Thursday, September 01, 2011

12th Annual Literotica Awards

It's time again for the Annual Literotica Reader's Choice awards. It's not as grand as it sounds. I don't think most of the readers know or care it exists, and there's usually a writer or three making a tit of themselves by taking it far too seriously.

It's hard to take it that seriously. There's no prize other than bragging rights and it's an internet vote that struggles to scrape double figures. Mind you, I'm probably just bitter I get nominated for the Erotic Horror category every year and never win it. Not even with "Succubus Summoning 114" surprisingly, and that's been the number one chapter/story on Lit's Erotic Horror all-time top list for just about forever.

This year "Succubus Summoning 202" is up. I keep trying to tell myself it's not important, nobody actually cares, and I should ignore it, but I have a stupid competitive streak That. Won't. Let. It. Lie.

So, to keep it happy, here's the link where you can vote. Or even check out some of the other nominated stories to see what the other writers on Literotica are up to.

The embarassing part is realising just how long it's been since I posted that chapter. I really need to get back to that series.


  1. Puff and Pfaffle! I loved this chapter.

    Voted. In fairness, I read the other stories too. Seems you do have some strong competition, but I voted for you according to my best evaluation and a Happy Affective Death Spiral centred on your succubi. Seems you're in the lead :)

    It's a little odd for this competition to contain nothing but series-stories as, inevitably, the voters will be far more invested in the one that brought them there than the others. According to this, though, you seem to have more readers. (Premature) congratulations!

  2. Thanks. Literotica's scoring system favours chapters-in-a-series, if they can hold the interest of enough readers to get over the vote thresholds. Good competition is good. I like my Erotic Horror category to be healthy! :)

    Hmm. Puff and Pfaffle. I wonder what you two are up to now...