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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Succubus Summoning 206 posted

Good news Succubus Summoning fans.  The latest chapter, 206, is now up at Literotica:

I just about managed to keep to my plan of releasing a new chapter every month since bringing the series off hiatus.  June might be challenging as I'm running a little late, but there's a good chance I'll make it as I'm giving the Succubus Summoning series greater focus now I've figured out some of the plot turns.  This means the updating of the blog will be a little sporadic.  I suspect readers won't mind that if it means more of Phil's adventures with Verdé, Rosa and the others.

This month it's Nurse Honey's turn to get involved with the sexy stuff.  Funnily enough, I originally intended for this scene to come up later.  Then I realised it fixed a problem for me, which was... well, that would spoil things.  It will become clearer in the next few chapters.

As before, any feedback gratefully accepted.  If there are questions you want answered, or (more importantly!) notice any glaring errors I really need to fix before I put the ebook version together, sling them down below.

Next month it's time for Cέrμləa to start her lessons, and possibly a new monster girl for Phil to have fun with (not that he'll have any choice in the matter...)