Friday, March 30, 2012

Cέrμləan Circles unbanned for Literotica

"Cέrμləan Circles" made it onto Literotica at the second attempt. Their first filter can be a little over-zealous sometimes. I had similar problems with "Don't Fuck The Flowers" and her first appearance in "Succubus Summoning 110". The views/votes will suffer a little (Not that I care that much about them--I enter the cash competitions with the nastiest stories I have lying around because I think it's funny) as most people will have already read the story either here or on the other places I posted it. It's good for Succubus Summoning 201. At least I don't have to worry about whether I'll be able to complete the series on Literotica.

Hmm. Now I need to find another excuse to get people to buy it when it comes out as an ebook...


  1. No excuse necessary, I absolutely devour all your books, and often find myself reading them again when I am between reads on other series such as Game of Thrones, Dresden Files, etc. Keep up the great work!

  2. The excuse we need to buy it, is for it to come out =P

  3. I have two questions regarding Cerulean Circles:

    1. I've noticed that in the story, Cerulea does everything in her child form. How come she didn't do anything in her adult form? Yes Phil's had sex with her when she's in that form, but it's not like she'd have to have sex with him in that form. Is she keeping herself in child form to save energy or something? Does her adult form burn through her energy fast?

    2. The Daemonica Malefique: was the tome that Cerulea picked out at the end the original tome that that imp stole, or was it the actual tome, with the tome that the imp came back with from Wargsnounts being some sort of fake or copy of the original?

    1. 1. Cerulea is...complex.

      2. They're two different copies. The copy the imp stole from Wargsnouts is the same one Phil used for summoning Verde. The tome Cerulea picked out at the end is another copy, possibly the original.

      Cerulea is...complex...and up to something...

  4. Are we ever gonna see the "friend" of cerulea come and play? The one in Phils dream sequence?