in the original review, one of the monster girls (the carnivorous plant girl) gave me inspiration for a short story ("The Banquet of the Queen of the Goblins"), and if I can get a short story out of a hentai game, I consider it a win.  Hopefully, I'll find something that gets the creative juices flowing in the sequel.

Friday, March 01, 2019

Hentai Game Review: Domination Quest

Bit later than intended on this one.  Chez Hydra is still fairly chaotic at the moment, unfortunately.

First, a disclosure.  I didn't make it all the way through this one, although I think I played enough (all but maybe the last one or two sections) to give a fair(ish) review.

With that out of the way, let's get onto the game.

Domination Quest: Kuro and the Naughty Monster Girls is the new hentai game from Kokage no Izumi.  This is the circle responsible for the Demon Angel Sakura series, and Domination Quest has similar themes and humour.  The main difference is the switch in genres from action platformer to JRPG.  Weirdly, rather than use RPGMaker like everyone else, they chose to build something resembling a RPGMaker game in Unity.  This might just be the most Japanese indie dev thing ever, but to be fair, later in the game they do make use of the 3D backdrop to do things not easily done in your typical RPGMaker game.

RPGMaker, in Unity...?

You play Kuro, an incubus-type creature with the ability to shrink opponents down and swallow them into his butt with his tail.

Yeah... um...
(Just roll with it.)

This doesn't consume the swallowees, but instead transports them to a mystical playground where you form contracts with them to add them to your team.  It might sound weird, but mechanically it's a pervier take on pokéballs.

The story has Kuro hitting adulthood and then heading off adventures with his succubus(?) companion, Shiro.  She gets abducted early on by another mysterious dominator and the quest is on to both get her back and stop this rogue group from stirring up tensions between monsters and humans.

Domination Quest is not really a battlefuck game.  Most monsters use regular attacks and you get a regular Game Over if the party wipes.  There are a few encounters where the monster girl grabs Kuro and the rest of the party has to break him free before the monster girl sexually slurps up all his energy.  I did enjoy those fights and wished the game had more of them.

Kuro getting slurped.  It's a shame more of the fights aren't like this.

The H-content is mostly gated behind an affection system.  As with Monmusu Quest: Paradox, scenes are unlocked by raising affection with your chosen waifu.  Also, as with MQ:P, not all of those scenes are good for Kuro…

Kuro's first date with Julie the goblin girl did not go well...

One of the ways to raise affection is through the game's skinship system.  This is sort of the equivalent of walking hand-in-hand with your waifu (where hand-in-cleavage might be the mildest version of it) and is shown as a little animation on the right of the screen while you're exploring dungeons.


The H-content is pretty good and animated, but not quite to my taste.  As with Demon Angel Sakura, the themes lean heavily on vore, giantess and gross-out humour.

(the reveal of where the delicious pink slime comes from is both very funny and unspeakably unspeakably euwwww!)

As with the Demon Angel Sakura series, I found the various scenes funny rather than erotic, but I guess this is a YMMV thing.  They were still entertaining.

What killed the game for me were the bugs and too-frequent combat encounters.  The game was very unstable on release.  So much so that one of the paths in the first area was completely inaccessible because the entry and exit points were set to the same point, looping the player back to the screen they'd come from.  After that I didn't seem to have many problems until I hit the later forest area, and the game got very crash-happy.  The frequent combat encounters exacerbated this and made later exploration extremely tedious.  They trigger randomly as you walk through an area (like the old Final Fantasy games) and occur very very frequently.  Like, every few pixels frequently.  While this is a feature of this type of game, I really think the developers dialled the frequency too high.  The foggy area with the fox was the finisher for me.  Trying to explore a shifting maze with a combat encounter going off every couple of steps.  No thanks.

Hopefully this will be something the devs patch or fix in future versions.

Overall, despite the shift in genre, I think my recommendations are the same as for the Demon Angel Sakura series.  If you like Giantesses and Vore, this is worth checking out for the H-content (even if you have to grab a 100% save to avoid struggling through the later dungeons).  For general monster girl lovers, a maybe.  The H-content is nicely done, the humour is entertaining, but the game itself is wretchedly unfun to play, unfortunately.

A Shikibus plant girl?  Looks a similar style.

Despite the problems, there were a few monster girl designs I liked.  My favourite was probably the Carnivorous Plant Girl and she did give me inspiration for a new short story.  Even with all the other problems, if I can get a story idea out of a H-game I normally consider it a win.

Looking forward to getting erotically glooped by you, Mio.
Okay, second favourite design.  I really wanted to have some fun with this aphrodisiac goop flinging slime girl, but it looks like we're going to have to wait for a future Chapter 2 to get erotically glooped by her.

Friday, December 21, 2018

Monster Girl/Succubus H-games on my Radar

As I've stated before, I haven't played many of late because of problems with getting Machine Translation to work on my computer.  (I could solve all this by actually learning to read Japanese, but unfortunately I'm English, and we're congenitally awful at picking up other languages).

