Wednesday, May 01, 2024

Harlot Art - Soffocaria Gattagrandi

I'm speeding up the pace of showing these off, so expect new art every week for the next few months (and I still won't be able to reveal all of them before the upcoming demo - I have that many harlot pieces now!).

This is Soffocaria Gattagrandi.  You will perform cunnilingus on her or else!

Soffocaria is a suffocatrix from the Sanctum of Strangulated Sighs.  If you like oxygen, do as she says.

You can play with her in the (currently text-only) demo on

The artist is Marwmellow.  A big thank you to my patrons over on Patreon and Subscribestar for providing the financial help so I can add art to what was a text-only project.

I'm currently bogged down with writing the bigger 'mini-boss' scenarios.  Public updates have been paused until I start to get them out.  (Hopefully soon!)


  1. Have you played "Seed of Chaos"? The game's improved drastically during the last couple of years