Saturday, September 10, 2011

Monster Girl Quest: Chapter 2 Demo Out

Hmm. Hits are down. Need to drum up some interest to get the publicity for Succubus for Halloween rolling. Let's blog about Monster Girl Quest! :)

Torotoro resistance has put up a trial version for Chapter 2 of Monster Girl Quest (or Monster Girl Assault or whatever is the best translation in English). You can check that out here. And if you want a version you can read, the ever-resourceful IchigoGyuunyuu/RogueTranslator has already done a translated version, which is...uh...not there, because Hongfire is moving to a new datacentre. Awkward.

I'll post that link when it resurfaces again.

The demo is set in a succubus village—Yum!—and features some amusing comments from the ever-snarky Alice as to the real reasons why heroes from all over the land have arrived there to “defend” the village from succubus attack. The trial fight is with a freshly converted succubus and she sports a new level drain attack. I’d have preferred a different fight being trialled as she’s a bit too ‘fresh’ compared to the more classic succubus, Arumaeruma, from the first chapter, but this is to be expected in a game where the creator has gone out of their way to try and encompass as many different tastes (perversions? :)) as they can.

Something to whet the appetite, and hopefully it means chapter two is not far from completion.


  1. YEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY I've been waiting for this :D thanks man

  2. Translated Part 2 trial version can be found at:

    Thanks Hydra for finding this game!

  3. How much longer do you think the full version will take?

  4. Based on the delay in the trial version and its September 3rd release I wouldn't be surprised if the 2nd part came out in mid to late Novemeber.

    As for a translated version, I'd bet 2+ months after that. When and if a translated version will come out is impossible to determine, though I wouldn't be surprised if Rogue-translator did it - unless he falls off the planet like so many translators do mid-project.

    Probably better to buy Hydra's books to keep us warm until it comes out. I know I will once I see SS 203 (had to). ;-)

  5. And conveniently there is a book coming out end of october ;).

    As for MQ2, RogueTranslator also speculated on a November date. Other than that, my guess is as good as everyone else's :). Fair play to the developer (torotoro resistance). I don't think they're going to put it out until it's ready, which is a commendable attitude.

    And finally as for SS203. I'm hoping to get back to hammering through that arc soon. Too much faffing with book covers at the moment :)