Thursday, August 21, 2014

Let's Play Violated Hero 5! part 8

And I’m back.  Two weeks of being laid up in bed with the virus from hell wasn’t much fun.  Without further ado it’s time to carry on the Violated Hero 5 playthrough.  Currently we’re halfway through the ten worlds of squicky sex monsters.  If you want to see where it all started, part 1 is here.  If you’re under 18 or a bit of a holier-than-thou twat that likes to read things they don’t like just so you can complain about them, please fuck off now.

Last up I was too busy getting fried with electricity to realise we actually had a Violated Hero Bad End where the sanctity of Luka-clone’s anus was preserved.  In VH-world that makes Elekina (aka Little Miss Pikachu) a keeper.

After bashing Elekina down Luka-clone does his usual and tries to get her to promise to stop subjugating the puny humans.  And she accepts.

What?  That actually worked?

Elekina is very big on keeping to her word.  This combined with her lack of wanting to insert anything into Luka-clone’s ass makes me think she might have wandered into the wrong game by mistake.

Then it’s time to head off to the—

Oh, Ariel doesn’t want us to go to the next world for some reason.

Would this because the big secret you’re hiding from us is that angels are also monster girls and world 6 is their world, huh Ariel?

Ariel heads off to report in to her Big Boss Angel.  Everything goes black and swirly.  Alice-clone with a Silly Hat has returned.  She sends us to the next world instead.

World six is very airy and has rocks floating in the sky.  I’m guessing this is the angel world.  I must also admit to really liking the background art in VH5.

A further tipoff that this is the angel world comes when we bump into Dragon Princess Safi.  Last we saw her she was heading off to bother the angels and this is where we find her.  I wonder if we’re going to see a switchover, with Safi taking on companion duties.

Nope, not just yet.

We’re left alone to frolic across the Elysium fields.

Which appear to be inhabited by sheep girls that look as though they’ve just been dipped in crude oil.  Hmm, you don’t appear to be angels.

Neither does the mini-boss, Elvira, we encounter.  She looks full-on demon.

Let’s put our hands in front of our eyes and see what delights she bestows on us if we throw the fight and grovel at her feet.

That would be a good whipping to ‘horse train’ us.  Then we get eaten by the demon beast.

Uh, sex?  What happened to the sexy in the sexy Bad End?  Didn’t you read your contract, Elvira?

Then canon!Luka-clone requires the Gods of Save-Scumming to help him out.  I get a strange sequence from the random number generator when my attack does zero damage when they only have a sliver of health left.  Elvira gets to eat me a second time and—more embarrassingly—one of the sheep girls gives me a solid kick in the nuts for good measure.

Oh Luka-clone, what happened to your badass?

Thankfully we get our shit together and make it all the way through to the end boss.  And it’s another one of the fan rejects from VH4.  She’s the one with the weird wire dress.  Like the other fan reject from VH4 she also looks mature enough to be hot.  That makes me wonder if hers and the Asura’s artwork/scenes were already lying around on the Dieselmine office tables as so far every other world boss has been a little on the loli side.

Her name is Cura of the Incubators.  Although she looks fairly vanilla, she talks a lot about seedbeds, and that’s usually a fungus-y thing even if she doesn’t look very fungus-y.  Apparently she’s lodging here.  She has permission from the Goddess to use this world as her personal breeding ground.

Yes, told you, Luka-clone, the Goddess is evil.  JRPG, angel, evil every time.

canon!Luka-clone overcomes his random number generator problem to do the business.  This leaves alt!Luka-clone to unravel the riddle of what Cura actually is.

Her feeler attack looks like grey slime.  A slime girl?

A poisonous slime girl, apparently.  She secretes a powerful paralysis poison and helpfully tells us all about it after we’ve been beaten and it starts to take effect.

Now that we’re completely motionless and helpless, she starts off with a bit of 69 and gives a Luka-clone a good suck.  A real good suck.  Her mouth is some sort of specialised organ for extracting semen and starts wriggling all around Luka-clone’s cock as she coaxes him to let fly.

This is enough to fertilise her and little granular eggs start dribbling out with her vaginal secretions.  Guess we’ll be swallowing them then.  Pretend it’s caviar, Luka-clone.

