Saturday, November 23, 2013

A Succubus for Remembrance is unleashed!

Finally, after a few hiccups, my new collection is out:

Think paranormal erotica is only about sparkly vampires and fluffy werewolves?  Think again!  You’re about to enter the bizarre and twisted universe of M.E. Hydra.  His sexy succubi and other assorted femme fatales will give you a wild ride, but be careful they don’t eat you whole in the process.

This, his fifth collection, contains thirteen tales of the darkest erotica.  A terrifying succubus wreaks vengeance on a group of former soldiers in “A Succubus for Remembrance”.  A man is sent by his therapist to an unusual nudist camp in “Iron Girders and Steel Springs”.  Two lovers look to a magical artefact to solve their problems in “The Skinning Knife”.  A sinister mobster engages sexy diabolic help to demonstrate “Ways to Break a Good Man, #1” (and no.2 and 3).  Bizarre and imaginative sex demons abound in a triptych of tales set in the hell-space universe.  Also includes an extra bonus tale, “Nazi vs. Succubus,” for lovers of extreme, no-holds-barred fiction.

Prepare to be surprised, shocked and aroused by these and other tales of fiendish femme fatales.  They'll give you pleasures beyond your wildest dreams, and terrors beyond your darkest nightmares...

You can pick it up from:

Directly from my publisher, Excessica (variety of formats) (kindle)

Smashwords (variety of formats)

Barnes & Noble (nook)

and others...

The last tale is a little nasty.  Horror-head got a little carried away and squeezed out a horror-exploitation (I really shouldn't let him watch all those video nasties from the '70s and '80s).  I like to push things as far as I can, but that one might be a little too far for some readers.  The warning is there to steer them away as I don't want it to spoil their enjoyment of the rest of the collection.  (I might be worrying about nothing and it's actually unintentionally hilarious.  It's difficult to tell with these things sometimes.)

I hope you all enjoy it.  If there's any questions or you want to leave feedback, feel free to use the comments below and I'll answer what I can.  And please spread the word - succubi need new willing acolytes! ;)

And now i can finally get back to Phil's adventures...


  1. I like them!

    I gotta admit, though, The Skinning Knife hit the "eww, really?" button.

    1. Hehe. That was supposed to be the nice one :)

    2. Well, I'm not exactly into skinless people having sex, with graphic descriptions. ;-)

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    4. Shhhhh. Spoilers :)

      I wanted to flip it for the fun and have the "character class" that survives be the one that never ever survives. It was either a nazi or a ninja. Somewhere along the line the story became a little too serious, which sort of ruined the joke. I don't think we've seen the last of Frank Traeger though. ;)

    5. Heh. Still, that series is one of my favorites. I'm curious though - is it the same succubus this time? There wasn't really an indication either way.

    6. It was supposed to be, but the tone jumps around a lot and I'm not sure how consistent Esqeta/Elsa has been. I don't have as strong a handle on that character as say Nicole or any of Phil's succubi. I might leave it open and see where future ideas take it. (Next up is Rogue - I really hate sneaky RPG thieves/rogues, so that one's probably going to be more fun ;) )

    7. I can already picture a bit of how that one might go, although knowing you I'm way off.

  2. Very nice collection.

    I liked the Succubus for remembrance story and I really thought that you were going for a happy ending with it! I am glad that you did not, though :) Would say more on it, but I suppose it would be spoilers :)

    I very much enjoyed the Slugjob (which was surprising to me, because I am usually not a fan of "yucky squishy" creatures). But Annette Brite is just so evil and sexy that I could not resist! In a way, I think she is more cruel than some of your demons... I like her :)

    The "Nazi vs. Succubus" was very dark, but I knew what I was getting into. I liked that one.. perhaps even more so because I like that particular succubus :)

    1. Thanks.

      I wasn't sure how predictable the end of Remembrance would be. I was hoping common porn/erotica tropes would come to my rescue there :).

      I was worried I might be pushing things a little too much with Slugjob and Nazi vs Succubus. Glad you liked them.