Monday, August 29, 2011

Song for the Week: Meshuggah - Bleed

Some musical caffeine from Meshuggah to start the week. (From Obzen)

The album version is better as it reprises the fast parts and brings the song to a better conclusion. Bah to the mainstream and their insistence on songs no longer than four and half minutes. Still one of my faves.


  1. Thanks for this one! :-) They're awesome live :-)

  2. Ooh. You've made me envious. :) I have so few opportunities to see live bands where I live now. The last time I was able to see gigs was when Slipknot got banned from the Wulfrun after Sid (I think it was him - might be wrong) dived into the crowd from the first floor balcony. That was a long time ago! :)

  3. haha!! I remember that one!! 99 or 2000 I think! It was Sid and didn't he break some woman's hip?! Where are you living if you don't mind me asking?

    Saw slipknot this year at Sonisphere, I do try to get to as many live gigs as possible as its something I love doing - although I do feel I'm a bit past pushing to get to the barrier, although I learnt my lesson at Rammstein in '99 not to be too near the front at one of their gigs... plus, being only armpit height, its not particularly pleasant being crammed in with tall men.

    I'm one of these ones that stands near the back with a drink these days :-/

  4. Not in the UK, but somewhere small enough it might be possible to work out who I am. I'll hide behind my nom-de-batwing for now. Google is not always a friend when it comes to future employment prospects. ;)

  5. hehe, fair point, fair point! I don't blame you! :-)