Tuesday, June 07, 2022

More Art of Khanara Anandanum (from House of Hellish Harlots)

Mark45 has shared with me the 2nd piece of art of Khanara Anandanum he had commissioned from Marwmellow and has kindly given me permission to post it here.

This time we get to see her with her dress off.  She might look a little strange, but once she's wrapped around you, you won't care...

Khanara is one of the (more unusual) monster girl/succubus harlots from my erotic horror interactive fiction game "The House of Hellish Harlots".  While the project is still a work in progress, there are over 50 harlots to 'play' with.  You can check it out here and support the project (and me!) on my patreon here.


  1. The art looks good! It portrays Khanara's odd lower half quite well. I think her "victims" would agree.

    I have a few questions for you on one of you're intentionally mysterious harlots, Cibi Somnia:

    1. Before Cibi wound up at the House, did she go out and eat people? If so, did she prioritize those who wanted some cuddling and affection, or did she just pick whomever? Did she lean towards eating bad people?

    2. Power wise, how strong is Cibi? Even though she is an early harlot ( in my experience ), it definitely seems like she's holding back.

    3. Since Cibi has some eldritch elements to her, how would she interact with Morticia, or even Cerulea?

    4. What does Cibi think of the dick destroyer fairy?

    Thank you for your time, and keep up the great work.

    1. Cibi's a little strange. I don't often write 'beast' girls and as with the fairies decided to take her in a less-typical direction. There is a touch of eldritch abomination about her, and I think eldritch abominations work best when they leave some questions unanswered.

      1) If you fall asleep alone in her presence, that's it. I might give her a horror short story at some point. She might have claimed a few victims.

      2) Not sure. I might leave her vague. More powerful than a regular succubus, but not as powerful as some of the higher rank ones.

      3) I think they'd get along. All 3 are similarly mysterious.

      4) I don't think there would be much interaction. They come from different regions of the Dominion of Lust and belong to different groups (or no group, in Cibi's case at the moment).

    2. Thanks for responding, Hydra. Maybe you could have Cibi be a visitor at a costume party or a halloween party.

  2. The House described her as not being a slime, slug, or lamia, but the problem i have with this picture is that Khanara looks like just a human woman with the lower half of a slime girl. Its great art not gonna lie.

    Why won't Elegant Lady talk about Mortacia Rose?

    What do the other harlots think of Mortacia Rose? Like what does Bebi or Huntress Diana think of her?

    Can you give everyone a good reference to what Chen looks like? Like any random picture or image of a sexy doll. I keep reading her appearance and a fem sexbot Pinocchio keeps flashing in my head.

    Can you tell us what harlot is powerful and ancient in the 1st round tiers? Power wise being how old and strong they are that getting in a fight with them will be suicidal. Like is Bebi and Amoura powerful high level succubi?

    1. 1) She doesn't like her. She's reasonably high up in the power structure and - like the Madam - would rather Morticia wasn't there, but can't do anything about it.

      2) Most of the harlots would be aware she's not a lust daemon, so they'd probably avoid her.

      3) A dainty clockwork doll with transparent skin. She'd look like a beautiful toy made for a rick king... until she opens her mouth and swears like a dockside whore.

      4) The harlots still aren't properly tiered because the demo is capped at 5 rounds. The powerful ones appearing at lower tiers are the ones clearly going easy on the player. Amoura is one of those, but she's probably midrank power overall. Her type of succubus needs to trick a man into ejaculating inside her first, but once they do she will have near absolute power over them.

      Bebi isn't. One of the game mechanics for the Elegant Woman is she tends to have two truths and one lie for her additional gossip options. For Bebi they are all lies because the Elegant Woman is intentionally trying to troll the 'newbie' in the House.