Onto scene two and . . . uh . . . yeah . . . I guess this is a little creepy.  Cura straddles Luka-clone reverse cowgirl style, which is fine.  At the same time two little moppets are licking on Luka-clone’s nipples and calling him “Papi”, which is a little bit too close to the bucket marked unhealthy fantasy for my comfort.

Good thing this is all just fantasy and she—and more importantly, them—isn’t human.

I suppose I should be glad enough Luka-clone isn’t drawn like a midget choirboy this time around.

Back to the hentai scene and Cura takes him up inside her pussy just as some type of rubbery stuff forces its way out of Luka-clone’s mouth.  I suppose it’s more considerate than your average xenomorph.

Cura sends a feeler down Luka-clone’s urethra so she can flood his balls directly with her vaginal secretions.  Eventually she lets us come.  The slime crawling out of Luka-clone’s mouth coalesces into moppet number three.  By the sounds of things they’re going to keep doing this until Luka-clone runs out of babyjuice (or suffocates beneath the weight of newborn moppets).

It’s another imaginative scene, especially as Cura initially looks very vanilla compared to other VH girls.  The addition of the “daughters” is a little off-putting for me, though.

I seem to be (mostly) over this illness thing now, so we should be back on the original schedule.  Come back in a couple of days as we take on perhaps the weirdest-looking of VH5’s monster girls.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Reason for the slight pause in VH5 walkthrough (and absence of #DailyWriting)

I've been sick for the last couple of weeks.

Nothing serious, thankfully.  (Although there were some anxious moments while I waited for the blood tests to come back).

I had the misfortune to contract a virus that's played merry hell with my digestive system and seems to be using every dirty biological trick to keep me from eating.  During this time I've been laid up in bed with approximately the same energy level as a sloth with a 60-a-day smoking habit.  This has done an effective job of fucking up my writing schedule.

The doctors have given me some pills to hold my digestive system together so I can actually eat things without them immediately shooting out of one end or the other.  Normal service should return once my body has finally beaten the virus off.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Let's Play Violated Hero 5! part 7

This is a continuation of the Violated Hero 5 walkthrough I started here.  Naughty sex and squickness abounds.  This is the final warning before we head into hentai-ville.

Last time around alt!Luka-clone did his bit for gender equality and was comprehensively ravished by naughty tentacles.  The real Luka-clone hacked her to pieces.  Actually, he hacks her up into so much calamari he thinks he might have murderated her.  As Luka-clone’s a gentle soul, he spends a moment in sad reflection on what he was forced to do.

Turns out she’s not dead at all.  She can regenerate her tentacles so long as the heart isn’t cut.

Hmm, then an obvious solution presents itself . . .

To be fair to Luka-clone, it seems like he’s going to do the deed, but Nayura squishes off into the darkness before he can.  She lets him know there will be a next time.  Seems like there are a lot of mentions of ‘next time’.  I sense the mother-of-all gangbangs lurking in our future.

There’s a brief interlude as the scene switches over to Satan’s throne room.  Dragon Princess Safi is unhappy about four worlds being captured.

Captured seems a little too strong a word.

Satan isn’t fussed.  Satan is hot for giving Mr Hero a good bit of violating when he’s all powered up.

Safi wants to get her hands on us as well.  I think she wants to hurt us.

Satan ‘no sirs’ her and they bicker for a while.  Satan likes to give her opponents a sporting chance (by sporting chance she means 1 in 10,000) to give her heart a flutter.  She sends bloodthirsty Safi off to bother the Big Boss Angel instead.

Back at the tree world Luka-clone senses bad things presumably because it’s the cheapest way to build up drama.

“You what a monkey a pig a pygmy hippopotamus.”

You know, I’m not even sure that’s iffy translation anymore.  I think that might be how Ariel actually thinks.

I think she’s trying to talk him into letting her carry out the second ceremony of divine protection.  Luka-clone’s a bit reluctant as he thinks Ariel’s using that as an excuse to do naughty things to him again.

And he’d be right as she drags him off to an inn for a spot of 69.

I’m not sure this qualifies as divine behaviour, Ariel.  Would your boss approve of this.

