Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Background to Succubus Summoning 101

Remember my Succubus Summoning 101 series? (Yeah the one I will eventually get around to writing a sequel arc to).

Did you have any questions on Phil's background? Or maybe how the Wargsnouts College for Warlocks fits into that world?

I'm midway through the process of editing it into a book to come out early next year. Aside from fixing some dubious grammar and removing the recaps at the start of each chapter, I'm also going to add some extra scenes to give Phil and the world a little more depth. I guess the big question is...

What's missing from the original? What could be added to flesh out the story without adding too much baggage?

(Yes, I know, as the writer I should know the answer to these questions. I do have a good idea of what I'm going to include already, but I'm curious to see what you, the readers, think. Just in case I missed something obvious. Like with Nicole's last adventure and the ending which was a little too obtuse for anyone who hadn't read Delivery Special Soap beforehand. Nobody's perfect! :))

If all goes to plan, Succubus Summoning 101: the novel, should be out early 2012. Then I'll have to finish Succubus Summoning 201. ;)


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  2. I think a prequel explaining how phil and the school fit into the world at large would work nicely. You hint that the world is one with magic in it. How much are they integrated? Does the world know about magic/demons? With sex of course.

  3. What about more background concerning Hell (or wherever it is that the Succubi live) and the whole succubus hierarchy? Or is that information reserved for SS201?

  4. Background on the succubus hierarchy is reserved for later. Those are cards I'm keeping close to my chest ;).

  5. I wouldn't mind more background on Wargsnouts and Phil's life.

    You mentioned "book", does that mean we won't see any new Succubus Summoning 201 stories being posted on Literotica, but instead have to buy your books?

  6. @warren. Good question on 201. I'll make the long answer my blogpost tomorrow morning.

    The short answer is it depends on how the 201 story shapes up. I want to post on Lit if I can. It's good advertising and I don't like leaving stories unfinished.

  7. If a little more content as to why "succubi" want a man's soul. What purpose does it serve, as food to keep them alive, a means of avoiding personal torment, something used to create more demons, etc.

    Second, whats the background on succubi creation? As it seems like there are older ones like nyte and honey, but not rosa and verde.

    Lastly, why is Phil at the school in the first place, what are his goals, what makes him "special", etc.

    Can't wait for SS203

  8. @Civildeviation

    1 & 2 are for later. ;)

    "Do you feel special?"
    The question was asked by...

    Yep, that's covered. ;)

  9. I think you should rethink the name "Wargsnouts". It worked fine when it was free, but if you intend to publish and profit from the series (which I hope you do) then you might run into some legal trouble as it evokes the image of "Hogwarts".

    I'm neither author nor publisher so I dont know how likely that is.
    Even if that isnt the case some readers may unconsciously draw parallels to Hogwarts which was what I did when I first read it.
    something a bit more unique and darker might fit better.

    I'm only really splitting hairs though cause I couldnt really think of any thing else to change.
    I dont think back story is always necissary in some stories though as it beniits them by adding some mystery.

    just something to think about.

  10. @Phoebus. I'm fine on that count. It has to be a direct rip of characters/locations/things from the Potter universe to get into trouble. JK Rowling also isn't even the first writer to use the plot device of a school for wizards. Jill Murphy's "Worst Witch" series was written two decades before and I'm sure there have been a lot of works which have used a similar setting.

    Thankfully, it isn't possible to patent story ideas (unlike the current idiocy in the software world). It has to be obvious blatent plagiarism, and outside a few nods and winks, my story has very little in common with the Potter books. They're also not the only children's book alluded to (the head's name is Dahl for starters!)

    One way I'd definitely get into trouble is if I tried to play off the Potter name in advertising, but it's something I never intended doing as the Harry Potter series is for children and Succubus Summoning most definitely isn't. The parallels and in-jokes (to HP and other works) are there for readers to find and enjoy, but I won't be using that as a selling point.

    Eek, another long reply. I should have made this a future blogpost as well.

    On the "Wargsnouts" name, it actually is darker than it sounds. Warg is a nasty big wolf from Scandinavian mythology (Tolkien used them as monsters in LotR). So the name could translate to "Mouth of the Wolf". I like that it sounds deceptively silly - it's in keeping with the general tone of the book.

  11. Wow, that was an impressive point Hydra, with great logical deductions. Don't suppose your RL job is related to law is it? ;-)

  12. Nope, so I could be be wrong and get sued into oblivion.

    I can't really see it happening though. About the only thing in common is a school (or in this case a college) where magic is taught - that in itself has been used in many many story ideas. JK Rowling successfully suing over that would be like Anne Rice successfully suing every writer in the urban fantasy genre for including moody vampires.

    The people that tried to sue JK Rowling for "ripping off" their ideas were either ignorant morons or using it as a publicity stunt to sell their own books (considering the legal fees they got slapped with afterwards, I'd say there are probably more cost-effective ways of promoting a book... :) )

    If books like Mike Gerber's "Barry Trotter and the Shameless Parody" can exist, I think I'm okay. ;)