Tuesday, January 28, 2020

4 New Harlots for the House of Hellish Harlots

First update of the year.  I've added 4 new harlots to the game project I'm working on, "The House of Hellish Harlots."  Their names are Pix Decipula, Couchelaxa, Vête Piège, and Suffocatrix Mamilla, and they're waiting for you to "play" with them right here:


It's still a Patreon exclusive, I'm afraid.  Got bills to pay, succubi to feed and all that.

If you would like to contribute, but won't or can't deal with Patreon, and have an alternative site that you would be okay with using, let me know and I'll try to mirror things up on there.  I'm still not the world's biggest fan of Patreon.  They seem to have been quiet lately, but it's always worth having a backup in place in case Patreon gets a touch of the Orwells again.

As for a full public release: yes, I want to be doing this at some point to attract a bigger audience.

Currently I have the main game loop implemented, 3 NPCs and 11 sexy(ish) harlots.  As it stands, that's almost the same content as a small DLsite game (in text and code - I'm still lacking such luxuries as art and sound).  Unfortunately, I've been influenced too much by Torotoro resistance and Monster Girl Quest, so I'm a mad bastard that wants to make something awesome and unforgettable.

What I want in place before I start throwing it open to the public is the intro and the game loop all fully written, all major NPCs in place, and enough harlots to be able to play through for a few rounds.  That will then be the rough equivalent of an early access demo.  I'm still about 4-7 months off from that.

In the meantime I'll keep posting the early demos to my Patreon.  I'm only working in text, so I don't charge more than a $1 per month for access.  (If you feel I deserve more, I'm not going to turn it down!)


  1. Will there ever be a part 3 of succubus summoning in 2020 or 2021? I'd just like to know so I can enjoy some of your other works and not keep wondering if you'll ever revisit that story!

    1. He mentions in the previous post (Wrapping Up 2019,) under the 2nd Paragraph of the Secondary Objectives of 2020 Heading that he "There is also a certain hapless warlock's adventures I need to get back to. That's the funny one. I keep looking on Amazon and seeing popular succubus series and think "Why don't I do that?", when of course I already have a popular series people have been clamoring to read more of. Yep, I haven't made the smartest of choices over the past few years..."

      Still though, forcing a muse in a particular direction doesn't usually work, or at least feels that way for me. If Hellish Harlots is what M E Hydra is inspired to write, then great. I like what I've seen of it so far and am eager to see the finished product.

      Yeah, I'm anxious to see more of Phil and his girls too, but it'll come when it comes... I just saw that pun. Hah. Come screaming too.

    2. Yep. I want to get back to it. Currently the House of Hellish Harlots project is current main priority. I've been wanting to make a 'game' for a while and the idea for this dropped so neatly into place I knew I had to run all the way with it.

      I am finding I need to take the odd break for other projects just to keep myself from burning out. I finally completed a short story that's been in progress for years. Later in the year I'm hoping to sneak time for a few chapters of Succubus Summoning and see how that pans out. I know I need to get some books out again as it has been way too long and the most obvious novel is Succubus Summoning 301.