Methinks Ariel is abusing her position somewhat.  Good girl.

She is a little eager to taunt Luka-clone for being a masochist pig.  I’m not convinced that’s going to help his self-confidence.

Steady on.  Don't burst the ambulatory bag of semen.

With the protection given it’s time to head off.  Into Space!

World five looks like some kind of space station.

It’s even populated with alien poontang.  They have pong flippers for hands.

Ariel’s angelic protection is actually pretty useful as the new special attack one-shots most of Luka-clone’s opponents.

At the end there’s a flash of lightning and Ariel makes fun of us for screaming like a girl.  Then it’s time for thunderbolt girl to make an entrance.  I’m guessing she’s some kind of android judging by the strange seams in her arms.

Her name is Elekina or something similar and I think she wants us to take her seriously despite her being a lickle Miss Pikachu.

Luka-clone handily beats her into spare parts as the new special attack is more than a little handy.

That mean’s it’s time to roll out alt!Luka-clone.  Sorry dude, you might want to brace yourself.  I think the next half hour is going to be rather painful.

Elekina has a sex feeler attack.  Once again I think the artist tried to think about what she might have and then gave up and fell back on generic standard fleshy tube number 69.

After Luka-clone throws the fight we get the classic femdom stamp pose.

It looks bad, but at least we’re not being electro—

Bzzz!  Ow!

I’d advise not trying this out at home.  Remember kiddies, electricity is not a toy.

Little Miss Pikachu stamp-shocks him into a few ejaculations and then we’re off for scene two.

Hmm, I thought she was lickle.  And Luka-clone has a (used to be) trendy mini ponytail?

I guess we’re about to find the answer to that age-old question.  What happens if I shove my wang into a power socket (really don’t try this one at home, folks!).

Elekina can produce thunderbolts in her pussy.  THUNDER PUSSY!

Maybe if you come enough you might be able to short her out, Luka-clone.


Fortunately it’s a fantasy setting, so Luka-clone manages to take enough juice to power Tokyo for a month without being reduced to a blackened skeleton.

I must confess to being a little narrow on my erotic fiction in this area.  No android girls and not much in the way of electro-play.  But buy one of my books anyway.  Plenty of other sick monster girl filth to be found between the pages.

That’s half the worlds down.  Next up, Heaven (sort of).

Friday, August 08, 2014

Let's Play Violated Hero 5! part 6

Time for more Violated Hero 5: Even More Anal Intrusions.  The first part of the playthrough is here.  The ‘anal intrusions’ mention might have already tipped you off, but if it hasn’t be warned that Violated Hero 5 is a mucky hentai game and minors and the easily offended should stop reading at this point.

Last time around Luka-clone got tripled teamed by a trio of muscular former martial artists who were also not really feminine in other anatomical features as well.  In canon reality Luka-clone kicked their ass.  He doesn’t even have to get them to promise to be good girls as their shame at being owned by a feeble human has them resolve to go away and devote themselves to ascetic practices until they’ve improved.

Ariel slinks back and pats us on the head for being a good boy.

Again Luka-clone wonders if he’s achieved everything.  He suspects the Asuras will simply challenge him again once they’ve completed their training.

Ariel explains her running away is so that he can level up faster, or something like that.  Then she runs off again.

Oh.  Who’s this?  The screen goes all swirly and then we’re alone in the dark with another new character.  She looks like the girl from the cover of the game.  Is there a bigger bad behind the big bad.  She looks like Alice from Monster Girl Quest.  In a silly hat!

Mysterious snake girl refuses to give her name and mysteriously buggers off.  We’ll just call her Alice in a silly hat for now.

So what was all that about then?

Ariel comes back and her educational instruction involves slapping us around.  I’m pretty sure there are laws against that nowadays.

Off we metastatize to world number 4.  This one looks like some kind of temple.  It looks a bit like Petra, also known as the City Where Indiana Jones Found The Holy Grail.

Interestingly, the silhouettes of the wandering mooks don’t look like obvious palette swaps this time around.

