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Jackson in HRPG-World: 4-8 Bubble Bother

Hmm, lost the plot a little and ended up skipping last week.  Anyway, normal service is now resumed...

Jackson in HRPG-World: 4-8 Bubble Bother

Bab shifted position on top of him, turning around until her head was level with his.

“And how come all the succubus-type monsters seem to know this is a computer game?” he continued.

Bab ignored him.  She lowered her face until her nose brushed against his.  There was a big smile on her lips and her big green eyes sparkled with mischief.

“Fancy a bubblegum fuck?” she asked.

Jackson might, if he knew what one was.  Although he could take a good guess.

Bab lay on top of him and ground her mons against him.  The soft bubble-bed rocked and swayed with her motions.

“Hey,” Jackson said.  “You need to give me a chance to reload.  I’m not a porn star.  And they have to have all kinds of shit injected into their bollocks before they—”

Bab ignored him.  She sat up with her sex suspended above Jackson’s crotch.  She flexed her hips and Jackson watched as a pink bubble emerged from between the hairless folds of her sex.

Okay, so that was not a sight you saw every day, Jackson thought.  The ping-pong ball trick... for grandmasters.  Surprisingly kinky-looking as well.

And extremely kinky-feeling...

Jackson’s mouth formed an ‘o’ as the bubble expanded to envelop first his cock and then his balls in a sticky, stretchy membrane.

“Mmm, feels better than the one from my mouth, doesn’t it,” Bab purred.

Jackson didn’t disagree.  The membrane was thicker, softer, warmer, wetter—like how he imagined her pussy to be.  He should have been done.  Third time?  So soon?  Fugedaboutit.  Might as well hang up the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign; his cock was out for the count.  Then it was enveloped in a soft, elastic membrane.  His erection jerked back up and poked against the expanding bubble.  It was up like Lennox Lewis waiting for the bell to announce round three.

“I love a bubblegum fuck,” Bab said.

She bounced up and down on the bubble.  Jackson felt her motions travel through the membrane.  It felt like his hard-on was plunging back and forth into something warm, moist and tight.  He knew it wouldn’t be long before she had him coming again.

“Lets me get really pneumatic,” Bab continued.

Her heavy breasts swung back and forth as she bounced up and down faster and faster.  Jackson was bouncing too, caught between the big bubble beneath them and the one engulfing his crotch.

It really wouldn’t be long before he came again.

Then his cock was inside the bubble.  It was the same as before—the membrane gave way, his penis slipped through, but rather than bursting, the bubble sealed right up around his genitals.  Bab bobbed down and the swollen head of his erection brushed along the exposed groove of her sex.  She held herself there in a squat that kept the hidden depths of her vagina tantalisingly just out of reach.  Her legs rubbed along the outside of the bubble as she opened them wider.

“I shouldn’t be doing this, but fuck it, you’ve got plenty of credits,” Bab said.

Doing what, Jackson thought.

Bab opened her legs wider.  She closed her eyes and let out a soft erotic moan.  The pink membrane of the bubble was translucent enough for Jackson to see her labia gape open.  Something spilled out.  It looked like black smoke, or maybe an inky-black liquid made out of writhing shadows.  It cascaded down his hard-on and—

Oh fuck.

Jackson writhed on top of the swaying bubble-bed in helpless pleasurable torment.  Fingers.  It felt like fingers.  Lots of fingers.  Warm, skilful, sensual, oil-covered fingers.  They tapped, caressed, stroked down his shaft until his cock was rock-hard and twitching.

The sensation was amazing, but there was also a wrongness about it—corruption, violation, depravity.

Bab knew it too.  Her smile seemed almost apologetic.

Jackson tried to sit upright.

“No struggling,” Bab said.

