Monday, August 15, 2011

Song for the Week: Cradle of Filth – Lilith Immaculate

A new feature for my blog. This is where I drive off even more potential readers with my highly dubious music taste. As if I wasn’t enough of a walking cliché already, I’m a metal fan. Here’s something light to kick things off.

I’ve been listening to Cradle since Dusk and Her Embrace. They’re a band with ups and downs. I’d given up on them after Thornography to be honest, but then they bounced back to form with Godspeed on the Devil’s Thunder and the most recent album, Darkly, Darkly, Venus Aversa.

If I had the slightest idea how, I’d love to hire the modelling company Cradle use for their album inlays to do my book covers, but I suspect it would cost more than the books are ever likely to make. Maybe in the future, if my writing picks up enough popularity for it to be financially viable.

(A perv can dream, right!)


  1. Okay, so I kind of suck at this whole embedding youtube videos thing. :)

    Resizing to 400 x 249 should stop the right hand side of the video getting chopped off.

  2. I'd kinda given up on them really after Cruelty and the Beast... although I will toddle off and give this one a listen!!

    If you want some INCREDIBLE artwork at a relatively reasonable price (and he's worked for CoF before)check out a friend of mine, Mister Sam / Sam Shearon - a fellow northerner.

    Take Care!


  3. Hmmm not terrible and an interesting video! I'll give the album a go!

    Although bring back the old Dani, the clown look aint great..... bah, how 11 years has changed him *sulks*


  4. Thanks for the link. Looks an interesting site.

    Yeah, the album is pretty good. Not quite up to their absolute best, but far far better than Nymphetamine (although I like the title track) and Thornography.

    Dani's in dirty ol' man territory now. Fits surprisingly well in the other video: Forgive Me Father (I have sinned) :)

  5. I personally think they've dipped because his voice has gone a bit... can't quite scream like he used to and it doesn't really give it that CoF feel anymore. Still, quite happily listen!

    *pouts* don't say that!! He was my teen-aged fantasy!! Although... sadly you're right *pouts more* It does suit him in that one... my only concern... men + glitter.... shoot the make up artist.