Mook 1 has a huge axe.  They’re named Demon’s Little Pal.  Nothing little about that damn axe at all, although isn’t as scary as her mouth.  I’m going to take a guess and assume Demon’s Little Pal is not much of a kisser, not unless you’d like your lips fish-hooked off.

Mook 2 is . . .

Um . . . (snigger)

Mook 2 is . . .

Sorry, too busy laughing.

Bok bok bok.

Fear the wrath of Chicken Lady.

Normally it’s Red Oni, Blue Oni.  I’m guessing Blue Oni had other engagements that prevent her from appearing in this game.

At the end of the level we end up outside on some kind of plateau and Luka hears a strange sound.

Hello, naughty tentacles.  And, wow, Luka-clone is definitely more pro-active this time as he slices most of the up with his sword.

And also definitely more pervy.  Guess which bits he’s focused on when Little Miss Squid shows up.  Little Miss Squid is named Nayura.  I don’t know if that means anything in Japanese.  My translators failed and I had to look up the katakana.

“Your crying, I want to hear it.”

Um, thanks Nayura.  I don’t suppose you know any monster girls with a sweet disposition and GSoH?


Guess that’s a no then.  And fight!

Luka-clone, the little badass, hacks her into sushi.  That leaves alt!Luka-clone to stand up and take those naughty tentacles in various orifices in the name of gender equality.

The tentacles grab Luka-clone after his loss.  They almost get Ariel as well (o, what might have been), but she flies off.

This looks complicated.  So what do we have here?  Arms and legs sucked up in big tentacle tubes; tentacle wrapped around the throat; sucker working on one nipple; tentacle wrapped around cock; probably tentacles in the butt as well.  Yep, prognosis fucked.

Nayura gives us a blowjob.  She has tentacles in her mouth as well for added BJ skillz.

She ends the first scene saying she is both beautiful and horrifying, and Luka-clone will be reborn to be just like her.

Luka-clone goes under the cloak of tentacles.  Nayura sucks up our cock in a squish fuck-tube.

It starts to get ominous when more tentacles wrap around us.

“When you wake you’ll be just like me.”

And witness the birth of Luka-squid.  You’ve changed buddy.  There are a couple of growths on your chest and you appear to be wearing a squid for a hat.

I suppose it’s getting off lightly.  This time last game Luka-clone was being eaten by a giant sandworm with a slime girl for a tongue.  Not a bad scene, but again I wish the artwork wasn’t quite so cartoony.

Hmm, and as for my tentacle girl stories—I did hide a nice Octopus girl story in this recent collection.

Next up we’re off to Outer Space!  Aliens!  Lightning Android Girls!

Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Let's Play Violated Hero 5! part 5

This is a continuation of the Violated Hero 5 playthrough I started here.  The usual rules apply: if you’re easily offended by sexy-squicky stuff, now is your time to leave.

Last up Luka-clone got a whipping from sadistic little slime minx, Mel Alice.  Of course that was alternate reality Luka-clone.  Canon Luka-clone took her down.  Again he takes the standard approach of sparing Mel Alice so long as she promises not to attack anyone in the future.

Mel Alice laughs at that, turns to liquid and returns to the lake.  She threatens to force a rematch at any time, which leaves Luka-clone wondering if he’s going to be attacked from a pond at any moment as he leaves the world.

Erm, did we actually achieve anything here?

Back at tree-world and Ariel starts behaving a little loopy.  Luka-clone is having problems working out what she’s saying.  Me, with lousy machine translation (and blocked from google translate for being the centre of all depravity on the internet), has no chance.

Oh, she has to go back and check in on her boss, another angel.  I bet big boss angel is evil as well.

Poor Luka-clone is nothing more than a ping pong ball in big tit tennis.

She chews Ariel out for running out on Luka-clone.  It’s a fairly amusing character-establishing scene.  Ariel tries to sidle off screen during her bollocking and eventually just legs it.

Then she goes back and beats up on Luka-clone.

Despite the way the worlds are connected on the map, there is no choice on which world to go to next.  It’s a nice diagram, but they might as well be arranged in a single line.

World 3 appears to be some kind of cave system.

Filled with cute cat girls with oversize paws.

There’s also another one of the stats-gifting mini bosses.  She’s a flame spirit with the name of Olga.

