Sunday, June 12, 2011

Locked in with a Succubus, part 13

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The demoness with horns, wings, tail and empty black eyes lounged on the great big black waterbed. She picked up a phone from the shelf behind her and dialled a number.

“It’s done,” she said.

She stretched in contentment.

“Yes, he was extremely enjoyable.”

Her face darkened.

“There was a . . . moment. It passed.”

A smile returned to her face. She looked at the human lying still on the bed. Her devil’s tail lifted up off the mattress and she used the tip to tickle the man’s nose.

“My stink is most definitely all over him. Your little virgin has been comprehensibly despoiled. That should keep the others away.”

She grinned as George’s nose twitched and he murmured. Still in his sleep, his arms flailed ineffectually at her teasing tail. He snorted and rolled over on the bed.

“Mmm, you don’t need him back right away, do you? I was thinking of keeping him for a little longer. One day, that’s all.”

Nicole heard the reply. Her smile widened, revealing the delicate points of two fangs.

“Oh good. Send over another bottle of that wine.”


Now, hopefully, if I’ve done my job correctly, that ending should make sense and, if you go back and read again from the start, you should find a lot of Nicole’s actions and words take on a whole extra meaning. If there are still questions, I’ll put up an explanation filling in the gaps from Nicole’s side next week sometime. (As a hint—this previous story might help).

I hope you enjoyed this little serial. If you liked it, please support my writing by buying my books. A brand new story featuring Nicole is in my third collection,
A Succubus for Halloween, coming out—appropriately enough—Halloween this year. I’ll put up more details nearer the time and maybe even find another little serial to run to promote it.


  1. I clearly thought he was dead last week :P
    Personally there was a moment where I imagined if there would have been a part where he would shed some tears from sheer mortification and helplessness despite all the pleasant sensation.

  2. Ah good fun, it's satisfying to see the occasional protagonist live; keeps your story endings unpredictable. Kind of like seeing Verde kill off someone in 202, brings balance! Great work as always.

  3. Thanks.

    Got to keep readers on their toes... ;)

  4. Are any of your books actually out as books or are they all electronic?

  5. You can get print versions of them here:

    They're POD (Print on Demand), which makes them a little pricey for a paperback, but they're very nice if you want a more tangible copy.