Sunday, November 10, 2013

"A Succubus for Remembrance" - Cover

And we have a cover . . .

I still don't have an exact release date as I'm in the middle of the annoying fiddly formatting stuff at the moment.  It was supposed to be last Friday but has been revised to: 'as soon as I get the annoying fiddly ebook formatting stuff done and upload it.'  This should take place within the next week.  I'll put a post out as soon as it's up.


  1. So this will be a litt off topic as theres no real message button, so ill just toss a comment here.

    I did some reading over a literotica and found your succubus summoning series and I find it some of the best writing I have seen. I managed to get the e book version for the 101 and I might jist buy the paperback as well as everypart of it is wonderful.

    I can see here you are busy with other things but I do hope at somepoint I will be able to buy the complete 202 series as well too! Everything jas such wonderful detail and the environments you are able to create are great!

    So in the mean time, good luck with everything!