I throw the fight to see her mini-Bad End.  That involves burning Luka-clone’s clothes off, some trampling on his cock and then a big fireball finish.  Let’s leave alt!Luka-clone’s ashes to rest in piece and return to the last save point.

At the end of the level there’s a big earthquake and world boss 3 appears.  Ah, this is one of the fan designs that didn’t make it for VH4 (or the Another Story add-on for VH4).

These are the Asuras.  Three beautiful martial artists died a ghastly death and were merged together as a monster girl.

Three martial artists?  We’re so getting our asses kicked.

Maybe Ariel can help o—

Oh, she’s already run off.  Call me unnecessarily harsh, but I think our little angelic helper might not be the most reliable ally.

We beat the Asuras without her help anyway.  Luka-clone ver 5.0 is a little badass.

Unfortunately alt!Luka-clone exists solely to run through the Bad Ends.  Don’t worry, buddy.  They might not snap you in half.

In the (about to be thrown) rematch I figure out that the sex attack is triggered whenever the monster girl is dropped to low life (and alt!Luka-clone accidentally beats her.  Luka-clone ver 5.0 - badass even when not supposed to be badass).  I don’t actually know what the sex attack thing is.  I’m not even sure the artist does either.  For some monster girls I think they just go ‘fuck it, generic fleshy sucky tube number 69’.

The Asuras beat the snot out of alt!Luka-clone.  They admire his attempts to try and get back up after they’ve beaten the snot out of him.  They decide to break his spirit with pleasure.  We will taste the joy of surrendering to a strong woman.

That’s not ominous in the slightest.

Then it’s all aboard the Luka-train for the Asuras as they sit on our face.  Wow, those are some abs.  I think even Taylor Lautner of Team Jacob fame might feel a little self-conscious around these gals.  The Asuras demand we lick their pussy or they’ll crush our head.

I wouldn’t argue with those thighs, Luka-clone buddy.

VH5 is working through the classic BDSM checklist.  This time we get the face-sitting and smothering (with a side helping of muscles).

Oh, and some bonus watersports to make it a two-in-one.

Smothered in pussy and drowned in piss, it’s a hard life being a protagonist in a monster girl hentai game.

The next scene has the Asura’s split into three for a bit of group sex.  They’re a little ripped, but I guess this isn’t so bad.  Hey wait, what’s the one with red hair doing lifting our legs like that . . .

Oh yeah, Violated Hero.  Luka-clone is contractually obligated to have something go in his butt for every bad end.

Your enjoyment of this scene will be predicated on how much you dig descriptions of meat spears jabbing away at your colon.

Everything ends up very sticky.  I think the ambulatory bag of semen got burst again.

On the plus side, at least the artwork wasn’t overly cute and cartoony this time around.

Oh, and I have a story to compete with (the only other one I posted in the first half of the year).  Eryzu isn’t a muscle-freak, but she’s more than capable at the rough stuff.

Next time we’re off to world 4, where we’ll be guaranteed even more anal invasions as the world boss looks like she’s made out of naughty tentacles.

Monday, August 04, 2014

Let's Play Violated Hero 5! part 4

The Violated Hero 5 playthrough continues.  The usual rules apply—it’s a very naughty game, so don’t bother complaining to me if you see something that makes your eyeballs bleed.

Last episode was a rather long interlude where the end of game bosses introduced themselves and Ariel taught Luka-clone some magic using the unusual technique of stamping on his cock until white stuff leaked out.  Now we’ll get back to the game proper and head off to World 2.

World 2 is home to the slime girl boss and looks like a big marsh or lake.

The wandering mooks are also some kind of slime girl.  They’re also a vast upgrade on the misery mushroom munchkins of the forest world.  Meet Lara . . .

And Elly . . .

Ariel’s divine protection turns out to be fairly handy as the new special attack takes out most of the Laras and Ellys in one or two hits.

Disappointingly, there is no slime mini-boss like last world’s Lily in this world.  Stage two is a straight runthrough to the slime boss.

We end up at a beautiful lake and while Luka-clone is admiring the beautiful view (and being mocked by Ariel for it) a big blob of goo crawls out of the lake.  It morphs into the form of a beautiful girl.  This is Mel Alice and she rules over the marsh/lake world.