Thankfully for us gaijin slobs, other solutions are starting to appear.  DLSite has been posting some products with English translation (of varying degrees of quality) and other talented folks have made or are making English translations of juicy succubus smut games.

Domination Quest ~ Kuro and the Naughty Monster Girls

AKA the brand new one, as it came out yesterday (the day before?).

It's from the same people that created Demon Angel Sakura.  This time they've gone for traditional RPG rather than a platformer.  Bizarrely, rather than use something like RPG Maker, they appear to have tried to build something like RPG Maker in Unity, which might just be the most Japanese Game Dev thing ever.

Given that it's from Kokage no Izumi, the people that made Demon Angel Sakura, I'm guessing it's going to be weird and end up frequently crossing the line between erotic and WTF! a lot.  In theory it's your typical Gotta Get 'Em All monster girl harem game, but the way the main character picks up new waifus is by shrinking them down and gobbling them up with a tail mouth coming out of his butt.

So, basic Demon Angel Sakura weirdness then.

I would caution against picking it up just yet.  It looks like the creator rushed the game out a little too soon and it's extremely bug infested.  I hit a game-breaking bug within the first half hour where I couldn't continue down a path because the game kept putting the character sprite on the exit point of the new screen, promptly looping the player right back to where they'd just come from.  I've seen comments that this can be avoided if you hit the right spot on the screen, but I haven't found it yet.  The same people have also reported encountering lots of crashing problems later in the game.

I have it and it looks interesting enough that I will write about it once the current broken stuff is fixed.  For now I'd advise staying clear until a patch or two has dropped.

Drain Dungeon

While checking back to see if Domination Quest had been patched, I noticed the English version of Drain Dungeon sitting in my DLSite game library.  This surprised me as I don't remember buying it.  I think what might have happened is DLSite gave me the English translation as a freebie as I already owned the original.

This is an old one.  2016, I think.  You stomp down an abstracted dungeon and then spurt all your accumulated levels inside a trio of succubi on the way out.  I think I played it a little a while back.  Now, with the English version I can give the whole game a thorough...

Actually, scratch that.  I must be getting senile as well as old and fat.  I already wrote a full review of this back here, including delving all the way down the final (and hot!) succubus boss.  The fact I can't remember this is probably not a good endorsement for the game.

Oh well, it might be fun to have a playthrough where this time I actually know what all the items do.  (And have all that delicious draining done in English-text Bad Ends.)


Ignore the art style.  A lot of people have been impressed with this game, and I think with good reason.  It might be the best implementation of femdom battle fuck mechanics around.  The creator has given a lot of attention to the various binds and status effects to make the player horny and helpless before the monster girls moves on to the snu snu.  The art style is... idiosyncratic... but they do make good use of puppeting to animate the scenes.  It ends up being a lot more sexier than I expected.

This level of detail on the battles combined with an artist like Setouchi or Shiki would be my dream monster girl H-game combo, I think.

There is a workable English translation patch for the game.  I haven't managed to delve too deep into it yet.  The game also has a bit of Undertale's quirk to it.  The obvious influence is in the separate genocide and pacifist routes, but it also seems to be doing similar funky meta stuff with saved games.  This makes going back to redo various "fights" difficult as the character isn't there anymore.  My last run sort of petered out because I managed to get myself trapped in a fight versus the doll girl that was virtually unwinnable with the equipment I had.

I'm tempted to run at this again and give it the full let's play treatment.

Lust Grimm

Another game that has been recommended to me multiple times in the comments.  I was iffy on the demo.  The art style looked delightful, but the Bad Ends seemed short.

A lot of this was because I was playing with no English.  Translation team =Together= are working on a full translation of this (They've already translated Succubus Prison).  I have played the translated demo and can definitely appreciate the game a little more.  As with Succubus Rhapsody, there's a lot of sexiness in the text of the battles.  Now I'm eager to play the full thing when the complete translation is done.

Because of my translation issues I haven't been keeping as close an eye on interesting H-games as I'd like. Domination Quest is new, but both Lust Grimm and Shrift have been out for a while (although Shrift is using a chapter release model, with the fourth and final chapter not out yet).  If you've spotted any other juicy succubus games, let me know in the comments.

I am tempted to run another let's play type thing again (but maybe not as detailed as the Paradox series).  I'm nervous of doing them because of time that could be spent writing, but I also don't like leaving the blog empty for too long when I'm working on longer projects.  Having something at the forefront that's quick and easy to put out might make for an appropriate screen for those times when I want to be working on larger-scale project in the background.  I don't like the regular update posts.  They're great when things are running smoothly, but end up doom-spiraling my mood pretty quickly when I fall behind.  I think I might have to learn the time-honoured corporate strategy of keeping shtum until I can properly wow people with a new thing.

(For instance, it would have been far better if I'd not told people about the boob monster story and just released it when it was done, rather than fucking up the time estimations, again!, and have people wondering where the fuck is this story and why is it so goddamned late?)