Saturday, August 27, 2011

Succubus Summoning 201: Literotica or No?

A question from the comments yesterday:

"You mentioned "book", does that mean we won't see any new Succubus Summoning 201 stories being posted on Literotica, but instead have to buy your books?"

The answer is long and complex and when I went past the third paragraph in trying to type it into the comments section, I thought I may was well make it a blogpost.

It depends on how the whole 201 arc shapes up at the end. I stopped going chapter-by-chapter when I was writing 203 and realised I'd gone over 5,000 words with no sign of a sex scene in sight. There are a few new characters to introduce and a lot more background to reveal. 201 is also less episodic overall. This left me with a problem. Either post a huge big chapter on Lit, which no-one will bother to read, or split it up and risk posting a chapter with no sex at all. No-sex chapters go down very badly on Literotica unless they're romance-heavy Twilight clones. I figured my best plan is to write the whole thing out in rough (which I'm still in the process of doing) and then go back through with a chainsaw to edit the whole arc into a more pleasing shape.

There's also the tension between getting readers and getting paid. I love writing and I like posting work up on web sites like Literotica to gain exposure and for the feedback to make me a better writer, but I don't want to be the big soft chump who gives all his work away for free!

I know some writers start series on Literotica and then deliberately make the ending an exclusive to their book. I can see how it works from a marketing perspective, but it strikes me as a scumbag manoeuvre more likely to alienate readers in the long term. It's not how I roll.

I did think about making 201 book only, probably with a super-cheap first month price as a reward and apology to the long(-suffering)-term followers for their patience. I also considered taking down stories when Succubus for Christmas came out. I'm painfully conscious of the 'Why should I pay for it when I can get it for free?' argument.

I don't think Succubus for Christmas and Succubus for Valentine's Day have suffered too much for having some of their content available on the internet for free. It could be argued I might have sold more if those stories hadn't been available for free. It could also be argued I might have sold far less because new readers wouldn't have the faintest idea who I am. Personally, I like having stories up on Literotica for the exposure. If people like them, they can always buy the books to get more stories.

My current plan is to post the remaining chapters on Literotica if I can get them into the right shape. I started it there, so I want to finish it there. I'll keep some additional goodies back for the ebook version and I'll put it out some time before the run on Lit completes. I reckon that should strike the right balance.

It's a horribly long hiatus between 202 and 203, I know. Please have patience. I'm still only a part-time writer. I have to work 9-to-5 on my real-life day-job like everyone else. :)


  1. Really appreciate how forthcoming you were in this post, it helps me understand the troubles with the paid/free decision. I had just thought it was writers block on that particular storyline.

    In regards to posting a long chapter without sex, I have mixed feelings. I agree some folks on Lit tend to want the "quick fix" and wont read it, then again they prob wont buy it. Still, I think those who "buy" your work are more likely to read a far greater amount of back-story and maybe even crave it! I know I would. IMO, if it were one large chapter, or two smaller chapters with a disclaimer I think it would do great.

    Then again, I might be a special case who is greedy and really wanting to see more of your awesome writing on the SS200 series.

  2. I for one bought your books as a means of expressing my support and encouraging you to keep writing, so the fact that your stories were available for free on Literotica didn't deter me. And as you said, if you *hadn't* posted your stories on Literotica, I probably *wouldn't* have bought your books because I'd have no idea who you are. So if I'm at all representative of your customers, I think you should keep posting on Literotica.

    As for the long/short chapter dilemma, what's the problem if you have a couple of unpopular no-sex chapters?

  3. Thanks. That's what I thought. I'll find a way to post SS 201 on Lit. It'll be late. But that will give me a chance to make it good. :)

  4. Shit, here I am 5 years later, commenting. I just wanted to say, the reason im here browsing the past, is because while reading locked in with a succubus, I saw you had an explanation to the end here.

    I was annoyed to learn that certain things was kind of related to other stories. I really wanted to read more of george (but im unable to find those stories. Its very poorly categorised in literotica and this website). Then I found your milk maiden story and I was like... holy shit. That was so good. I want to read more about this world they live in.

    I want more backstory, I want more plot! The erotic part is important to me... but I wouldnt mind, buying a book from you if it meant to have more insight into the world or characters itself... thats all I wanted to say. Sorry for desecrating this corpse for my rambling. :D