Thursday, October 01, 2015

Snuff/Skin Flick

The first (and hopefully not only) story for Literotica's Halloween story contest is up.  You can read it here:

"Snuff/Skin Flick"

This is a little more horror than my usual stories.  At one point after writing it I did briefly consider sending it out to more mainstream horror fiction magazines.  Then, after I'd stopped laughing, I decided that was a stupid idea.

All the horror movie references are real horror films.  Ruggero Deodato, the director of Cannibal Holocaust, apparently was arrested on suspicion of murdering his cast for real.  That must have brought a warm glow of job-done-well to the heart of whoever was responsible for the special effects.

I don't expect "Snuff/Skin Flick" to score very highly.  The main PoV character is too far removed from the action to have the same level of sexual intensity as my other stories and my Nasty End stories never score as highly as the Nice End stories.  Still, I hope people appreciate it as a more mainstream-type horror tale.  There are more typical succubus stories on the way (don't worry, they still have fucked up elements ;)).

As always, if you have any questions about the story or there were things that bugged you about it and you want to let me know, feel free to scrawl something in the comments below.

Oh, I might as well tackle something I saw on Literotica's boards.  Snuff is on the list of things that Literotica doesn't allow in stories.  So how does a story with Snuff in the title get through?  (and correspondingly, how the hell do you get anything posted there at all, Hydra, considering the typical death count in your stories?)

I can't speak for the official policies of the site, but in general it seems to be don't submit anything where the PoV character gets sexually aroused by killing another character in a way that could be copied out in the real world by anyone reading that story.  PoV and realism are the important factors.  From a horror literature point of view this does rule out certain types of story, but I don't blame the site owners for wanting to be cautious here.  No-one wants to feel tangentially responsible for a nutjob enacting a murderous sexual fantasy they picked up from reading a story online.  Despite this, there is still plenty of leeway for a writer to depict brutality, as this story will attest. :)


  1. I enjoyed this ME. Will we get to see a sequel where the Succubus shows her real demonic form to Frank or something? Like she could use that to, at first, make him think she isn't the same succubus as from the video.

    Maybe she's the crimson-skinned, long dark hair with black, whip-like tail type of Succubus?

    1. Possibly. Characters that survive my stories are a rare resource. I tend to get ideas on how to come back to them.

      I don't think she's the conventional crimson-skinned succubus, or even a succubus like my other monster girls. I imagined as more of a conventional horror monster - a bit closer to the ghost girls of J-horror, but one that uses sex.

  2. The story somehow reminded me of the Hohlbein novel titled (surprise) "Videokill".

    1. I'm not familiar with that writer. Looks like they're a fairly popular fantasy writer in Germany. Sadly, my monolinguality doesn't help there :(

    2. Yeah, I don't think he is too well-known outside Germany.
      About the book: It has people getting killed by video-tapes. In the prologue, somebody watches Kingdom of the spiders and at the end an army of spiders bursts out of his TV.
      Another one runs away from something and stumbles about a glutton, who offers him something to eat. After taking a bite and realizing what it is, he dies from shock (probably a reference to another horror movie, but I'm not really familiar with the genre).
      Anyway, even though it's not brought up in the book, you could probably guess what would happen if a erotic horror/horror porn movie had that "feature" :D.

  3. I like it. The story is a bit short,but it understandable due to literotica contest rules. You should do more longer stories! I have two questions for you. I love your reviews on eroge the monster girl kind. Have ever thought audio reviews like this?
    I know you don't speak japanese but most comes with english transcript,and you could just review the actress voice. My second question is are you available as a freelancer? I know your a busy man,and your service might be expensive. The reason I'm asking is because I'm planning on doing a Visual novel. A typical boy meet succubus with a twist. I'm not a good writer,but you are so it make since to hire you. My final question is have you ever thought about opening a Patreon account? You seem popular in literotica. Plus you have projects you can complete faster if you have the funds.
    So I don't see you having troubles achieving your milestones. Anyway that all I have to say.Oh before can I recommend you a book? Demonmachy by Brant Danay. I think you love It mix Satanic mythologies and Eastern religions.

    1. The voice audios tend to be hit'n'miss. I've picked up some good ones (the Blackseed Spider one I liked), but some are really short, or don't have a script, or are a bit average. If I find one or a series that's really awesome I'll do a piece on it.

      Definitely out as a freelancer for now. At least until Succubus Summoning 201 is out and I'm in more control of my current projects.

      I did consider Patreon and I'm still thinking about it. Currently I'm too inconsistent with getting things done. I don't want to take people's money and then disappoint them. On the other hand it might be a productivity aid to make sure I get stuff done. Or it could burn me out/see me shipping shoddy work just to hit deadlines. Something I'm thinking about. The fact I came nowhere close to hitting the monthly targets on the Sandwiched By series and panicking over not making those targets probably wrecked productivity is a concern. I'm not going to take monthly subs off people until I can be sure I'll deliver.

      The book looks interesting. Not an author I recognise, but I might give it a look.

    2. If you're worried about missing deadline you could put Patreon on a 'per release' model, that way your supporters only get charged when you release a book. If you manage to hit your 'one a month' target, it'd be basically the same a charged per month, but if you had a delay for whatever reason you wouldn't have to worry about 'dissapointing' people. I'd support you on Patreon regardless though.