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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Hentai Game Review - Monmusu Delicious -Dinner-

Well, we've already had breakfast and lunch, so it's only fitting we move onto dinner.

Monmusu Delicious -Dinner- is the third in Tokonokogiri's series of vore scenarios featuring characters from the popular hentai game Monster Girl Quest.  I covered the other installments, Monmusu Delicious -Breakfast- and Monmusu Delicious -Lunch-, in previous blog posts.  There's also plenty to be found on Monster Girl Quest here on this blog if you're new to all this.  I still rate MGQ as the best of the monster girl hentai games out there.

Again, the same things I said about the previous chapters apply.  Monmusu Delicious -Dinner- isn't a game, but rather a series of Bad End scenarios similar to the Bad End scenarios in MGQ.  It's mostly static images with text, although Toko has added little bits of animation to some of the scenes (the imp scene in particular).  The scenarios are flash files and should be viewable in any browser.

(Hmm, I used to be fairly good with Flash and action scripting.  Why haven't I haven't I tried doing this with some of my monster girl creations?  Ah, yeah, art skills lacking.  But if I did find an artist...)

The other thing I should mention before we go any further is that Monmusu Delicious -Dinner- is catering exclusively to the vore fetish.  You might recall MGQ had a few scenes where the protagonist, Luka, had the misfortune of ending up in the belly of the monster girl after (and sometimes while) having sex with her.  If that was a big nope! for you and you played the game with the vore-ish stuff switched off, this is going to be a big nope! as well as it's all of the same.

It's a snake-eat-snake world
The other other thing I should mention is that the text is all in Japanese.  However, Dargoth has translated the previous installments, so if you're patient there might be an English translation of this at some point in the future.

-Breakfast- and -Lunch- took monster girls from chapters 1 and 2 of MGQ.  -Dinner- moves onto chapter 3, which means there's no shortage of monster girls to use as, let's face it, everything was trying to eat Luka in the final chapter.  Black Alice, predictably, gets a scene and - as with the Succubus Witch from -Lunch- - you get the choice of ending up in either her belly or her womb.  Lamia lovers are well served as the Shirohebi, Sister Lamia, Alice's undead mother, and the Lamiaroid all get scenes (the poor loli lamia also shows up at the wrong end of the food chain).  Also featured are the Dragon Zombie Girl, Slime Bess and the Spider Princess.  In the guest section are scenes with Tamamo, Alma Elma and Emily.  Promenstein (I think) also gets to surprise Luka with starfish vagina.  Perhaps the oddest inclusion is the joke Imp character as predator rather than prey.  She gets to give miniaturized Luka a comprehensive smooshing in her massive breasts.

Mini-Luka in XXXL Marshmallow Hell (he's in there somewhere)
Missed off this time are the angels (no love for poor Delphinus's art it seems).  This might be a good thing for most people as Delphinus's creations in chapter 3 definitely emphasized the monster of monster girl.  Personally I think it might have been interesting to see another artist's interpretation of them.  Plus, we'd get to see someone eaten by a pomegranate, and you don't get much weirder than someone being eaten by a pomegranate.

There is also a bonus Monmusu Delicious -Dessert-, but I can't really comment on it as it requires codes found in -Breakfast- and -Lunch-, and I don't appear to have -Breakfast- anymore.  I think I deleted it after Dargoth converted the scenarios into custom scenes that could played in the original MGQ, or it's been left behind on an old laptop somewhere.  Oh well.  If you have all three, click on the author's banner at the bottom of the webpage for instructions on how to find it (I had to - shudder - view it in Internet Explorer as the Japanese alphabet was getting scrambled in my other browsers).  I've heard it's a scene with Alma Elma, the succubus with the sucky-fucky-then-gulp-you-all-downy tail from MGQ.

Hmm, and now I appear to be two vore stories behind.  When -Breakfast- came out I noticed they'd missed off the Sea Anemone Girl and so I wrote a story featuring a Sea Anemone Girl.  I said I'd also do one of the omitted girls (or something similar - either one of the plant girls or the dragon with a girl for a tongue) from -Lunch- and still haven't gotten around to it.  MGQ chapter 3 gives plenty of options.  Like I said earlier, everything was trying to eat Luka in that one.  Maybe I'll take one of Delphinus's angel designs as inspiration.