She pursed her lips and blew out a purple bubble.  It reached the size of a football and then she let it go.  The bubble drifted over Jackson’s body in a woozy elliptical arc before coming down on his right hand.  Before he could push it off it fused with the bigger bubble beneath him, pinning Jackson’s hand and wrist to the bubble-bed.  A second bubble swallowed his left hand and two more settled over his feet.  He was spread-eagled and shackled to the bubble-bed as surely as if Bab had handcuffed him to the bedposts.

“Relax,” Bab said.  “It’s only going to be a little sex drain.”

“Sex drain?”

“It is what a succubus does to her victim,” Bab smiled.

“Succubus?  I thought you were a dragon,” Jackson said.

Bab’s cheeks reddened.  She put a hand to her mouth.  “Oops.  That was naughty of me.  We’re not supposed to break kayfabe.”

Before Jackson could ask her what she meant she opened her legs wider and more darkness cascaded out into the bubble.  Jackson’s head fell back.  It felt like the most experienced hooker in the world was performing every trick she knew on his exposed genitals.

“Mmm, let’s draw it out,” Bab said.

She slowly rotated her hips on top of the bubble, occasionally pressing down against Jackson.  He felt incorporeal fingers lightly stroke his scrotal sack and his body responded.  His balls swelled up from empty.  It felt like she was drawing his energies down into his scrotum until his testicles felt plump and swollen.

As good as it felt, Jackson wasn’t sure he liked where this was going.

Bab moaned in pleasure as she rocked on top of the bubble.  Her wings were extended and there was definitely a touch of the demonic to her appearance now.  The bubble between her legs was filled with inky black clouds.  It had started to pulse of its own accord.  Each throb felt like a warm, moist stroke up and down Jackson’s shaft.

He couldn’t hold it in anymore.

“Mmm, yes,” Bab said.

She relaxed and sat down on the smoke-filled bubble.  The sides bulged out and kept bulging as the bubble seemed to breathe in.  Jackson felt the tug and couldn’t resist.  His hips bucked and he fired a torrent of semen into the swirling inky darkness.  The torrent became a white flood of bliss as a host of sinful sensations enveloped his genitals, encouraging more and more from him.

A series of strangled bleeps blared out from the arcade machine, like it was trying to play multiple copies of the same jingle simultaneously without the means to do so.

Bab gave a relaxed sigh of erotic contentment.  The bubble collapsed—imploded—as if her vagina had sucked the contents up into her body.  At the same time the bubble-bed beneath them gave out and started to deflate.  Jackson felt the heat of her body as Bab settled down on his upper thighs.  Scraps of gum still clung to his spent cock.  Another sigh, a little shiver running through her hips, and Bab sucked those back up into her.

Okay, yeah, that was a lot more impressive than the ping-pong ball trick, Jackson thought.  Or rather tried to think.  His head felt as scrambled as if he’d just bitten down on a live power cable.

Bab sucked on her fingers as if savouring a fine meal.

“Delicious,” she said.  “Absolutely delicious.”

Nothing had gone near her mouth this time.

“So that story about being forced to build a maze in order to find a prospective mate, how true was it?” Jackson said.  He felt a little out of breath.

“I might have made some of it up,” Bab said, grinning.  “It’s hard.  We don’t get as many roles in games now.  We have to be a little more... creative.”

“Who’s we?”

“Shhh,” Bab said.  “I’ll get into trouble.”

Jackson wanted to scream: ‘With who?’ but he didn’t have the energy.

“I like you,” Bab said.  She tickled his chest.  “I could keep you here forever, but that wouldn’t be right.  You want to get out of the game world?  I can help you.”

As floored—literally, the giant bubble beneath them had fully deflated—as Jackson felt, his ears pricked up.

“You can?”

Bab’s eyes twinkled.  She smiled.

“There’s just one final thing I want you to do for me,” she said.

Uh oh.

“Actually, it’s something I want to do to you.”

Triple uh oh.

“Mmm, all this... activity has put me in the mood for something really filthy.”

More Uh ohs than he could count.

Bab’s blue eyes gleamed with lust.  “Bubblegum anal,” she said.

to be concluded...

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