Stop staring at her titties, Luka-clone.  Evil monster girl overlord and ruler of this world, remember.  Focus!

Mel Alice sounds like she’s very much into the ‘S’ in BDSM.  Don’t be put off by that cutesy face.  She thinks all humans are cattle and need to be whipped into line.

Which makes me wonder why Dieselmine chose to draw her like cartoon loli-bait.  A dominatrix slime girl sounds like a fun idea, but the artwork they went with looks like an escapee from a Nintendo game with an outrageous boob job.

As before, I make a save point before the fight with the intention of going back to it for the Bad End.  I faf around in the fight and waste most of my potions until I remember Ariel taught me a nifty new special attack.  That ends the fight in Luka-clone’s fight fairly swiftly.

But this isn’t the point of Violated Hero, so—sorry Luka-clone—time to rewind and trigger the Bad End.  During the fight I notice they’ve changed the sprite for generic slime sex attack so it no longer looks like a curtain of snot.  Still doesn’t look like anything I’d want on my dick, though.

Luka-clone hits the floor and it’s time for Mel Alice to strut her dominatrixy stuff.  Luka-clone begs Ariel for help.  She buggers off.

The screen fades to black, but before we hit the first scene there’s a bit of dialogue where Mel Alice talks about how livestock should have a collar.

So I suppose this shouldn’t be a surprise.  Giddy up, horsey!

The collar is part of the slime girl.  If Luka-clone tries to take it off it starts to constrict until he can’t breathe.  Meanwhile Mel Alice is giving Luka-clone a bit of whippity-whippity on the buttocks.  Bonus credits for taking a classic BDSM scenario and adding a slime girl.  Not my thing though.  I like my BDSM to be more about the sex.  The art design for Mel Alice doesn’t really fit either.

Luka-clone even gets a real ponytail as Mel Alice puts a slime feeler in his ass and waves it around like a horse’s tail.  Hey Luka-clone, you’re a real life brony.

Then the slime feeler ejaculates in Luka-brony’s ass.  Um . . . nice?

Let’s move onto scene two and this is more like it.  Mel Alice enlists a friend, a green slime girl, and they sandwich Luka-clone between them.  With our head on the green girl’s ‘pillows’, Mel Alice grinds away on top.

Hey, this might not be so bad.

“Satisfy me or be melted,” Mel Alice says.

Uh oh.  Are we about to become Luka-soup?

Unsurprisingly Luka-clone comes too soon.  The two slime girls consult on what our punishment should be and come up with . . . ear violation?

Huh.  Green slime girl extrudes some of her slime hair into Luka-clone’s ears and has a rummage about in the grey matter while Mel Alice bounces away on top.  At least they decide to keep us as a masochist toy rather than melting us.  That’s nearly a good end by Violated Hero standards.

When I did a playthrough for Violated Hero 4, at the end I’d run a comparison between the Bad End scene and one of my own short stories.  As I’ve been a little slow on the new stories front (because of concentrating on finishing Succubus Summoning 201) I guess that means Violated Hero 5 wins by default.  I did, however, put a new slime girl story out in the first half of 2014.

If you liked that story don’t forget to check out these stories as well.  Summoning monster girls into this universe for . . . ahem . . . research purposes doesn’t come cheap.

Next up: World 3 and a three-headed, six-armed monster girl.

Saturday, August 02, 2014

Let's Play Violated Hero 5! part 3

This is a continuation of the Violated Hero 5 playthroughViolated Hero 5 is a sexually explicit (and sexually bizarre!) hentai game.  If you’re likely to bothered by such things please bugger off now.

Last time we saw Dieselmine maintaining their reputation for unhinged Bad Ends as Luka-clone ended up being ingested and then impregnated by the alraune Chestnut.  (This should be advance warning of what to expect from this game).

