Friday, December 25, 2020

House of Hellish Harlots ver 0.014 (succufairies)

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Not sure if this is best day to release new dirty smut, but I suppose it's a present, of sorts... :D

Version 0.014 of House of Hellish Harlots is ready.

This is the succufairy release and adds four new harlot scenarios and switches player mindset over to fixed player disposition attributes.  I went over these in more detail in the previous posts, but here's a quick summary.

The succufairies are four new scenarios - Cèis nan Cridheachan, Balla-Balla an Buachar, the Mùchadh sisters, and Sgriosar Balgan-Buachair.

They all make use of the same 'trick', so if that trick leaves you cold, this release will be a bit of a blank.  That's the risk of a themed batch.  If that's the case, I hope the next batch has harlots more to your liking.

Their scenarios are fairly linear and have no repeat visit functionality.  This is in keeping my current plans of getting a lot of base scenarios out and then going back to build on existing scenarios to bring them to the same level as Suffocatrix Mamilla.  As for building on scenarios...

Sgriosar might be controversial.  If you're squeamish and wish I wasn't such a horror-addict gorehound, just pretend she isn't there.  Normally, I keep my cards to my chest, but I'll be open here.  She only has a horror end at the moment, and it's fairly nasty.  You can get some lore on her by chatting to the Elegant Woman.

I'm still undecided on her.  I like the character idea and the options it opens up for a questline players can undertake to "fix" her.  But there's also a risk her presence is a mood-killer and shouldn't be in the House.  I'll wait and see what the reaction is like (and to the succufairies in general).

Also, the Mùchadh Sisters is the first time I've added a harlot that is actually multiple harlots (there will be more).  This will screw up some text.  I've fixed the reference in the main game loop to refer to them as "they".  I haven't yet updated The Madam's passages, so expect a few odd references still referring to them as "she".  That's on the TODO list to update, so I am aware of it.

Lastly, now that disposition is set at the start and fixed, this will make some harlot scenarios unwinnable depending on starting attributes.  This is only temporary.  There is an NPC on the way that will allow players to alter stats to get past these harlots (for varying costs...)


It's still Patreon-exclusive.  I am back to making good progress again and hoping to get a proper public demo out in 2021 (so I can attract enough interest to make paying for artists financially viable).  In the meantime, it's only a $1 (+tax) per month to keep up with progress.  I'm trying to get back to putting out at least one release per month, although I still have the occasional "off" month.

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