Now we go back to the ‘true’ universe where Luka-clone won the fight.  Ariel reveals herself to be a bloodthirsty little minx.  She wants Luka-clone to finish Chestnut off while she’s vulnerable.  Luka-clone, being a pathetic little goody-two-shoes hero, is reluctant to do this.  (and Chestnut gives him two good reasons not to)

Rather than off her, Luka-clone forces Chestnut to promise she won’t subjugate and squeeze the energy out of the feeble humans.  Ariel is pissed off with this, but it will keep the players at home happy.  No one wants to kick the pretty girl in the tits, even if she is a semen-squeezing horror.

If you’d seen what happened in the Bad End you’d be singing a different tune, Luka-clone buddy . . .

Ariel tries to ascribe the victory to her divine protection.  Um, not convinced by that.  She definitely seems loopy.  With this world freed (sort of—I doubt Chestnut will be sticking to her promise) Ariel looks for a way to get to the next world.

Ooh, cutaway to a demonic throne room.  Luka-clone’s activities have not gone unnoticed.  It’s time to introduce the main bad guys.

The big bad is Satan him . . . er . . . herself.  She’s supposedly a sadistic tyrant that rules over all ten worlds.  She looks slutty.  We like slutty.

With her is Dragon Princess Safi.  She appears to be Satan’s lieutenant.  I guess that makes her both the literal and figurative Dragon.  She looks pissed off.

So will Satan do the obvious RPG thing of sitting on her ass while the plucky hero levels up enough to be able to beat her?  Nope, she’s going to get out there right now and nip this in the bud.  Smart gal . . . uh . . . supreme demonic majesty.

Back to tree world and Ariel is telling Luka-clone about how they can metastatise to the next world.  Metastatise?  I’m guessing that is a weird translation bug.

Ariel proves she isn’t completely useless by offering to teach Luka-clone some magic.  This is interrupted as Satan makes an appearance along with Pissed-Off Princess Safi.

Being a noble angel, Ariel stays behind to even the odds and at least make it 2 vs 2.

Does she bollocks.  She’s off in the sky before Luka-clone can even smell Satan’s slutty perfume.

So, 2 vs 1, with the 2 being the supreme evil rulers of all the worlds.  Fair odds then.

They shout a bit at Luka-clone.  Seems a little unfair.  Maybe they should have left someone stronger than Little Miss Potted Plant to rule this world.  It’s all Ariel’s fault anyway.  She forced us to do it.

Hmm, Luka-clone, why are you going into battle stance?  This is Satan and your level isn’t even out of the single digits yet.

He thinks he can end this all right now if he defeats the demon king.

Yeah right, like that’s going to happen.

Satan is quite generous.  We get three free attacks, all dealing precisely zero damage, before she slaps us for 9999 damage.  Yep, that old standby—the unwinnable boss fight to set up how badass the final boss is.

With Luka-clone smeared across the floor, it’s Pinched-Face Princess Safi who takes on the mantle of bloodthirsty minx as she tries to talk Satan into delivering the finishing blow.  She’d get on well with Ariel I reckon.  They’re probably going to sexy double-team Luka-clone at some point anyway.  After taking a promising pro-active approach Satan returns to the failbook of evil overlords everywhere and decides Luka-clone isn’t worth bothering with . . . for now.  That’s understandable given that she’s just flattened us in comprehensively one-sided fashion.  I guess we’re going to need to grind through a lot of random mooks.

Once the big bads have departed Ariel decides it’s safe to return and she gives Luka-clone some shit for his pathetic attempt at resistance.

Hey, we tried.  Where were you?

Ariel’s pep talk involves kicking Luka-clone to the floor and stamping on his cock.  Yep, I’m sure that will motivate us.

Ah, it’s the footjob scene.  Every Violated Hero since VH2 has featured a scene where the Big Bad shows up early, smacks the Luka-clone around and then gives him a sadistic footjob to show how powerful and dominant she is.  At least they change things around in VH5 in that it’s the companion that gets in on the cock-stamping.

This doesn’t seem very angelic, Ariel.  Just sayin’. . .

Oh.  Apparently there was a reason for the humiliation.  This was Ariel’s way of teaching Luka-clone a new magical attack.  Uh thanks, I think.

(Now let me go off and have a cry while I wait for my poor battered cock to stop throbbing in pain).

Hmm, that interlude was a little longer than expected.  I’ll break off the walkthrough here.  Part 4 and World 2 can be found here.